New House Exhibition - 今週のハウス新譜チェック 5.30-5.31

ハウスミュージックラウンジ「秋葉原住宅」棟梁のspinn.teramotoがその年の新譜をチェックしご紹介する世界の新築ハウスの展示場、「Antenna 2020」。毎週土曜日は「いつものアーティスト・いつものレーベルの新譜チェック」、そして日曜日は「いつもと違うジャンルやアーティストを探る」という方針でチェックしています。

The master of the house music lounge "Akihabara Jutaku (Akihabara Housing, Ltd.)", spinn.teramoto, checks out and introduces the new music of the year at "Antenna 2020", an exhibition space for new house music from around the world. Every Saturday, I check out the new releases from my usual artists and labels, and on Sundays, I explore different genres and artists.


I'm going to show you all the songs that I've actually downloaded and purchased. These songs were chosen in a serious competition. Let's take a look at it right away!

1. David Bailey - Get Your Body Down to The Floor (Crackazat remix) [feat. Shezar & Jaybay]

いきなり秒で最高な曲きちゃった。ロンドンのMakin' Movesからリリースされた、スウェーデンの粋人Crackazatのリミックスによる歌物ハウスです。きらめくピアノリフとサックスが素敵。

Suddenly, I heard the best song in seconds. A song house remixed by Swedish dapper Crackazat, released by London's Makin' Moves. The glittering piano riffs and saxophone are lovely.

2. Silvia Zaragoza & Francois A. Feat Carla Prather - Body Language (Demarkus Lewis Remix)

ヒサ・イシオカさんが率いるKing StreetのサブレーベルStreet KingのIBIZAコンピに収録されてた、こちらのDemarkus Lewisリミックス曲も最高です。4月にはリリースされてたのに、見逃してた…。今週出会えて良かった。

This Demarkus Lewis remix from IBIZA compilation by Street King, a sub-label of King Street Sounds,  led by Hisa Isioka, is also great. It was released back in April, but I missed it... I'm glad we met here.

3. Finest Wear - That 90s Groove

曲名からしてヤバさ感じた。シカゴの老舗Large Musicからリリースされたのは、イギリスのアーティストFinest Wearで「That 90's Groove」。単なる懐古じゃなく、しっかり現代的な音像になってるのが嬉しい。

The name of the song made me feel high. Released by Chicago's venerable Large Music is "That 90's Groove" by British artist Finest Wear. I'm glad that it's not just nostalgia, but a solid modern sound image.

4. DJOKO - Facettes

英ウェールズのShall Not Fadeからリリースされたのは、ドイツ・ケルンのアーティストのDjokoで「Facettes」。この澄んだ音像が小気味いいです。

Released by Shall Not Fade in Wales is "Facettes" by German Cologne artist Djoko. This clear sound image is satisfying.

5. Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Bruk

ここからは、新たな住宅との出会いを求めて彷徨う、日曜日の新譜チェックです。きょうの1曲目は2019年産なのですが、bandcamp経由で知った英ブライトンのレコードショップTru Thoughtsからリリースされた、フランス人デュオの曲です。趣味が良すぎる素敵ハウス。

From here, I'll be wandering around in search of new encounters to check out the new house music on Sunday. Today's first song is from 2019, but it's from a French duo released by Tru Thoughts, a record shop in Brighton, England that I learned about via bandcamp. A nice house with too good taste.

6. Saison - The Art of Optimism

Future Discoってレーベル名からして期待が高まるこちらは、ロンドンの2人組Sasionで「The Art of Optimism」。いまの世界状況を踏まえた、胸が締めつけられるような優しさが伝わってくる「楽観術」。嬉しい曲です。

Just hearing the label name "Future Disco" raises expectations for this song, and this is London duo Sasion's "The Art of Optimism". It's a heartbreakingly tender "optimistic" approach to the current world situation. It is a joyous song.

7. Malaa - OCB (FRATTA Remix)

僕がいつも買うか買わないかギリギリで迷うことの多いFuture Houseの棚だけど、これは試聴して即買いでした。ベンドするリフレインはシンセウェーブ的にも解釈できるし、ディープの文脈でもいいスパイスになりそう。EDM系の曲の短さはハウスmixにとっては場面転換にも良いよね。

I'm always on the fence about whether to buy a Future House track or not, but this one was the rare one I heard and bought immediately. The shortness of EDM songs is also a good scene changer for house mixes, as the bend refrain can be interpreted as synthwave, and the deep context is a good spice.

8. Hoved & Juliette Claire - Better Run

今週はFuture House棚でもう1曲、歌物でいいのに出会えました。夏の熱い日差しの下で、こういう曲をスコーンとかけたら気持ちよさそう。

This week I came across one more song on the Future House shelf, a good one in a sing-along. It would feel good to play this kind of music under the hot summer sunshine.

9. Space Ghost - Prayer For U

今週はこれが最後の曲かな。Jimpsterの4月チャートに入ってた曲で、カリフォルニア州オークランド出身のSpace Ghostの「Prayer For U」。こういうシンセウェーブ味のあるキラキラ曲、たまらなく好きですね…。

This is probably the last song of the week, "Prayer For U" by Space Ghost from Oakland, CA, which was on Jimpster's April chart. I can't wait to hear this kind of synth-wave, sparkling song...

【This Week's 1-pick】Nikitch & Kuna Maze - Bruk


Of all the songs I encountered this week, the one that made me the most happy was "Bruk". The mood of the jazz is pleasant and the dynamic development is thrilling. I thought it was a song with a deep flavor that I could listen to forever and always feel fresh.

2020年のハウスミュージック新譜はこちらから!(Here's the new house music for 2020!)


Here's the playlist I've been accumulating by picking up this year's new songs in the name of  "Akihabara Jutaku (Akihabara Housing, Ltd.)". At the moment, we have collected 116 songs.


Listening to it on Spotify should also lead to income for each artist (albeit only slightly). If you're a house lover, be sure to check out this playlist as well. Thank you very much.

それではまた来週お会いしましょう。So I'll see you next week.

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