Tristan Felix B.

Literary translator Emily Balistrieri, he/him. Have translated Ao Omae, Tomihiko Morimi, and more:

Tristan Felix B.

Literary translator Emily Balistrieri, he/him. Have translated Ao Omae, Tomihiko Morimi, and more:


    I wrote a poem

    sometimes I wish life would all happen at once and be over first kiss as I get divorced ping pong as I lie shivering cruelty as I win accolades a cosmic form of impatience compelling me towards everything and nothing death as I am born Kyo

      • Haruka Tono so far

        Haruka Tono (b. 1991) has become an indelible part of my literary landscape. I posted about the three books he's written so far on FB, so I decided to copy-paste that here: 1. 破局 (The breakup) Won him the Akutagawa Prize last year. Really

        • November 2020 Japanese Reading

          One book was very long... Yusaku Kitano 『どろんころんど』(2010, Fukuinkan) A girl android and a turtle childcare robot wake up in the future after the world has turned into a mud puddle and go on a journey to find out where all the humans have gon

          • 2020 Activities

            I feel like keeping track of professional activities might be handy to 1) actually remember everything I do, because otherwise I'll forget and 2) have a sense of time, because that is also easy to forget once the years go by.  Book-form pu

            October 2020 Japanese Reading

            Read a couple books in English again, including A Man by Keiichiro Hirano (tr. Eli K.P. William), which I liked a lot more than I expected, so I picked up 透明な迷宮 to read some of his work in Japanese later.  In Japanese, I read... Eiko Kado

            An Answer to "My First Kiss"

            When Rintarō Hamaguchi's Story for You, "My First Kiss" came out, I thought it was amusing, but at the same time, it was hopelessly cishet, which didn't feel like the most interesting thing you could write about a random sex-change phenomen

            September 2020 Japanese Reading

            This month I made it a project to read some books translated by friends, so I didn't read as much in Japanese. That said, the things I read were extremely good. Kaori Fujino「スカート・デンタータ」(in the October 2020 issue of 小説宝石) Written from the p

            Been wanting to investigate things

            such as... Japanese literary magazines, favorite Japanese authors, maybe some language stuff... I don't really know! But I feel like if I have a place to gather some thoughts and write some notes (pun not intended), maybe I'll actually ge

            Story For You Translations #COVID19

            These are translations I did for Tree's trilingual flash fiction series for kids during the summer of COVID-19, Story For You.  "The Death of the King" by ShienBIS || A sweet little fantasy story. I decided to pick up the first volume of 迷

            Day to Day Translations #COVID19

            A list of translations I did as part of Tree's trilingual coronavirus-themed flash fiction project, Day to Day.   "Until That Day Comes" by Izumi Sunohara || A BL story about ER doctors finding a moment to relax despite the pandemic. "WFH