A=AA≠A(The proxy for what we have seen)/みたことの代理

Yuichiro Higashiji will present his new work "Proxy for what we have seen". In conjunction with this exhibition, he will hold a solo exhibition entitled "The proxy for what we have seen" at KOBE819 GALLERY.
東地雄一郎は、A=AA≠Aの新作”The proxy for what we have seen”を発表します。これにあわせて、個展”A=AA≠A(The proxy for what we have seen)の代理”をKOBE819GALLERYで開催します。

KOBE819GALLERY:神戸市中央区三宮町3-1-16 三星ビル3F南室

A=AA≠A(The proxy for what we have seen)

We had ascertained that our expectation of A in the copy of the original A was that it would be B.
"In fact, the experience of seeing B, a copy of the original A, revealed that its expected value (generated by the imagination) is A'. "
In this case, we call it the proxy for what having seen A', and we construct the imagination created by the subjectivity of expectation value and its betrayal as "that mountain" in the virtual world.

That mountain is the tallest in Japan, a famous and beautiful scene is drawn from long ago.There is no one in Japan who does not know this mountain.So, few people can not draw this mountain.

オリジナルAの複製に期待するAの姿がBとなった と私たちは確認していたが、実は、オリジナルAを複製したBをみた経験によって、その期待値は(想像によって生成される)A’であることがわかった。このとき、A’を みたことの代理 と呼ぶことにして、期待値という主観がつくる想像とその裏切りを”仮想にある”あの山””として立ち上げる。


Exhibition Subject

This is an experiment to identify the original based on a large amount of copied information without the original.
While the possibilities are endless with our imagination, the quality of information continues to decline without its limitations. In a world where technology has made visible what was originally invisible to us, we must question what we "have seen and know.

What we can see with our naked eye is not necessarily all that can be seen through the media.
Conversely, what can be confirmed by the media cannot always be confirmed by our naked eye.

オリジナルなしに、大量のコピーされた情報を元にオリジナルを同定するという という手つきの実験である。
想像によって可能性は無限大に広がる一方で、制限なしでは情報の質は下がり続ける。 本来みえなかったものが、テクノロジーに可視化されているこの世界で、みたことある・知っているに対して問いをあてる。


Description of Artwork A /作品Aの説明

It is A, which is set as the original in this world, and is the starting point of A' and B, which will be created in the future.It is one of the elements that support its own formation from the viewpoint of B and A', and it is called a drawing (plan).
At this time, there was a concern that A and A' might not be connected, and we needed to do some confirmation work on this exhibition.
The confirmation process is the thought of how to confirm A', which should have been generated from the viewpoint of A.


Description of Artwork B /作品Bの説明

The series of images of B that have been created when A is the original is the form of the failure of B, and is a motif of the fact that the same thing cannot be created. In this case, it is impossible for 2,000 identical images of B to be produced. Therefore, it is a virtual image.


Description of Artwork A' /作品A'の説明

It is the image of A that we would like to see created for A.
A' is submerged at the bottom of the pool of thoughts, and the appearance of A' as seen by A cannot be directly perceived. However, through B, we can indirectly see the real A'. Blank space is a room for imagination or possibility, and is a sign of seeing through something.


Description of Artwork A /作品Aの説明

It is the appearance of A from the viewpoint of A'. This cannot be seen simply by looking at A. Even if we could see the true A, we would not be able to recognize it. Even if we could see the real A, we would not be able to recognize it. It looks like the real thing, which is more real than the real thing. At this point, the appearance of B and A', which are compared to the original A, begin to waver.

それは、本物より本物らしい本物にみえる。このとき、オリジナルAと比較する Bの姿 や A'の姿 は揺らぎはじめる。

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東地雄一郎/ Higashiji Yuichiro