【Hello WOVN】Work Series (Tech Support)

【Hello WOVN】Work Series (Tech Support)


In this volume of the Work Series, we’ll learn about Tech Support, WOVN’s guardian angel.
Work Series: Tech Support
Let’s begin by shadowing Samuel, who provides solutions to the various issues and troubles that members at WOVN face.

- What does Tech Support do?
Tech Support handles a wide range of tasks. In general, these include:
(1) investigating and solving WOVN’s product-related ambiguities
(2) providing solutions to WOVN-related requests and issues / brainstorming solutions and then tagging the teams that can see them through
(3) supporting the improvement and development of tools used by members at WOVN.

(1) Investigating and solving WOVN’s product-related ambiguities
WOVN’s features are improved and updated periodically, so sometimes members aren’t completely up to date. If they are uncertain about specification changes or new features, they can reach out to me and I in turn provide simple explanations or provide them with reference materials.

(2) Providing solutions to WOVN-related requests and issues / brainstorming solutions and then tagging the teams that can see them through
My eyes are glued to Slack and Backlog so that I can handle any issues that arise with WOVN quickly. This is the most draining task I have each day. (laughs)
I receive requests and information about issues from various teams, summarize the information, determine if the requests should be acted upon at times, check if the said issues really exist...and the list goes on. This is the general flow in diagram form.

業務プロセス_en (2)

I try to solve as many problems as I can myself. If there are issues with specifications or something needs to be analyzed, I help by reassigning the case to the right team so that it can be solved.
Each request and problem is different, and to understand each issue correctly, clarify the necessary steps and requests and then convey those to the team, I’m always thinking about how to clearly explain things and help enable quick turnaround times for problems. Understanding, summarizing, and communicating problems takes a lot of work and is the hardest part.

(3) Supporting the improvement and development of tools used by members at WOVN
My job is not just to work on WOVN, but to develop tools that make it easier for members at WOVN to work, and to help further improve the tools that WOVN members are using now.
One tool that I recently worked on is the translation check sheet used by the Localize Team, which is in charge of translation and localization.
To handle the dozens of translation checks that come up each day more efficiently, I improved the tool as I consulted with the Localize Team.
There is still room for improvement, but it makes me very happy to see that the members are able to work as comfortably as possible with the tools I worked on.


(Samuel with a friendly smile (as always))

- What do you value most when working?
I value communication.
With the uncertainties, requests, and issues I receive from each team, I focus most on communicating properly and make everything visible so that there are no misunderstandings before relaying the case to the developers.
Understanding something properly allows me to correctly relay information to the developers and facilitate quick and appropriate solutions, so I communicate as much as possible to make sure that I don’t misunderstand anything.

- Share some tips on communicating at WOVN!
WOVN is a global company with people from various countries. Having employees from different countries means that we have different languages, cultures, and ways of thinking, so I have to be aware that what I say might be interpreted incorrectly and, on the contrary, that I might interpret someone else incorrectly as well.
It’s important to be careful when communicating and ask yourself what information the other person wants and what they want to solve.

- What do you find rewarding about your work?
It’s when I receive an honest “thank you.”
When I’m able to solve a colleague’s question or problem, I think “Yay!” and it makes me happy. (laughs)

Although Tech Support isn’t a team that creates new features, it’s an important team that understands WOVN’s current features better than anyone else, supports other teams, and listens to the voices of different employees to make WOVN even better. I’ll keep working hard so that I can continue to receive words of appreciation from my colleagues.

Thank you, Samuel, for all of your insight!
It was a great opportunity to learn about your job, as well as your enthusiasm and love for WOVN.

Please look forward to the next installment of the Work Series!

Thank you !!
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