Looking Back at Personal Highlights of 2023!

Hello everyone! I’m Eri from the DMC (Department of Marketing and Communications).
As 2023 nears its end, we wanted to hear about how the past year went for everyone. There are sure to have been many challenges and experiences. 
For this installment, we’re delivering everyone's personal and professional 2023 highlights!


Let’s start off with work related highlights. I’ve separated them into 5 different categories.

1. Business and customer related

  • I secured the first contract for OmniSegment in Japan!

  • Content that I was involved in was a hot topic on X (formerly Twitter)

  • For the first time in a while, I had the opportunity to meet and speak with customers for a case study

    • I realized the value of hearing their voices directly

  • I’ve started to figure out how to provoke discussions and create value through the delivery of UX Growth Ops Lite

2. Teamwork and internal communication

  • We were able to host a welcoming event for the new employees at the office

  • Teams combining, leading to increased interaction and a sense of unity

  • I was able to communicate with more coworkers than previous years

3. Personal growth or adaptation to new environments

  • The fact that every single new grad who joined in April are still going strong

  • My role of “content creator” has been established clearly, allowing for me to focus attention on that area

    • As a result, the quality of my content has improved (or so I hope). The areas I am in charge of have gradually increased as well

  • I’m working in the field I’ve always wanted to work in

  • Attained new skills and knowledge

  • Learned how to navigate Pardot better

  • Made suggestions to help my team achieve our goals

4. Organizational growth

  • New members joined the Lite team

  • Established a system to produce case studies from results that are born

  • Increased the amount of information the company sends out

  • I have more people I can rely on

5. Office life

  • I took a business trip to Taiwan and Shanghai for the first time in over a decade

  • I have a new superior who accepts my flaws

    • My emotions tend to get the best of me, but when anything stressful happens they react to my messages with a “drop kick” reaction and laugh along

  • I created the #enjoy_philiosophy Slack channel where anyone can freely talk about philosophy

Everyone is thriving in their own environments, and you can catch a glimpse of both the company and the individuals growing in conjunction with each other. 

Next up, let’s talk about personal highlights. I’ve summarized the answers into 6 major categories. 

1. Family and environmental changes

  • I had a new house made!

    • After extensive research, we purchased a new semi-custom home what relatively met our family’s needs

  • Purchased a home for the second time in my life

  • My child stood up! Walked! And cries less!

  • I can leave my daughter in someone else’s care now instead of being with her 24/7

  • My beloved dog became a part of my family

2. Health and well-being

  • I started living with my partner and a chinchilla, transforming my chaotic life into a healthy and cultural one

    • Our room is decorated with flowers, and my partner’s cooking is too delicious

  • Had appendicitis three times in 2022, but after surgery in January, I have been living stress free

  • There were no major illnesses or trouble for myself or those around me

3. Personal growth and self-realization

  • Realized my current position as a musician

    • I gained confidence through “being born in classical music, raised surrounded by anime songs and soundtracks, and longing for African-American music”

  • My life priorities became clear

    • I focused on ‘cultural’ things, so now, I am focusing on leading a ‘healthy life’

  • Resumed playing an instrument I had put off for a long time

    • Resumed playing the trombone, an instrument I played in my student days but stopped due to pregnancy, after 9 years. I went to a concert where my teacher was performing, rekindled my passion for the instrument, and as raising my child had settled down a bit, I decided to resume attending Yamaha’s adult music school’s big band class from November. I’m super excited. 

  • My hobby of drumming advanced from beginner to intermediate level

4. Interaction with friends and society

  • My circle of futsal friends expanded

    • Despite the reduction of participants due to COVID, we invited new members and increased in size

  • Met many overseas friends whom I hadn’t seen in years due to COVID

    • I’m happy that my friendship with individuals are still going strong after 5 years of being apart

  • Reconnected with a high school friend who happened to be into the same hobby as me, and now we meet up once a month

  • Reunited with colleagues I worked with 10 years ago

    • I met up with a team member who I worked with at a very strict company after 10 years, and we quickly returned to our old selves and shared updates on our time apart. They mentioned that it was a good timing to meet and chat

  • Taught kids the joy of swimming and the importance of life as the head coach at my alma mater’s swim camp, which was held for the first time in four years

5. Special events and traveling

  • Finished our wedding in May and went on our honeymoon at the end of November

  • Traveled to Europe with no mask for the first time in a while

  • Went on my first overseas trip in five years

    • Many of my acquaintances went to Vietnam, so I took a solo trip there. Usually, I travel to Europe, so it was my first time in Southeast Asia in quite a while. I made the most of Grab and Booking.com, booked spas online, and was impressed by Japan’s facial recognition gates at the airport. It was a great opportunity for me to update my experience information on traveling

  • Had good food and drinks in various places

    • I traveled almost every month and had delicious meals

  • Golfed in good weather in Okinawa

  • Asakusa Samba Carnival was held for the first time in four years

    • While I was cheering from the sidelines this year, finally, the event was held…! The whole team felt the same way. 

6. Special moments

  • Gave a toast at a friend’s wedding and received thanks not only from them, but also from their parents

  • Received many birthday wishes

  • Won many tickets to stages and live shows that I absolutely wanted to go to

  • Sitting in the third row from the front for my favorite performers stage, thinking that I may have made eye contact with them

With the COVID situation starting to settle down, it looks like many people have been going to places they couldn’t in the past few years and meeting people they haven’t seen in a while. 

Now, after reflecting on everyone’s good experiences, we asked them about their satisfaction over the past year.

Approximately 90% of people said they are ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied’, indicating that 2023 is likely to end on a good note for them. 
For those that feel there’s still more to be accomplished, good luck with the remainder of the year! 

I hope that the coming 2024 will be a great year for everyone. 

Next year, the Open Newsletter will be hitting its 2 year mark. Please continue to look forward to our articles!