MARINE PARK- Daigo Ryoei maru Marine Products Factory (漁船直送 水産加工場)

第五良栄丸は創業70 年以上続く、山口県萩市最後の大型漁船で、バイ貝における漁船水揚高は日本一です。有限会社第五良栄丸では、単なる生産者としてだけではなく、加工や販売、更に直営の飲食店を営む等、総合的な活動を行っています。
水揚げされたバイ貝は、 生産者ならではの鮮度で、最短のスピードにて金沢を拠点に日本全国に発送されています。


Outline of Daigo Ryoei Maru Fisheries Processing Plant
Daigo Ryoeimaru is the last large fishing boat in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, which has been in business for more than 70 years. Daigo Ryoeimaru Co., Ltd. is not only a mere producer, but also conducts comprehensive activities, such as processing and selling, and running a directly managed restaurant.
Landed bamboo shells are shipped to all parts of Japan at the shortest speed in Kanazawa with the freshness unique to the producer.
The directly managed restaurant operates “Hagiikechi Chaya,” a restaurant business under the theme of “fisherman direct delivery”, which is managed by a group of young fishermen who love delicious BEER and delicious fish.
The "Bai shell meat (raw frozen)" proposed is a product that is landed, processed quickly and shipped by a fishing boat, Daigo Ryoei Maru.

Product features
Immediately after unloading the shell caught off the coast of Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture, the fresh state is processed at a directly managed factory. Since it is quickly frozen immediately selling to other area, it can be eaten as like raw. Freshness and taste are almost the same level as same as Sashimi.


山口県萩市 バイ貝水揚げ高日本一の漁船、萩池々茶屋のNOTEです。This note is about Daigo Ryoei Maru in Hagi city, Yamaguchi pref
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