Practical Use and Selection of Rubber Isolator

The shock isolation effect of different rubber isolators is different, so the vibration amplitude of the machine will be different. Different amplitudes have different effects on the operating efficie


Overview of Vibration Isolation and Elimination Methods

According to whether the purpose of isolator is to isolate the response or the source, the vibration isolation methods can be divided into passive isolation and active isolation.
(1) Passive vibration


Anti-shock Rubber

1. Anti-shock effect of rubber and anti shock rubber materials
Rubber is characterized by high elasticity and high viscosity. The elasticity of rubber is produced by changes in the conformation of its


Reasons for Rubber Used as Shock Absorber

Because of its superior performance and low cost, it has been widely used in all walks of life and shows a strong product competitiveness. With what advantages does rubber shock absorber have such a l


Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Shock Absorber

Advantages of Shock Absorber:
1. It can be made into products of various shapes and different hardness, with outstanding elasticity and sufficient strength;
2. It can make the natural frequency of the


The Difference Between Rubber Shock Isolators and Rubber Vibration Dampening Mounts

The shock absorber industry has developed a lot of shock absorber components. There are more and more rubber shock isolators on the market, and many consumers are picking on them. In the eyes of the l


Brief Analysis of Mechanical Impedance of Wire Rope Vibration Dampers

As a new type of non-linear vibration isolator, wire rope vibration damper has a wide application prospect in vibration and noise control. However, at present, the theoretical analysis and experimenta


How to Choose Industrial Vibration Dampers

Why Choose Industrial Vibration Dampers
At present, the use of industrial vibration dampener is very common in industrial production. There are already a lot of industrial manufacturers that use indus


Application of Wire Rope Isolator for Vibration Damping in Vibration and Shock Isolation

With the deepening of isolation research and the development of isolation technology, nonlinear isolators suitable for various occasions have emerged. Laminated springs for the automotive industry are


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