2024.7/6-7/7 @ NASU UTOPIA
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- Early bird ticket sales start from April 4th to June 15th! - To maintain a comfortable capacity, early bird sales will end on June 15th. In case the ticket limit is reached, invitations will be required.
- What is ZIPANG ART EDITION? - "ZIPANG ART EDITION" is an Integrated Resort Festival held at the nature-rich Royal Resort "Nasu Kogen," famous as a summer retreat for the imperial family since 2022. The festival features music, art, outdoor activities, saunas, and more.
The venue, 'NASU UTOPIA,' is a former elementary school curated and art-renovated by ZIPANG. The school classrooms exhibit works of artists associated with ZIPANG, and in the schoolyard, you can enjoy saunas, camping, bonfires, and more. The nostalgic atmosphere of the former elementary school intersects with avant-garde contemporary art, creating a unique location that both children and adults can enjoy. It is gaining attention as a one-of-a-kind location that fosters community interaction and revitalizes the region through party culture.

2024.7/6-7/7 @ 那须乌托邦

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- 4月4日至6月15日开售早鸟票! - 为了保持舒适的容纳能力,早鸟销售将于6月15日结束。如果达到票数上限,将需要邀请。
- ZIPANG ART EDITION是什么? - "ZIPANG ART EDITION"是一个自然丰富的皇家度假胜地“那须高原”自2022年以来举办的综合型度假音乐艺术节,以皇室的避暑地而闻名。该节目包括音乐、艺术、户外活动、桑拿等。
场地“NASU UTOPIA”是ZIPANG策划并进行艺术改造的一所小学。学校的教室里展示了与ZIPANG相关的艺术家的作品,而在校园里,您可以享受桑拿、露营、篝火等。这所前小学的怀旧氛围与前卫的当代艺术交汇,创造出一个独特的地点,使儿童和成年人都能享受其中。它以促进社区互动并通过派对文化激活地区而备受关注。

Exhibition using classrooms  利用教室的展览 (Lìyòng jiàoshì de zhǎnlǎn)

- Music Content -

In the club area, renovated from a staff room, and the sauna area featuring saunas transformed from containers, you can experience various genres of music, including dance music, live performances, and low-fi. This year, there is even more enhancement, and at the Sunday After Party, ZIPANG's festival man, ZEN○, will present a foam party with a bubble machine. Don't forget to bring your swimsuit!
The headliners in the First Lineup include the Anniversary set of Boss KATSU ARAI, celebrating his 30th year as a DJ active in Utsunomiya and Tokyo, the highly anticipated female DJ Suimin, who completes nearly 200 gigs per year at the forefront, and the credited psychedelic jam band digda, one of the top in the country. The ongoing booking process reflects ZIPANG's characteristic variety and diversity.

- 音乐内容 -

第一阵容的主演包括宇都宫的老板KATSU ARAI的周年庆典套装,他在宇都宫和东京活跃了30年的DJ,备受瞩目的女性DJ Suimin,她每年在最前线完成近200场演出,以及被认可的国内顶级迷幻爵士乐队digda。正在进行的预订过程反映了ZIPANG特有的多样性和丰富性。

- Art Content -
Last year, the installation art group "MIRRORBOWLER," which transformed the gymnasium into a planetarium space with installations inspired by the Japanese mythological deity Amaterasu, will create sauna area installations at the Japanese garden with the theme "Glowing Japanese Garden." These installations can be enjoyed while experiencing the sauna.

The venue's decoration will feature the indispensable spatial design of Oshima Elec, and there are plans for live painting by SIGHTRIP and various artist exhibitions, adding to the artistic ambiance of ZIPANG.

- 艺术内容 -
去年,以日本神话中的天照大神为灵感的装置艺术团体“MIRRORBOWLER”将体育馆改造成天文馆空间。他们今年将在日本庭园的桑拿区创建主题为“Glowing Japanese Garden(璀璨的日本庭园)”的装置艺术,可以在桑拿中欣赏。
会场的装饰将展示不可或缺的空间设计,由Oshima Elec総業负责,还计划有SIGHTRIP的现场绘画以及各种艺术家的展览,为ZIPANG的艺术氛围增添了更多元的元素。


-Other Unique Content-

Guests of all ages and diverse backgrounds can enjoy a variety of unique content at ZIPANG! The sauna area features two high-performance saunas, one for a large number of people and another equipped with wood and electric stoves. Additionally, workshops suitable for families are also scheduled to be held, so stay tuned for more enjoyment!