We, Save Women’s Space JP, are a group that……

We, Save Women’s Space JP, are a group that……

We, Save Women’s Space JP, are a group that questions whether the new LGBT law should allow males who self-identify as women to use female-sex spaces such as toilets and public baths, and calls for a full parliamentary debate on the issue of gender identity.

🟣Prospectus Summary

🟢 1. We want to maintain female-only spaces that women for generations fought for with blood, sweat and tears.

🟢 2. We believe that respecting both masculine women and feminine men as they are is a way of recognizing sexual diversity.

🟢 3. We want the public to know that the provision of the concept and assertion of "gender identity" is new and is not an extension of the "Law on the Special Treatment of Gender Identity Disorder"

🟢 4. We are concerned that even a conceptual law that states "respect for gender identity" in it, could be interpreted to allow males who identify as females to enter women's spaces, and will in effect make it easier for all men who dress as women to enter women's spaces.

🟢 5. We ask that the conflicts between the legal interests of biological women and those who self-identify as women, caused by the "respect" of the gender identity of "women" in the LGBT Bill, be carefully scrutinized.

🟢 6. There are many issues related to "gender identity" such as DV shelters, women's sports, women's universities, and "women's quotas" analogous to equal numbers of men and women in politics. Stimulating a broad public debate, we call for a pause and for a full parliamentary debate to take place.

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Keren Howard/Amie Ichikawa/Susan Care/Tim Darlington/Josephine Hewlett/Alex Bloodfire/Johann Hobson/Nicola H./Barbara Bull


・Keren Howard
 Good luck with your fight in NZ!

・Amie Ichikawa
 I can only imagine how many more challenges you are faced with in Japan. I am so inspired by all of you.

・Susan Care
 Women should not be subjected to biological males in spaces that were meant for women and girls. Any man who wants this is a danger to women and children.

・Tim Darlington
 Having seen the effect of recognising gender identity in my own country, I wish you every success in protecting female-only spaces in 日本.

・Josephine Hewlett
 Women must not be told to give up their single sex spaces.

・Alex Bloodfire
 Save Women's Spaces!
 LGBTQ Organisations have no right to write off Women Only Spaces!

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