Introducing an online shop for WOVN’s original goods

Introducing an online shop for WOVN’s original goods


Hello! This is Yui from General Affairs at Wovn Technologies.
Did you know that you can purchase original WOVN merchandise online?
* This online shop is currently only for employees.
There are 16 different original WOVN items available!
We decided to launch the online store to help members feel more connected with the company and with each other as remote work continues.

Everything is available for free!
There is a limited number of some items, so some products are one per person, but all of them are wonderful!
Let me introduce some of our members’ favorite items.

WOVN Imabari Handkerchief Towel

This is the Imabari handkerchief towel, a favorite of employee “S.”
When you think about towels, you think of Imabari towels. That’s how famous the brand is. These handkerchief towels are made from luxuriously soft materials. The color of the towels is “WOVN green.”

スクリーンショット 2021-09-06 9.35.53

A splash of green coming from your pocket looks great★★

<Comments from employee “S”>
“It’s extremely soft and a pleasure to use.
I use the towel to wipe my tears of joy each time Yui-san responds to my requests with impeccable speed.”

Thank you for that comment, employee “S.” (lol)
We wash our hands frequently now, so the WOVN handkerchief is a must!

WOVN Hoodie

Many members wear our original hoodie in the office, and it is something than can be worn all year round – not just during the colder seasons, but also during the summer when you are feeling chilly from the air conditioning.
I have the hoodie at my seat so that I can wear it whenever I want, which helps a lot! I also wear it when I go out for lunch ♪

スクリーンショット 2021-09-06 9.34.09

The logo is on the front and back, and the black base makes it easy to coordinate with! The hood is large and fashionable as well. We received a review from a member who ordered it!

<Comment from Rogerio>
I think its fabric is a bit harder than that of the other hoodies I have, but I guess it’ll make it last longer!
The graphics (logo and tagline) are very good and look like they won’t deteriorate after washing, but I haven’t washed the hoodie enough times to check that this is the case.
It’s warm!
Overall, very good quality I’d say.

Thank you for the stylish coordinating and feedback!
Rogerio is wearing an L-sized hoodie. It goes well with denim for a casual look, and you can have fun using it in a lot of different looks.
Why not add the WOVN hoodie to your wardrobe and try mixing and matching with it?

WOVN Eco Bag

Chen-san from the ES (Enterprise Success) Team will share about the next item.
She’s chosen the eco bag as her recommended item ♪

スクリーンショット 2021-09-06 9.41.45

<Comment from Chen-san>
The bag is super light! It can hold a lot and it’s easy on the shoulders.
I always bring it with me when I go out.
Also, it has a pocket on the outside for your phone or keys, etc., so it's super convenient.

Members like this bag since it can be folded up and is light, so it doesn’t take up space and is convenient on the go. As plastic bags now cost money, it’s convenient to have one of these eco bags!

WOVN Hand Sanitizer

Naomoto-san, who joined the ES Team in January, will share next about the item she recommends!

スクリーンショット 2021-09-06 9.50.07

<Comment from Naomoto-san>
I attach it to my bag and carry it around while having the company logo on display.
Not only is the design cute, but the sanitizer also smells nice and is easy to use, so I think you’ll enjoy sanitizing with this!
My son is also a fan, so whenever I use it, he always comes over and says, “Mom, I love the sanitizer from your company!”

スクリーンショット 2021-09-06 9.50.14

I’m glad that your family is making use of it!
It’s compact, so it’s a good idea to attach it to your bag, like Naomoto-san does. I’m sure it’s helpful if you want to sanitize your hands when out and about!

Available in 4 colors!
When you order these on the online shop, the color is randomized, so please let me know if you want a specific color! If you don’t have a preference, I’ll choose a color that I think suits you.
I chose pink for Naomoto-san!

The happy voice of a member who ordered the green sanitizer ♪

スクリーンショット 2021-09-06 9.53.11

It’s great that people’s families are using it!
A lot of members with children have been ordering the sanitizer. Please try ordering some, even if you don’t have kids!

Be sure to look out for new additions to our lineup in the future!

Thank you !!
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