Toru II Toru通信(2021年7月3日)
Selection & Text by Toru Hashimoto (SUBURBIA)


(1)Mustafa『When Smoke Rises』
(3)The Vernon Spring『A Plane Over Woods』
(4)Carlos Niño & Friends『More Energy Fields, Current』
(5)Gretchen Parlato『Flor』
(6)Mndsgn『Rare Pleasure』
(7)Neil Cowley『Hall Of Mirrors』
(8)Alice Phoebe Lou『Glow』
(9)Pino Palladino & Blake Mills『Notes With Attachments』
(10)Figmore『Jumbo Street』
(11)Step Tib『Cross The River』
(12)Arlo Parks『Collapsed In Sunbeams』
(14)Yasmin Williams『Urban Driftwood』
(15)Noumuso『Freequency of da Sun』
(16)Portico Quartet『Terrain』
(17)vbnd『Scum Funk』
(18)Kiefer『Between Days』
(19)Jaubi『Nafs at Peace』
(20)Hiatus Kaiyote『Mood Valiant』
(21)Flanafi with Ape School『The Knees Start To Go』
(22)Sam Gendel『Fresh Bread』
(23)Puma Blue『In Praise Of Shadows』
(24)John Carroll Kirby『Septet』
(25)Sons Of Kemet『Black To The Future』
(26)Armand Hammer & The Alchemist『Haram』
(27)Judit Neddermann『Aire』
(28)Faye Webster『I Know I'm Funny haha』
(29)Mind Maintenance『Mind Maintenance』
(30)Erika de Casier『Sensational』
(31)Madlib『Sound Ancestors』
(32)Arooj Aftab『Vulture Prince』
(33)Kings Of Convenience『Peace Or Love』
(34)Topaz Jones『Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma』
(35)Shai Maestro『Human』
(36)Greentea Peng『MAN MADE』
(37)Green-House『Music For Living Spaces』
(38)Nair Mirabrat『Juntos Ahora』
(40)Fi Maróstica『Visão do Mar』
(41)Mia Doi Todd『Music Life』
(42)António Zambujo『Voz E Violão』
(43)Piers Faccini『Shapes Of The Fall』
(44)Alexis Tavella『Aguabembe』
(45)Kalbells『Max Heart』
(46)Rita Payés & Elisabeth Roma『COMO LA PIEL』
(47)Karima Walker『Waking The Dreaming Body』
(48)Wesley Joseph『Ultramarine』
(49)Nubiyan Twist『Freedom Fables』
(50)Sachal Vasandani & Romain Collin『Midnight Shelter』

毎年恒例でBar Musicにて開かれていた「Toru II Toru~上半期ベスト選曲会」が、コロナの影響で2年続けてカフェ・アプレミディで代替開催となり、半月遅れの発表となった僕の2021年上半期ベスト・アルバム50枚。昨年のSaultのように時代の鼓動を体現するような傑作や、時代を変えるエポックとなるような歴史的名作という感じではないが、今年もEPや曲単位も含め音楽ファンとして愛聴作は枚挙に暇がない。
僕が選曲/パーソナリティーを務める「dublab.jp suburbia radio」でその魅力を詳しく紹介したが、ジェイムス・ブレイクのファースト・アルバムから10年、2021年版フランク・オーシャン『Blonde』のように聴けるということも踏まえ、No.1はカナダ・トロントから登場したスーパー・ルーキーMustafaの“インナー・シティー・フォーク・ミュージック”。彼の音楽の多くが鎮魂歌(レクイエム)として響くように、BLMとの共鳴は相変わらず重要なファクターだが、50作全体を見渡してキーワードとして浮かぶのは、ネイチャー・アンビエント~ニューエイジ~ミニマル&エスニック~ネオ・クラシカル×エレクトロニクス、あるいはマルティカルチュラルとジャズの未来。アフリカ~ラテン・アメリカ勢の充実も引き続き際立つが、やはりLAやロンドンから伝わる音楽シーンの空気に、僕は特に惹かれ続けているのだろう。90年代には東京もそんな街のひとつだったと思うが、今は果たしてどうなのだろう。アーロ・パークスの歌詞から、Nujabesの名や村上春樹『ノルウェイの森』が聴こえてきたときは嬉しかったが。
コロナ禍でレコード・ショップに足を運ぶ機会も半減してしまい、DJをする機会も極端に少なくなっているが、それでも(僕のようなIT音痴でさえ配信や通販の利用を少しずつ増やすことで)リスニング・ライフの愉しみはコロナ以前とまったく遜色ないのは救いだ。「usen for Cafe Apres-midi」サマー・セレクションの特番のために、この半年間に好んでよく選曲していた上半期ベスト400+10曲(昨年末にリリースされた作品も一部含む)を集めた曲目リストも、7/12の放送開始に合わせてアプレミディ・ホームページのブログに掲載するので、併せてチェックして聴いていただけたらと思う(2020年ベスト・トラック720曲のときのようにサブスクリプションで聴ける曲のプレイリストを作成してくださる方がいればなお嬉しい


Ana Gabriela / Capa De Revista
Antonio Loureiro / Saudade
Carmy Love / Thinkin' About You
Clairo / Blouse
Deb Never / Someone Else
Lorde / Solar Power
Luca Mundaca / Momento
Scott Orr / Know U
Sons Of The James (Rob Milton & DJ Harrison) feat. Calvin Presents / Love's In Need Of Love Today
Sunni Colón / Provide

Aaron Childs / Peach
Aaron Childs / Scratch
Aaron Frazer / Done Lyin'
Ace Hashimoto feat. Kero One / 4everything
Adrian Younge / The American Negro
Adrian Younge / Watch The Children
Adrian Younge & Ali Shaheed Muhammad feat. Joao Donato / Aquarius (Bring Her Back Home)
Alex Cuba / Para Dos
Alexis Tavella / Mirar El Hoy
Alfa Mist / Organic Rust
Alice Phoebe Lou / Lovesick
Amanda Whiting / Just Blue
Amaro Freitas / Ayeye
Amber Window & Swarvy / A Child Is Born
Anatole Muster, Daniel Hayn & Tennyson feat. Kiefer & Hadrien Feraud / Vacuum Lessons
Anchorsong / Common Ground
Andris Mattson / Summer
António Zambujo / Pelo Toque Da Viola
Anushka / Go
Arlo Parks / Black Dog
Arlo Parks / Just Go
Armand Hammer & The Alchemist feat. Earl Sweatshirt / Falling Out The Sky
Arooj Aftab feat. Darian Donovan Thomas / Baghon Main
Arroyito Duo / Soy Del Sur
Arthur Nestrovski & Livia Nestrovski / Cisne
Ashley Henry / Call Me
AYOCHILLMANNN feat. Valeen / M.O.N.E.Y
Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band / Les Fleur
Ballake Sissoko feat. Piers Faccini / Kadidja
Balmorhea / Nos
Ben Beal feat. Kota The Friend / Castles
Ben Harper / Inland Empire (Band Version)
Benny Sings / Nobody's Fault
Benny Sings feat. Emily King / Miracles
Big State feat. Rebby Han / Feel Good
Billie Eilish / Your Power
Billy Uomo / Feels Just Like The First Time
Black Coffee feat. Maxine Asley & Sun-El Musician / You Need Me
Black Coffee feat. Msaki / Wish You Were Here
Blinky Bill & Ossie / Jim Now, Simmer Down
Brasstracks / My Boo
Brent Faiyaz & DJ Dahi feat. Tyler, The Creator / Gravity
Brijean / Ocean
Brijean / Ocean (Sam Gendel Remix)
Bruno Pernadas / Family Vows
Buck Meek / Halo Light
Buzzy Lee / What Has A Man Done
Cande Y Paulo / Sugar Mountain
Caravela / A Macieira
Carlos Niño & Friends feat. Devin Daniels & Jamael Dean / Togetherness
CARM feat. Justin Vernon / Land
CARM feat. Sufjan Stevens / Song Of Trouble
Caserta / Curtis (Caserta's Boogie Oogie Mix)
Cassandra Jenkins / The Ramble
The Cavemen. / Who No Know Go Know
cehryl / Laundry
cehryl / Outside The Party, Inside The Dream
Chance The Rapper / The Heart & Tongue
The Charles Gene Suite feat. Rams, Laliboi, Mangaliso Asi, Somesayfedi & Muhammad Dawjee / I Don't Sleep Anymore
Chartreuse feat. Puma Blue / Blue State (Puma Blue Re-Edit)
Chassol / Music Is God My Love (Menage A Trois Love Edit)
Children Of The Wind (Teeze, Loraxx, Lechani & Noga Bedo) / RoadRunnas
Chris Thile / Won't You Come And Sing For Me
Christian Lee Hutson / Dancing Queen
Claire Rousay / Discrete (The Market)
Clara Presta feat. Rodrigo Carazo / Espirales
Claud / Overnight
Coco O. / Soldier
Colin Meckes / Camelblues
Colin Meckes / Lullaby
Conor Albert & Alice Auer / Crazy He Calls Me
Conor Albert & Alice Auer / See You
Conya Doss feat. B. Golden / Wishful Thinking
Cool Affair feat. Zephan / Um'culo Wa'bantu
Cordae feat. Q Tip / More Life
Cory Wong feat. Antwaun Stanley / United
C.Tappin / Sunflower
Daiela / I'm Not Her
Damon Locks & Black Monument Ensemble feat. Angel Bat Dawid / Now (Forever Momentary Space)
David Walters, Vincent Segal, Ballake Sissoko & Roger Raspil / Nocturne
Dean Blunt / Nil By Mouth
Delia Fischer / In My Life
Devin Morrison feat. Amber Navran / Nu Beginning
DJ Cam Quartet feat. Alex Tassel / Summer Breeze
Dj.Ricko & Quan / Piano Disciples
Dom La Nena / Moreno (El Búho Remix)
Dominique Fils-Aime / Being The Same
Dora Morelenbaum / Japao
Doug Beavers feat. Jeremy Bosch / Sol
Dougie Stu feat. Jeff Parker / Henny (Resavoir Remix)
Dr. Lonnie Smith feat. Iggy Pop / Why Can't We Live Together
Duke Hugh / 2017 Heatwave
Duke Hugh feat. Bryony Jarman-Pinto / Say No More
Easy Life / Daydreams
Eddie Chacon & John Carroll Kirby / Tnght
El Búho / La Cumbia Del Cafe Martinez
El Michels Affair meets Liam Bailey / Awkward (Take 2)
Elijah Fox / We Spent The Night On A Star
Eloise / Intertwined
Emma Frank / Belonging
Emma-Jean Thackray / Spectre
Emotional Oranges feat. Biig Piig / Body & Soul
Erick The Architect feat. Pip Millett / Selfish
Erika De Casier / Secretly
Erlend Øye & La Comitiva / Lockdown Blues
Fabia Mantwill Orchestra / Erwachen
Fabiano Do Nascimento / Nanã (NPR Tiny Desk At Home Version)
Faye Webster / A Dream With A Baseball Player
feeo / End Song
Fémina feat. Oli Miglioli / Fantastico
Ferran Palau / Amor
FHAT / Curious
Fi Maróstica feat. Tatiana Parra, Vanessa Moreno, Alexandre Ribeiro, Tiago Costa & Cleber Almeida / Borboleta
Figmore (Juicebox & 10.4 Rog) / Practice
Figmore (Juicebox & 10.4 Rog) / Rosie
Fixi & Nicolas Guiraud feat. DjeuhDjoah / Tempo Tempo! (A Tony Allen Celebration)
Flamingosis / Cosmic Feeling
Flanafi with Ape School / Family, Friends
Flanafi with Ape School / 25 27 30
Flex Of He & I / Ba Re E Ne Re
Forest Law / Slow One
Francisco Okabe / Interior
Funky DL / Vague Margins
Gal Costa feat. Rodrigo Amarante / Avarandado
Galdre Visions / Living Space Station (Bad Dream)
Georgia Anne Muldrow / Afro Af
Gianni Brezzo feat. J.Lamotta Suzume / Beirut
Ginger Root / Loretta
GiTori / Walking In Rio
GiTori feat. Stanley Ipkuss / Slap This!
GoldLink / Girl Pacino
Good Morning TV / Insomniac
Grace Weber feat. Chance The Rapper / Thru The Fire
Green-House / Peace Piece
Green-House / Royal Fern
Green-House / Sunflower Dance
Greentea Peng / Nah It Ain't The Same
Gretchen Parlato feat. Gerald Clayton / Sweet Love
Gretchen Parlato feat. Gerald Clayton & Mark Guiliana / Wonderful
Gretchen Parlato feat. Mark Guiliana / No Plan
The Growth Eternal / Things I Imagined
Guido Di Leone & Francesca Leone / Rio
Guinga / Tangara
Hania Rani / The Beach
Hannah Jadagu / What Is Going On?
hara / Tembang Tandur
Hauskey feat. Hope Tala / One Minute
Henry Green / The Sweetest Taboo
Hiatus Kaiyote feat. Arthur Verocai / Get Sun
Hollie Kenniff feat. Goldmund / Under The Loquat Tree
Horsey feat. King Krule / Seahorse
Husky Gawenda / Stay Safe
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble feat. Moses Sumney / Soon It Will Be Fire
Ignacio Maria Gomez feat. Naïssam Jalal / Nensalinya Tenì
Indra Lesmana feat. Eva Celia / Citra Nusantara
JAB / Currents
Jack Page / Halfway
James Francies feat. Peyton / Blown Away
James Tillman / Red Glow
James Tillman / Running Around
James Yorkston & The Second Hand Orchestra / A Droplet Forms
Jason Mraz feat. Emily King / Lucky
Jaubi feat. Latarnik / Figalo
Jaubi feat. Tenderlonious & Latarnik / Seek Refuge
Jaubi feat. Tenderlonious & Latarnik / Zari
Jay Feeniks feat. Swarvy / Refresher
Jazmine Sullivan feat. H.E.R. / Girl Like Me
Jeb Loy Nichols feat. Cold Diamond & Mink / Can't Cheat The Dance
JIM / Falling That You Know
Jitwam / Confessions
J.Lamotta Suzume feat. Roy Reemy / Do Good
Joaquín Merino feat. Juan Pedro Dolce & Catalina Telerman / La Sombra De Las Flores
Joe Armon-Jones / Pray
Joe Barbieri feat. Fabrizio Bosso / La Giusta Distanza
Joe Hertz & Collard / Colourblind (Indigo Eyes Remix)
John Carroll Kirby / Sensing Not Seeing
John Carroll Kirby / Weep
John Pizzarelli / Farmer's Trust
John Roseboro / Mere Mortal
John Roseboro / MFL
John Roseboro / Son Of My Father
Jon Batiste feat. Celeste / It's All Right (Duet Version)
Jonas Winge Leisner / Wrapped In Your Love
Jordan Lee / Mantra
Jorja Smith / Burn
José González / El Invento
José González / Visions
Joseph Shabason / The Fellowship
Joyce Wrice / Overgrown
Judit Neddermann / Canta
Judit Neddermann / Luna
Jules Hiero & Antonio Neves / Santa Teresa Blue
Juli Baravalle, Juanpaio Toch & Cúcus / He Visto Flaiar
Julian Hartwell Project feat. Stephanie Cole / Now Is
Juls feat. Tay Iwar & Projexx / Chance
K15 / Feel More
Kabza De Small & DJ Maphorisa & TRESOR feat. Beatenberg / Dust In The Wind
Kalbells / Diagram Of Me Sleeping
Kaleema / Invoco
Kamasi Washington / Sun Kissed Child
Karima Walker / Reconstellated
Kasia Konstance feat. KinKai / You Never Do
Katy Kirby / Eyelids
Keenan Meyer / Santa Theresa
Kiefer / Between Days
Kiefer / Superhero
Kiefer / When There's Love Around
Kiina feat. Goya Gumbani & Fatima / Outside Again
Kings Of Convenience / Fever
Kings Of Convenience / Rocky Trail
Kings Of Convenience feat. Feist / Catholic Country
Konradsen / Could You Be Loved
Kota The Friend / Pomegranate
Kota The Friend & Statik Selektah / Live & Direct
Kristin Berardi, Sean Foran & Rafael Karlen feat. Pascal Schumacher / Chuhily
La Lá / La Despedida
La Timpa / Deaf In Three Corners
Lake Street Dive / Same Old News
Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray / Ogou (Pran Ka Mwen)
Lambchop / A Chef's Kiss
Laufey / I Wish You Love
Laura Mvula / I'm Still Waiting (1/f Version)
Lauren Henderson feat. Sullivan Fortner, Eric Wheeler & Joe Dyson / Luz
Lava La Rue / G.O.Y.D.
Lefa Mosea / Mr Ngqawana
Lemon Jerry / Moving Colors
Leo Sidran / Song For A Sucker Like You
Lightman Jarvis Ecstatic Band / Red Champa
Lionmilk / Hope You Are Well
Little Simz feat. Cleo Sol / Woman
Lofigo feat. Baths / Best Life
Loraine James feat. Eden Samara / Running Like That
Los Rumberos feat. Loli Molina / Tan Basico
Loshh / Ko Si Mo
Lucas Heredia / Alguien más
Lucy Dacus / Going Going Gone
Mac Ayres / Sometimes
Madlib / Chino
Madlib / Road Of The Lonley Ones
Maë Defays / Coming Home Soon
Maga Rey feat. Lianne La Havas / I Say A Little Prayer
Marcelo Segreto & Tatiana Parra / Lost In Translation
The Marías / All I Really Want Is You
Marinero / Outerlands
Marisa Monte / Em Qualquer
Marisa Monte / Pra Melhorar
Marvyn / Alma Bonita
Matheus Noronha feat. Rodrigo Carazo & Pedro Borghetti / Camino De Carlos Paz
Maya Delilah feat. Samm Henshaw / Breakup Season
Melim / Linha Do Equador
Melim / Samurai
Menagerie / Hope
Mereba / Rider
Mia Doi Todd feat. Fabiano Do Nascimento & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson / Little Bird
Michael Mayo / 20/20
Michael Mayo / You And You
Michael Seyer / Miss My Baby
Michelle / FYO
Michelle feat. Arlo Parks / Sunrise
Milder PS / The King Of Rock'n'Roll
Mind Maintenance / Glow & Glimmer
Mndsgn. / Hope You're Doin' Better
Mndsgn. / Medium Rare
Mndsgn. / Slowdance
Much-Hommy / Blockchain
Mustafa / Come Back
Mustafa / Stay Alive
Mustafa feat. Sampha / Capo
Myele Manzanza / Brixton Blues
Nair Mirabrat feat. Anronio Loureiro & Juan Ibarra / Hermano
Nappy Nina & JWords / 4am
Navasha Daya feat. Gary Bartz / The Liberation Song (Red, Black & Green)
Neil Cowley / Circulation
Neil Cowley / She Lives In Golden Sands
Nicholas Krgovich / Plants
Nicholas Krgovich & Friends / Giving And Receiving
Nicolas Lapine feat. Seba Dorso / Que El Mundo Nos Extrañe
Niia & Solo Woods / We Were Never Friends
NNAMDÏ / Lonely Weekend
Noumuso with Nduduzo Makhathini / Africa
Nubiyan Twist feat. Ego Ella May / 24-7
Olamide / Rock
Olefonken / Ubuntu Tutu
Omar Sosa / Tsiaro Tsara
Orquestra Afrosinfônica feat. André Magalhães / Eu Multidão
Paco Versailles / Ventura Highway
The Paper Kites feat. Maro / Walk Above The City
Peter CottonTale feat. Jamila Woods / Breathe My Name
Petros Klampanis / Smile
Phife Dawg feat. Illa J / French Kiss Deux
Piers Faccini / The Real Way Out
Pink Siifu & Fly Anakin feat. Chuck Strangers / Oatmeal
Pino Palladino & Blake Mills / Chris Dave
Pino Palladino & Blake Mills / Just Wrong
Pinty feat. Emma-Jean Thackray / Comfort Me
Puma Blue / Opiate
Puma Blue / Super Soft
Quko / My Darling Spaceship
Radiant Children / Gently
Raoul Vignal / Heart Of The Lake
Raveena / Tweety
Reginald Omas Mamode IV / Gunga Pea Fonk
Rejjie Snow feat. MF Doom & Cam O'bi / Cookie Chips
Reliably Bad / Make It Out
Reliably Bad / Space Girl
Renato Motha, Patricia Lobato & Mauricio Tizumba feat. Kiko Mitre & Abel Borges / A Festa Dos Orixas
Renato Motha, Patricia Lobato & Mauricio Tizumba feat. Kiko Mitre & Abel Borges / Samba Pra Xango
Renee Reed / Fool To The Fire
Rhye / Come In Closer
Ricardo Bacelar & Caina Cavalcante / Paracosmo
Rita Payés & Elisabeth Roma / El Marabino
River Tiber / Hypnotized
Rob Milton feat. Jessica Fox / Gone
Robert Glasper & Derrick Hodge feat. Amber Navran / Dreaming
Rogério Botter Maio / Hora De Sonhar
Rory More / Spirit Waltz
Rosie Frater-Taylor / Be So Kind
Ruby Rushton / Fall From Grace
Ryley Walker / Rang Dizzy
Ryley Walker / Shiva With Dustpan
Sachal Vasandani & Romain Collin / Great Ocean Road
Saint Ezekiel / Ring Road
Sam Gendel / Eternal Loop
Sam Gendel / Misty
Sam Gendel & Josiah Steinbrick / Serene 1
Samii / Spaced Out Summer Tours & Back Again
Sara Watkins / Good Night
Saulo Duarte E Luedji Luna / Lumina
Sault / Bitter Streets
Sault / 9
Sault feat. Little Simz / You From London
Savila / Pocoapoco
Scary Pockets feat. Cory Henry / Everybody Wants To Rule The World
serpentwithfeet feat. Sampha & Lil Silva / Fellowship
SG Lewis & Rhye / Time
Shai Maestro / Time
Shelley FKA DRAM / Exposure
Shelley FKA DRAM / Something About Us
Sheree Brown / Take A Walk With Love
Sibusile Xaba feat. Naftali, Fakazile Nkosi & Ashk / Umdali
SidRum feat. Thomash / Key
Silk Sonic (Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak) / Leave The Door Open
Skullcrusher / Song For Nick Drake
Slowthai feat. Deb Never / Push
Soft Glas / Prudence & Poise
Son Lux feat. Kiah Victoria / Vacancy
Sonder feat. Jorja Smith / Nobody But You
Sons Of Kemet / To Never Forget The Source
Soul Supreme / Umi Says
Stacey Kent / Lovely Day
Stash Marina feat. Polanco Jones, Jr. / Unfair
The Staves / Nothing's Gonna Happen
Step Tib / Lake
Step Tib feat. Lam-Dan / Sunday
Stephanie Poetri / IRL
Stereolab / The Super It
Stone Foundation feat. Laville & Boogie Back / The Light In Us (Boogie Back Soul Weekender Remix)
stories feat. CARM & David Simmon, Jr. / Song Of Trouble
STR4TA / Rhythm In Your Mind
Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine / Reach Out
Sun Kil Moon / Snowbound
Super DB / Stealing Shadows
Surfaces with Salem Ilese / Come With Me
Tapes / Aquarium Trousers
Taylor Eigsti & Becca Stevens feat. Gretchen Parlato / Play With Me
Tekno / In Love
Teni The Entertainer / Dads Song
Thandi Ntuli / Dikeledi
Theo Bleckmann & The Westerlies / Another Holiday
Thiago Elnino feat. Ze Manoel / Dengo
Tiawa / Mountains Of Metal
Tirzah / Send Me
Tobe Nwigwe / Wake Up Everybody
TonicMotion / Something About You
Twit One & Reginald Omas Mamode IV /Slide Away
Tyler, The Creator / Wilshire
Tyler, The Creator feat. Brent Faiyaz & Fana Hues / Sweet/I Thought You Wanted To Dance
UMI / Introspection Reimagined
Urban Village / Izivunguvungu
Vanessa Moreno / Feminina
vbnd feat. Katie Tupper & The Soulmate Collective / Slowly Starting To Take Form
Vegyn feat. Duval Timothy / B4 The Computer Crash
The Vernon Spring / God Is Love
The Vernon Spring / Sunset Village
The Vernon Spring / Waves Know Shores
Vic Mensa feat. Wyclef Jean & Chance The Rapper / Shelter
Vira Talisa feat. Bilal Indrawijaya / He's Got Me Singing Again
We Are KING / Space Oddity
Wesley Joseph feat. Jorja Smith / Patience
William Fitzsimmons / Daedalus, My Father
Yakul / It's Not Me
Yasmin Williams / Dragonfly
Yaya Bey / fxck it them
Yeahman feat. Mina Shankha / Deelahli
Ze In The Clouds / Lyn
Zella Day feat. Weyes Blood / Holocene
The Zenmenn / Bella Fantasia
Zo! & Tall Black Guy feat. Darien Brockington, Muhsinah & Phonte / Hold My Hand
Zoe Gotusso / Cuarto Creciente
808vic / In My Bag

橋本徹(SUBURBIA)を始めとする「usen for Cafe Apres-midi」の選曲家17人がそれぞれのセレクトした音楽への思いを綴る 「Voice of “usen for Cafe Apres-midi” Crew」