Note of Warpspace ~starting~

What I Write About When I Write About WARPSPACE

It has been 3 years and 2 months since the establishment of the company, and 3 years since I joined the company as the outside director, 9 months since I became the CEO. As WARPSPACE and also as an individual, we faced many challenges, experiences. And sometimes we achieved great success, sometimes made a terrible mistake. It was a short but also a long time, severe yet joyful. While struggle with some huge obstacles, we walked step-by-step with confident hope.
I would like to introduce what we cherished, what we found, what we believed during the walk, as an introduction of this note.

1. Space is just a tool, not a goal

We are not just selling a dream called "Space". This can be applied to all of the space startups includes us, furthermore the entire space industries. Even the lunar exploration, the rockets, or the communication satellite that we are working on, are just using space as a way to solve a problem, and a tool to make an idea come true.

Of course, we have a dream in the universe. Perhaps those who work in this industry have a stronger yearning for the universe than anyone else, since they are already chosen the universe as their work indeed.

However the traditional space industry is not something that can be separated from military objective, and many space startups are working on solving the issues of the ground level.

We are developing a constant high-speed communication system for satellite operators, and this is for a clear goal of establishing a base infrastructure for expanding utilization of outer space.
The era of "aiming to space" has already gone. What would you do for what kind of reason. That is the most important question for us right now.

2.We are always a late starter

WARPSPACE was found in 2016, which is globally very late as a space startup. However that is not the only reason for us to be a late starter.

We are, as of the meaning of fundraising environment, still inside of Japanese market. Even we currently have technological advantage, if global giants with their abundant funds challenges us, our advantage would mean almost nothing in this competition.

Time is not equal for all of companies. In a same condition, the amount of funds will decide the speed of how the time flows.

In that sense, we have to always recognize our self as late starter, and seek the chances to overtake the giants when they are facing the innovator's dilemma.

3.Japanese Space Infrastructure has biggest chance to be No.1

So far the international infrastructures on the earth were originated from the Western. Recently however due to the raise of China, the new standard in new era is starting to divided into two. And since this power game isn't clear as that of the Cold War, it is not easy to achieve the overall optimal nor the individual optimal for the market. In addition, the regional powers, advocated by Samuel P. Huntington, are also raising, which means the risks of depending western countries or China are increasing in various ways.

These issues can be also applied on space. That is to say, are all the countries confident and comfortable with the space infrastructure of western countries? Or that of China? The answer is clearly no.
In that kind of environment, the role of Japanese space startups can be very important. For good and bad, Japan, who at least superficially keeps the Exclusively Defense-Oriented Policy, and avoids the military use of space development, can be a really good partner to share a ride in this multi-axis international society.

This is same in the space startups. WARPSPACE is aiming to collaborate with as many countries for opening the door of space communication infrastructure, except the military use.

4. Maximize the average speed rather than the maximum speed

Just like any other deep tech startups, the space startups need to run their business in long-term compare to the others. Therefore, we should not work and use our time in a short-winded way.

Besides, once the satellite is launched, we are not able to debug easily like that of a webservice. Of course this is on the premise that "Don't over-think it. Just do it.", and speed is one of the most important factor. However consider that it cannot rolled back after the launch, we have to also focus on accuracy. If we were working 365 days a year, we would failed. We have to pursuit a sustainable work style and organization.

*At WARPSPACE, we have introduced flexible work arrangements, which allows 2 days of holiday in a week not limiting day of the week, and resort work system.

5. There are huge chances in places that users cannot find.

The new space industry continues to expand in both market value and geographical location.
As an axis, we are working on innovation of the new space industry in Africa. Why it is impossible for Africa in next decade, when something already happened in China and India in this decade.

We are maximizing our possibility by trying to create the users through making a calculated guess on places that doesn't seem any user.

6. So called "A Realistic Vision" is rather looking away from or not looking at the reality.

We have to always ask our selves about "what is realistic thinking?" and "is it possible for an individual to understand the reality perfectly?", before thinking in "realistic".

When giving up a possibility, being afraid of the risks, thinking that it is useless to try harder, we often want to "convince" our selves to "think realistic".

But if there is a future you would like to realize, then you should not giving up or stop thinking. That is the real meaning of "think realistic".

7. People does not move with the reason, but the emotion.

The decision making process in business is not always convinced by the reason. Even the proposed contents are the same, one's decision might be changed by the emotion behind it. If you can not influence people's emotion, you can not influence people.

If everyone is thinking in rational, no one would do startup, and invest in startup, isn't it?

8. Students are awesome!

Nowadays, update of technologies and generations are rapid that age is unrelated in various areas.

Students with passion are great. WARPSPACE wouldn't be like now without them.

9. Twitter is cool!

Power words such as space tech, or ultra small satellite, are easily spread in medias like twitter. It is surprising how quick people are applying or react on the information(such as recruitment) of twitter.

The followings are some personal thoughts

10. Overturn the lost 30 years

I was born in 1988. After that when I was 20, I was called lost-20-years generation, when I was 30, I was called lost-30-years generation.
I'm enough.
Who lost?

It's not our generation who lost.

From the old values, there may be various nostalgic sentiments, but that is not our values.

We have always gained.
Don't make us a “poor generation”.
We will create the future.

The next 10 years will never be called a “lost 40 years”.

11. For those who soul trembles

So far, no matter how painful or difficult, we have finally managed to sail to those who tremble the soul. There is no regret for each choice.
I will continue to choose and live in the same way.



WARPSPACEは 衛星に対する高い専門性と開発力を活かし 宇宙空間をより快適に、シームレスに利用/移動するための 通信インフラを地上と宇宙両面で構築し 宇宙産業や人工衛星のあり方を劇的に変えていきます。 https://warpspace.jp/


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