WOVN Movie Club Recommendation Movie List 🎬

WOVN Movie Club Recommendation Movie List 🎬


It's the holiday season again ! 🎄
How do you plan to spend this holiday season ? Probably a lot of people decided to get together and stay inside to relax because of the cold winter weather.

We had the opportunity to ask our WOVN Movie Club for good movies to watch with family and friends.

For your information, our WOVN Movie Club gets together once in every month, to go to movie theaters to watch movies. We even have an exclusive Slack channel to talk about movies and recently they were discussing whether they should have popcorn while they watch movies or not, on a serious level.

1 - Home Alone 

Why we recommend:
No explanations needed - this is one of the go-to holiday movies !

2 - It's a Wonderful Life

Why we recommend:
It’s definitely one of the Christmas-themed movies, it can make everyone positive & motivated !

3 - English Vinglish 

Why we recommend:
It is a 3 hours Indian (Bollywood) movie and not related to Christmas, but we are sure that you will get positive energy from the story of a woman growing up in a different culture.

4 - The Devil Wears Prada

Why we recommend:
Just all about Anne Hathaway ! You will see such a hard working woman in the cut throat fashion industry.

5 - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Why we recommend:
The last scene with the fireplace and snow outside gives you a perfect holiday atmosphere.
You can't expect anything at all - and it’s like opening special Christmas presents.

I hope this list helps!
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year - yoi otoshi wo !!

Thank you !!
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