Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP: September 2020/How are you?

I hosted Instameet in September.
Of course, I talked to the participants online again this time on Zoom.

2020 will end in three months.
I had a lot of experience in Corona.
This month’s theme is “How


Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP: October 2020 (Halloween Sunset)

At the October Instamteet, host Takayuki-san went to Zushi and showed us the sunset online at Zoom.We could see Mt. Fuji a little.Thank you for showing us the sunset in Japan to Australia, Canada, the


Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP:August 2020(Afternoon Walk)

Instameet in August starts with a meeting with zoom!

I heard everyone’s walk course.
Unexpectedly everyone was walking!
There was a participant who showed me a video taken on YouTube while riding a b


About Japan|Ichigoichie

Japanese proverb:

It means “Treasure every encounter as it may not come again.”

We’re using 2 hashtags for our Instameet.
That’s #IMCJP , it means our group name “InstaMeet Community Ja