陸上選手の職業病 | occupational side effects of an athlete

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私は、IT の仕事をしているので、ウェブサイトやアプリのインターフェースや操作性が気になってしまう事があります。夫も同じように陸上選手/跳躍選手ならではの無意識な癖や言動が日常生活に出てしまうことがあり、陸上競技経験のない私からしたら面白いなと思うことが多々あります。今日はそんな陸上選手の夫の職業病だなと思う一面を紹介したいと思います。

① 階段を上ることもトレーニング

② アキレス腱に注目する

③ 坂道は坂ダッシュの場所

④ 踏切のイメトレ


Do you ever notice yourself doing things or saying things that are strongly influenced by your daily work?

For example, as I work at an IT firm, I can’t help but notice poor interface or usability when browsing certain websites or apps. I also notice that my husbands’ unconscious habits and behaviors are influenced by his work as a track and field athlete, and I find it very interesting. So I thought I’d share some of his habits in this post.

① Climbing stairs is part of his training
When going up long stairs, I always see him swinging his arms vigorously and taking each step in a rhythmic motion. It’s funny because he looks like a big kid walking up the stairs joyfully, but in fact he is trying to push through his heels so he can fully engage his gluteal muscles and to ensure his arms are also moving in a good motion.

② Other people’s Achilles tendon
Hajimu has a weird habit of looking at people’s archilles tendon. The archilles tendon is one of the strongest tendons in the human body, and the length and thickness of this tendon seems to have a strong influence on the performance of a jumping athletes. When viewing the world athletics championships the other week, he cheerfully exclaimed, “wow look at this athletes’ archilles tendon!” but of course I couldn’t quite understand it.

③ Steep slopes are for running up
To me, a steep slope is nothing more than a slope, but Hajimu would view a slope as a good/bad slope for a hill-running training. When we are strolling around and he finds a steep slope, he can’t help but to point that out to me.

④ Mental imagery training
This is probably something I see Hajimu doing everyday; he images himself jumping on the take-off board and makes a cyclic forward movement with his arms and legs. He would do this regardless of where he is. I would even find him doing that take-off movement in front of a mirror at the stores. I think he’s doing it as part of his training to keep a good image in his mind, but it’s funny to me that he doesn’t seem to care what others think of him.

Many of his behaviors and comments I witness everyday shows just how much he is passionate about his job.


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