Lake Shikotsu Ice Festivalー支笏湖氷濤祭りー



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<Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival>

Hi! I am Yoshiaki Wada, 48 year old-member of the House of Representatives of Japan, elected from Hokkaido. And more over, I am a big fan of travelling, dining and sporting. Taking this opportunity, I would like to promote the charm and beauty of Hokkaido to esteemed Japan Forward followers.

こんにちは。北海道第5選挙区選出の衆議院議員 和田義明です。私は旅行・食べる事・スポーツがとても好きですが、今回皆様には、とても美しくて素晴らしい北海道をジャパンフォワードの読者の皆様にご紹介したいと思います。

Snow festival season is near at hands. If I am obliged to recommend just one winter festival in Hokkaido, that would definitely be “Lake Shikotsu Ice Festival”.



40 minute drive from Shin-Chitose Airport to Lake Shikotsu is totally refreshing as you are driving on a straight road cutting through forests and valleys which are mostly situated within a national park. If you are lucky, you may witness wild animals like fox and deer.


Once you reach to Lake Shikotsu, you will be astonished by its breathtaking beauty. The lake surface is like a mirror, showing the reflection of sun and surrounding snow-decorated mountains. The sunrise and sunset view of the lake is even more magnificent. The view will make you feel as if you are in the heaven.



The site of the Ice Festival is just off shore of the lake. The site is filled with grand sculptures and objets made out of ice. Some look like big ice pillars. Some look like ice water-fall. They are all made by local volunteers. They spray the lake water to steel and wood structures for hours and hours under extremely low temperatures as low as -20C. The preparation of this festival takes tremendous effort and patience.



During the day time, the ice sculptures and objets are in blue like gigantic aqua marine. This blue is called “Lake Shikotsu Blue”. Only the pure lake water makes it possible. When the sky is clear, the blue of the ice becomes even more brilliant and purify your spirit. For your information, Lake Shikotsu has been boasting the highest clarity or transparency among all lakes in Japan for many years.


During the night time, the ice sculptures and objets are lit-up colorfully in red, yellow, blue and pink. In addition to that, fireworks illuminate the dark sky every night to enhance the beauty of the festival. I must recommend you to check the festival both day and night.




The outside temperature is very cold indeed, but you will not mind at all if you are putting up at one of the lake-view hot spring hotels!


If you are in favor of traditional “Ryokan” type of hotels, then “Marukoma Onsen” is the one. There is an open-air infinity hot spring where the hot spring and the lake share the same horizon. There, you can take a look at, and touch the lake while bathing.


If you are in favor of luxury hotels, “Ao No Za” is certainly the best choice. The stylish guest rooms are equipped with private open-air hot springs along with free flow of champagne. Dinner menu is modern Japanese full of Hokkaido delicacies and you can enjoy it in a private dining room.


Apart from those hotels, there are also chic western style hotels such as “Mizu No Uta” and “Lakeside Villa Sui Mei Kaku”. “Sui San Tei” is another known Japanese style hotel.


The charm of open-air hot spring is bathing while feeling the nature and keep the head chill. Sipping sake or champagne in a bath is definitely an attractive option which you might want to look at.



Oh, I should not forget to mention the delicacy of Lake Shikotsu. Hokkaido is known for the best seafood, meat products and vegetables. Here, you should try fish called “Chip”. It is a kind of trout. Sashimi or salted char-grill would be the best way to taste, especially while sipping sake.



If you happen to regret that you should have tasted more Hokkaido delicacies on your way back to Shin Chitose Airport, you should not miss every single opportunity until your flight takes off.


There is a Micheline star-sushi restaurant “Kita No Hana Hayashi” in Chitose city open only for dinner. I can assure you that there is no such grand finale in Chitose area.

ディナー時間のみオープンしている、ミシュラン二つ星を獲得したこともある「北の華 はやし」というお寿司屋さんが千歳市内にあります。

Shin Chitose Airport is the gateway of Hokkaido, and it is the “Showcase of Hokkaido”. Tremendous variety of shops and restaurants are there to fill your desire and appetite. If you are a Ramen fan, do visit “Hokkaido Ramen Dojo” where you can check 10 famous Ramen restaurants in one place. If you have 30 extra minutes prior to the security check, take this chance!

Have a wonderful trip to Hokkaido!



衆議院議員 1971年生まれ。神戸市の小・中学校、インターナショナルスクール・オブ・パリス、早稲田大学商学部卒 95年三菱商事入社、2014年衆議院議員町村信孝事務所入所、16年衆議院議員初当選、17年2期目当選、20年内閣府大臣政務官就任