Yamanashi Lovers

Yamanashi Lovers


    Snow snow snow!

    We had a snowy day!! It was cold but very fun. Love the scenery with snow. Yamanashi doesn't have much snow, so when it happens we are very happy and excited to see snow!! 

      • Bean Festival

        Japan has many unique events. In February, we have a Bean Festival. It's held on February 3rd, the last day of winter. It's still super cold, but it is considered as the last day of winter on the calendar. It's held to pray for our happy an

        • Have you tried Ox tongue?

          Yamanashi has many great restaurants.  They have many delicious dishes to offer. Ox tongue is healthy and delicious. I enjoyed Ox tongue dishes in many different way. My favorite one was Ox tongue shabu shabu. Have you heard of Shabu shab

          • Favorite Ramen in Yamanashi

            Here are my three recommended ramen in Yamanashi. The first is Chinese soba in Horaiken. The meat is Char siu its so thick and delicious. This ramen is light compared to others so you can eat as many as you like. The Second is Miso ramen


            Yakitori night

            Love Yamanashi

            Hello. We are the home of Mt. Fuji.  Yamanashi is a beautiful place,  famous for hot springs and many different kinds fruits. Such as peaches, grapes, cherries and much more. We would like to share the great places and scenery with you. If