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Lv.2 The universe

1. A: Why can we see the World Cup which is held in South African on TV?     B: That's because we have (           ) in space.   1. signature  …

Lv.1 Transport

1. A: Welcome to Japan, Kelly! How was your (            )?     B: Fine, but I'm a little tired. I couldn't sleep very well on the plane.   1. shr…

LinguaLive Lv. 1 20200929 単語予習・復習

20200929開催のリンガライブに向けて、単語を予習しましょう! リンガライブ後も単語を復習してしっかりと身につけていきましょう! Here are keywords for this week's L…

LinguaLive Lv.2 20200929

Take a moment to read the following. How was that? Frustrating? Slow? What were those sentences about? They're actually a simulation of the experience of dyslex…

Lv.2 People

1. In many countries throughout the world, it is the (           ) for people to shake hands when they meet for the first time.   1. custom   2…

Lv.1 Food and culture

1. A: Would you like some more juice, Bob? Your glass is (           ).    B: Yes, please.   1. empty   2. full   3. busy   4. open グラ…