「木のストロー(木製ストロー)」ショパール ジャパンへ導入開始 /Chopard Japan to introduce Japanese wooden straws, Kinostraw

SDGs にも貢献するプロダクト「木のストロー」本格販売の第一弾として、ショパール ジャパン様へ木のストローが導入開始されることになりました。

Maintaining Japan’s forests and water.
As the first step in the full-scale release of Japanese wooden straws, Kinostraw, a product which contributes to SDGs, Creco-lab, Inc. will introduce theKinostraws to Chopard Japan.

ショパール ジャパン

• Chopard Japan
A Swiss luxury watch and jewelry maison boasting a history stretching back more than 150 years.
Well-known as an official partner of the Cannes Film Festival, they have made “the journey to sustainable luxury” their brand motto, and all of their watches and jewelry conform to international environmental and social best practices, using only “100% ethical gold” sourced from responsible suppliers.

「木のストロープロジェクト」(※木のストローをきっかけに日本の水、森の問題を知る・考える、毎月30本から始められるプロジェクト。参考URL https://forest.creco-lab.co.jp/

The reasons leading to the selection were:
The fact that Kinostraw is a product derived from the trend away from single use plastics in which Europe plays a central role.
“The Kinostraw Project” (*A project that uses Kinostraws to spur awareness and consideration of the issues surrounding Japan’s forests and water, and can start from just 30 straws a month. Reference Link https://forest.creco-lab.co.jp/index_en.html)
The strong positive response to these points was an important background factor.

まずは、2019年9月1日および7日に開催される「ショパール フェア」にて提供される飲料用ストローとして、ショパールのロゴ入りの「木のストロー」が使用されます。またこれをきっかけとして今後は日本国内にあるブティックに導入される予定です。

First, Kinostraws bearing the Chopard logo will be used for the drinks served at the Chopard Fair held on the 1st and 7th of September 2019. We plan to use this opportunity to have the product introduced at boutiques in Japan in the future.


As covered in the news, there is a growing movement in America and Europe to abandon single use plastics due marine pollution, and countries around the world are on a course toward doing away with single use plastic products, including plastic straws.


At Creco -lab, we design and manufacture wooden items using domestically-produced materials (including Kinokami and Kinomeishi) as products which will help to maintain Japan’s forests and water. 
Kinostraw is going to be the alternatives to plastic straws, and also help to maintain forests and water in Japan, like as our other items.

弊社の「木のストロー」は、国産のスギを0.15mm 程度の極薄にスライスした木のシート(弊社オリジナル商品「木の紙」と同じ素材)を独自の加工で巻き上げ、仕上げたものです。


Our company’s Kinostraws are made from Japanese cypress and cedar material sourced from forest thinning that is sliced into ultra-thin sheets roughly 0.15mm thick (the same material is used to make our company’s original Kinokami products), then wrapped into a straw shape and finished using a proprietary process. They are made from real wood, which imparts a warmth and sense of specialness to their look and feel, and creates a more relaxing atmosphere when enjoying a beverage.

Water and forests are precious resources for Japan.
We hope that the Kinostraw will spread as items for creating opportunities to maintain Japan’s forests and water.


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