Where is the UK going after Brexit? /英国のEU離脱に改めて思うこと

Two weeks have passed since Brexit happened.  I know I'm a little late blogging, but I wanna share my feelings about this.

As you know, the UK eventually withdrawn from the EU at 11:00 pm on January 31st (UK time; 0:00 am on February 1st in Belgium time) . Then this country entered the transition period which lasts by the end of this year, so visible effects of Brexit will appear next year.

In order to feel and memorise this historical day, I went to the centre of London on the day. Parliament Square was really crowded with people gathering for celebration of Brexit, because"Leave means leave", which is the pro-Brexit group announced to host its commemorative event. In my view, the elderly people were popular among participants and in terms of characteristics, people in middle or low-income class seemed to be popular.  


I was very surprised to see such a crowd of people, for there were few students supporting Brexit in my university and almost all said this was disappointing. However, it looked like that participants couldn't help waiting for Brexit.

Finally, they started to count down to the exit of the UK from the EU and it exactly happened. 

The most impressive thing for me about that is a crying old man while shouting "We're OUT!" I cannot reckon what he felt, but I suppose his mind flashed back to the period when the UK hadn't yet joined the EU.

I don't know where the UK is going to reach. There are no low-hanging fruits for carrying out the acceptable exit, though, wherever this country would like to go, the British politicians should devote themselves to shrink the gap between "Somewhere" and "Anywhere"(Goodhart, 2017, The Road to Somewhere).  When we regard Brexit as the conflict regarding value among social groups, this may bring about meaningful implications to us.



とはいえ、以後教科書にも載るであろうこの歴史的な日を目に焼き付けるため、ロンドン中心部のParliament Square(ビッグベンやウエストミンスター寺院の近辺にある広場)にてEU離脱賛成派(Leave means leave「離脱は離脱だ」)が主催する、離脱を祝うイベントに参加することにしました。会場となった広場に到着すると、そこは大勢の人で埋め尽くされていました。参加者は比較的高齢の方、また中・低所得者の方が大半であるという印象を受けました。






イギリスの大学院にて開発学を勉強中。英語でアウトプットする練習も兼ねて、感じたことを発信します。 I'm a postgrad in the UK. I would like to practice English while sharing my thoughts.
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①Reason for withdrawal {Slovakia} etc. is [baggage]
(2) Withdraw before corona19 spreads by chance
③ Declined UK strategy to regain [former glory]
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