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    OTGtGlitch - M4L Device

    OTGtGlitch is granular audio effect plugin made with max for live.The device can make granular sound effect by using visualizing vector distance and angle by sync tempo.DEMO HEREhttps://youtu.be/od1hUIRb9FU
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    OT Macro

    OTMacro is Max for live devices that can control to mapping ableton's parameters. It is easy to use that collecting each parameter on your live.
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    OTScreenRec - M4L Device.

    OTScreenRec - M4L deviceBy NINETEEN95STUDIO

<<<DONETE ME >>>>>https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/taitootaniOverViewOTScreenRec can capture Ableton live’s screen and audio streaming.You can just capture monster screen and audio streaming by using this Max for live device.<<FREE HERE>>https://github.com/Taito-Otani/OTScreenRec/releases/
 #m4l #screenCapture #utilsHow to install- You need Ableton live and Max for live- Move folder to max for live search path. (Ex. /Users/XXXXXX/Music/Ableton/User Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect/)( Mac OSX)- move these files - OTScreenRec.amxdHow to USE?Insert The OTScreenRec.amxd on audio track. (Recommend Master Track.)You can watch 6 steps as block.Start engine // Star Capture instance Set Monitor // (If you use multi-display) Check Audio Level // You can set Recording audio level.Set Output Path // set Save file folder. Exported separating movie and audio files.Ready & Go! // Start and Stop Recording.Combine movie(optional) // Conbine movie and audio file(You NEED install ffmpeg) or You have to use Movie Editor such as iMovie or PremirePro, Davinci Resolve.3) If you finished recoding, you can stop screen capture by using step(1)’s Start Engine button.# licenseFree for both personal and commercial use. NOT Distribution and redistribution to third parties or other is prohibited.#noteWe do not take any responsibility for equipment failures or accidents using this application.[Mac only.] we tested only Mac OSX(Intel)—————————————-NINETEEN95 Studio
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「Super Sugar」を配信しました

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