Days.CAM | Instameet June 2020

Days.CAM | Instameet June 2020

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“Instameet” is an event sponsored by Instameet Community Japan that decides the theme and posts photos to Instagram once a month.

It has been held online at Zoom since April.
Hosts change every month as the organizers Jessica and Hai returned to Australia.
The theme for June is "Home Cooking"!

They are eager to cook

Held from 11:00 to 14:00 Japan time.
Each participant started cooking.
Wash the vegetables, bake the bread, boil, wait in the oven.
There was a man wearing an apron for the first time. It was fresh.

Mica is an angel! 

Mom's and baby's time is a treasure for everyone.
Mica is so cute! !! !!😍💕😍💕😍💕
A female participant who enjoyed talking to mom Jessica.
Hay is in charge of cooking ♪

Is Tempura and Sashimi in Japan?


Chiyoko's friend Oe, who lives in Toyama, ate cold udon,
Tempura of flying fish and sardines.
Flying fish sashimi.
You have posted a photo of Yaki-udon.

Everyone was surprised to hear that 9 yen udon is sold in Toyama!
Nothing in Tokyo can be bought for that price!

Itadakimasu! Japan only?

I failed!
Some were upset, but his food looks okay!
From the person who completed the dish, set it on the table and start eating.
It was surprising that everyone started eating without saying anything.
Only Japanese people say "Itadakimasu".
Chiyoko was able to see everyone's finished food.
Everything looked delicious.

Chiyoko introduced everyone to GomiZero.ART Cooking!

Chiyoko held GomiZero.ART on Friday the 26th of the previous day.

We introduced a photo of Matsui Tsurumi-san who reused the broccoli used in the dyeing experiment without discarding it.

I usually use the discarded vegetable scraps as fertilizers for home gardens and for dyeing experiments.

A dyeing experiment was conducted on Kamakura daikon and Hama daikon.
Komatsuna and Dento-Koamtsuna.
I wanted to know the difference between them.

I experimented with broccoli to find out how well green vegetables settle on cloth. It was dyed only lightly.

How it is dyed depends on the amount of leaves, roasting, and silk.
It's fun, but people at art college know more and are good at it.

The broccoli used in the staining experiment was reused without being discarded.
Stewed for a long time to soften.
There is no special name.
Divided into three, one was miso, curry and cream stew.

My family spent three days eating.
Stew and miso were popular.
It goes well with bread. It is necessary to consider the combination of vegetables.
I learned that it was not delicious if I made a mistake with the fruit tea.

Introducing Japanese cuisine

Thank you, Tsurumi-san!
Tsurumi-san is a famous landlady of Uokou, a restaurant that serves delicious fish and sake at Koenji, and is a person who spreads Edo Tokyo vegetables.

Chiyoko doesn't cook at home, so.
I posted the delicious food that Uoko-san gave me!

Octopus sashimi.
It was very fresh and delicious!

I think there are some who are not good at NAMAMONO, so I'm not showing the sucker.

It is boiled fish. NIZAKANA(煮魚)
It was delicious Daisuki.
Tsurumi-sani, Gochiso-samadesita(ご馳走様でした)

Everyone's Home Cooking

Sweet corn frittata?Lime tart and sorbet,
Pumpkin salad, olive red, roast pork.
Curry and rice made for 2 hours (7 dishes!)
Chicken vegetable soup made from dashi stock, pasta salad, soy milk gratin.
Mini BBQ of vegetables baked in the garden (Shiitake mushroom, carrot, pepper, onion, long onion)

The home cooking cooked by Mr. Hai was wonderful!
"Salad and Garlic Bread Chipolata Sausage Pasta Grill"
It is on one plate and very photogenic!

There was a table with hydrangea and it was very nice.
And everyone looked very delicious ✨

Above all, thank you for watching the meal time of the mother, baby and father's family and showing them happy time.

Beautiful pictures of the participants' home cooking will be posted on Instagram. Have fun.

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みんな、ありがとう!ARIGATO✨Thank you🙂📷💖👍

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