When we deliver the value, Emotion is the major backstage driving force

When we deliver the value, Emotion is the major backstage driving force


Creating a beeline for shining value star in the sparkling universes is our mission; Providing jet rockets so that you can truly chase the star from your bottom of the heart is our unique service. When we identify with a value, how can we truly achieve the level of empathy? Here I would like to introduce the important role that emotional value plays in this process.


Watched a movie where the story did not happen to me, but my heart was deeply suffering; Listened to a concert without any words, but my heart was completely floored.

Emotions are embedded in memories, memories unique to us humans.

What is an emotion?

“Emotions,” wrote Aristotle (384–322 BCE), “are all those feelings that so change men as to affect their judgments, and that are also attended by pain or pleasure. Such are anger, pity, fear, and the like, with their opposites.” Emotion does not just refer to a kind of psychological phenomenon, but a transition composed of many loose situations. It is a dynamic process of changing diversity.


Why do we have those emotions?

Anger represents slights, fear represents dangers, shame represents failures to live up to an ego ideal, sadness represents losses, happiness represents progress towards goal achievement, pride represents enhancement of one’s ego identity (Prinz 2004; Lazarus 1991b). Simply put, when things happen differently from what we expected, we will have to generate an emotion to respond to this state. Neuroscience research shows that emotions not only originate from the neural activity of the brain but also different emotions show very different neural activity patterns. The appearance of this emotion is not necessarily negative, or we can say it is a necessary process. This emotional change has become a clearer intention for our perception of things.

 The relationship between emotion & Value

In daily life, we have many various values around, and these values also change as time and space flow. These values are like millions of stars floating up and down in the universe. We identify with their existence, but we don’t necessarily step on the same page immediately. And when we are chasing for a value, identification is not the main reason that drives us to get close to it. The empathy of value is the real driving force for us to pursue this value. Take a broad example, such as the “prohibition of child labor.” I think this is a value that most people “identify” and also think it is correct. However, identifying with this matter does not stimulate action, and is usually a static state. But if you can imagine, there is a thin and haggard child mining with bare hands in an environment without any protector just right in front of me, my heart must be affected by a strong impact at this moment, the one who has calm with a value of me will turn into very narrow emotion, and the power of grief driven to plunge into this mine immediately to lift this child out of the dangerous environment. My emotional changes give me a strong connection and empathy with the value, and action is being motivated.

Maybe you once felt that emotions are like the unconscious appearance of reflex actions, but in fact, emotions are deliberately imported. Emotion itself is a unique conscious experience. It is a combination of experience, evaluation, and motivation. When we create an extraordinary value, we also need a driving force to make our emotions change and then generate resonance and action. IDL[ Infobahn Design Lab ], the talent team I belong to. I’m very proud of our team can usually innovate such unique value with a very delicate perspective and insight. To deliver incredible value to people, I believe that emotion is the major backstage driving force. In the next step, I will be challenged by the method of how do we create emotional change as a driving force. Excited?

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