A magazine brimming with the very "WOVN-ness" that aspires to "Localize the Internet." Care for a taste of WOVN culture?


A magazine brimming with the very "WOVN-ness" that aspires to "Localize the Internet." Care for a taste of WOVN culture?


【#Hello WOVN - Eric Flaquière】 WOVN as a journey

Hello everybody, I am Eric Flaquière and I come from France. I started working as a Scrum Master at WOVN in April 2022. My everyday life at work is 100% made of challenges, focusing on improving the Product Division and the company as much

    • Osaka, where I have experienced studentship which I've never had before

      At the age of 17 I was studying Computer Science at university, and working full time in customer support. It didn’t allow much time to enjoy the studentship or hang out with friends, but it still was better because I could live by myself f

      • Cuba and Me

        “Life is short. Little by little, we fade away. We are born together and happy.” Lilo from the Netflix documentary “Cuba and the Cameraman” A month of illusionsI decided to go to Cuba because my university professor recommended it. Withou

        • Me, just a nobody in pursuit of wonder

          Fascinated since childhoodI’ve been a fan of Ghibli films since I was little. I was fascinated by the nostalgic and unique worlds that fused nature with daily life, especially "Castle in the Sky," which I could recite all the lines for and

          What I Took Home from Mexico

          I wanted to write about the charm of Mexico and how it impacted me - from my personal point of view. In my undergrad studies in the US, studying abroad was a requirement. I didn’t know where to go and my coordinator recommended me Xalapa (


          How a man who received a failing grade in middle school English became a translator

          It was another cloudy day in London. Maybe there would be sunny spells and patchy drizzle later in the day. I was sitting on the top deck of a London bus gazing at nothing in particular on my way back from the museum. Intense light sometime

          New York City didn’t change my life. It changed my personality.

          Did New York really change my life? Well, it didn’t really change my life, but it definitely changed my personality. In the past, I wasn't really open to people as I am now, and when I wondered about how I became the person I am now. All t


          Kragerø, Norway

          The Pearl of the Coastal TownsNorway has a reputation abroad for being cold and snowy. But brave the stereotype, and you may find that summer at its coast can be quite nice. Daylight lasts until late in the evening and the temperature is wa


          Exchanging our vows of eternal love in Hawaii

          At the end of the 2015 fiscal year, a certain man joined WOVN. I think he was the sixth person or so to join us. WOVN had just been a team of developers and we now had a savvy businessman on our side. That businessman was COO Uemori. When

          Reconnecting with mother earth in Iceland

          My encounter with IcelandIn spring of 2020, I changed jobs for the first time and joined WOVN and used up my remaining paid days off to take a trip to Iceland. It was also my first solo trip to a foreign country.   How much do you all know

          Tenerife, the island that stole my heart

          How it all began? When I was 32, I realized that I am really missing an experience of living abroad. I decided to change that. Along with getting this experience, I wanted to finally start working on one of my many ideas (over the years I

          The place that made me who I am

          What led me to practice English “I really should be practicing English now.” This thought was in the back of my mind during my junior year of university. The main spark was my desire to just escape during mid-summer job-hunting in a stuffy

          The Philippines, the country where I made lots of good friends

          I became fond of traveling as a college student I went abroad for the first time in my life during the summer break of my second year of college. I joined an English summer school in Canada. Visiting another country with a different langua

          What a worrywart like me learned in New Zealand

          Curiosity made me want to expand my understanding I’ve been interested in foreign languages since I was little - in all the strange sounds and letters that I didn’t understand. But these words have meaning to someone somewhere. I wanted to

          The two Russias I encountered at age 14 and 19

          My encounter with Russia The port town Hakodate, where I grew up, has an exotic cityscape that attracts people and is one of the first international trade ports in Japan that was opened to the world. My hometown Hakodate is active in prom


          Japan my second home away from home?

          Wednesday, October 13, 2021 October 13, 2021. I landed at Narita Airport, full of worries and uncertainties. The airport was completely deserted. Because of the border restrictions due to COVID-19, I was asked the same questions repeatedly