How to read people's mind by using colors

I am pleased to announce that I will be releasing the entire text of "Color mind reading”: How to read people’s mind by using colors," published in 2013 for free.

This book was published seven years ago and has been picked up by many people since then, but unfortunately, the publisher went bankrupt and the book is now difficult to find in bookstores or online.

I thought it would be a waste to leave the contents lying around, so I decided to publish it in its entirety.

What you need to know about the contents

The contents are as of 2013. In the past, there was an unspoken understanding that school bags should be black for boys and red for girls, but nowadays, colorful school bags such as purple, green, and pink are commonplace and the common understanding of colors changes with the times.

In keeping with the atmosphere of the time that "dry expressions are more interesting", I dared to emphasize the negative aspects of 13 colors. I hope you will feel that everyone is very human and lovable because of their weaknesses, just as there is nobody in the world who have only strengths.

Decisive type
Outstanding presence! The leading type who attracts people with their gorgeous aura




Creative type
Loves to dream! The type that values their own sensibilities




The type who travels in search of a place where you can fully express your sensibilities.
They love to have fun and dream. They are very selfish, but also very honest about their dreams and ideals.

Harmonious type
Able to be there for others! Kind and humble type with a spirit of service




A kind type who always care about others. They can't leave a person who is listless or alone. They are always willing to talk to and care for others. They are also the type of people who always want to be close to someone.

Down-to-earth type
Focus on safety and stability! Solid type with feet on the ground




This type has a secure appearance and attitude. Because they are able to moderate themselves, they follow the rules of society and maintain a regular lifestyle. They are always concerned about what others think of them and what the world thinks of them. Basically, they dislike change and want to live in a stable environment.

White (Decisive type + Creative type + Harmonious type + Down-to-earth type)



“I want to know what the person in front of me is really thinking...”

There are moments when you desperately wish you could read someone's true feelings or message of the day. Whether in business or private life.

For example, how will the others challenge you in a negotiation that you don't want to miss?
What are the views on love and marriage of the girl you fell in love with at first sight at the matchmaking party?
How should I communicate with the new employee?

There's a great way to get to know your partner better when you can't ask them directly what they really think.

It's called...

"Look at the colors they have!”


I'll say it again.

"Look at the color they have!” There is no doubt about it.

The colors of the fashion and accessories of the person who show up in front of you are the colors they have chosen, whether consciously or unconsciously. Even if we don't say anything, even if we hide our true feelings, the message of the color will inevitably be conveyed.

By simply reading the unique message of the color, we can get closer to the person's true feelings and message of the day.

“But what are the unique messages of colors?”

Well, let's start with your own color choices. Are there colors that you like to wear all the time, or are there colors that you have a strong sense of rejection for?

Everyone has their own favorite and dislike colors. So where do our likes and dislikes of colors come from?

The truth is that colors have a unique message that many people receive as the same meaning. We feel whether or not that message fits us as our likes and dislikes for that color.

Let me give you a concrete example of this.

Steve Jobs who thoroughly pursue to black fashion

For example, the color "black" has a unique message of "dignity" and "charisma”. It has a quiet but strong presence and a stubborn individuality that cannot be dyed by any color.

It was Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, who made a strong impression on the world with his brand in "black" fashion. He always wore a black turtleneck, jeans, and sneakers when he gave product presentations. This style of presentation must have left a strong impression on everyone.

If you think about it, a black turtleneck is a very common and ordinary fashion item that doesn't have much to say. However, once Steve Jobs takes charge of it, the unique message of black is maximized and it shines like magic.

Steve Jobs used the exciting aspects of "black" such as "secretive" and "devilish" to his advantage, and skillfully made his own statement with his smile, presentation skills, and fashion style. His philosopher-like appearance also made the effect even more powerful.

As a result, his presence becomes the one and only. He continued to convey Apple's message of "Think Different" by maintaining a unity of image to the point where the only other option was the black turtleneck and no other color would do.

Black is also a color that can create a strong image, but can also be used to literally play black in front of Apple's products.

When Steve Jobs held a product, the color of the product would stand out clearly against the black background without any other colors interfering with it, making it look more beautiful and shining. All are probably a well-calculated method of Mr. Jobs' direction.

By understanding the unique message of colors, we can understand the personality of the people around us and their deep psychology. If we understand these things, we will be able to communicate better, won't we?

This is made possible by the "Color mind reading Mind Technique" introduced in this book. “Color mind reading” is a method of reading a person's mind through the "colors" they wear.

For example, how can you have a good relationship with someone who actively wears black, like Steve Jobs?

In fact, people who wear black do not place much importance on communication with others. This is because the inherent message of "black" is “independence” and “solitude”. It's obvious that people who don't like to be in groups won't respond to a big smile and an invitation to get to know each other.

If you want to be liked by someone who wears "black," you should accept their way of thinking from the beginning and try to accommodate them.

If you do this, their expression of “loneliness” will loosen up and they will take a liking to you. In other words, it will be just right if you say, "I admire you for being such a loner. I admire you a little.”

The values of people who wear only pink are the opposite of people who wear black

On the other hand, do you know someone around you whose accessories and clothes are all “pink”? The truth is that “pink” is the opposite of black in terms of values and thinking about relationships.

This is because people who wear “pink” place the highest importance on communication with others. The unique message of "pink" is "kindness" and "love". They place great value on having themselves treated as princesses or princes, instead of pouring out kindness and love to those around them.

For example, the actress Megumi Yasu. She has a very strong image of "pink”. Her smile is soft and gentle, her voice and fashion are very sweet. Also, she has an air of fluffiness about her. She also has an image of being "kind" to everyone. She seems to be very devoted and affectionate to others. The type can make others misunderstand, "Do you love me?”

As you know, she is married now and I can understand why she was chosen as the number one ranking of men who want to get married.

However, the kindness of "pink" also has the connotation of calculating kindness. The more kind you are to others, the more kindness you demand from them.

By the way, Megumi Yasu, despite her gentle smile and soft atmosphere, is sometimes said to not know what is really going through her mind, she is smiling but her eyes are not or that she is acting like a heroine. This is because the color “pink” has such connotations in its inherent image.

If you send a message "Why don't you become more independent?” or "Why don't you become more independent?”, they just listen with smiling.
This is because “pink” people are the type of people who deepen their communication with others by confirming their love for each other.

If you want to be liked by people who wear “pink”, you should respond to their “kindness” which can sometimes be annoying, by saying, "You are really kind.” If you keep doing this, before you know it, the person may become your fan.

In this way, by analyzing the color a person chooses, you can understand his or her personality and behavioral patterns. In other words, “The colors say more than the words.” “Color mind reading” is a method of reading other people's minds by using the messages received from colors and using them in communication.

Why am I able to share the message of “Color mind reading?”

Now, why am I able to share this kind of "Color mind reading" with you? I'd like to briefly introduce myself.

I've been involved in the color business for more than 10 years.
After graduating from university, I worked as a secretary to the president and then spent one year abroad in Germany and three years in China, where I refined my Western and Eastern color senses.
After returning to Japan, I mastered all aspects of color science and established my own company, Shikisaisya. Then I provide practical corporate training and seminars using color.

At the same time, I developed a diagnosis system using color type maps based on color psychology and now I offer instructor training courses for learning everything from self-analysis to communication using color.

Living in a country other than Japan has given me a global perspective on color. Different countries have different ways of perceiving color. But on the other hand, I also strongly felt the message of colors that are common across countries. This experience has been very useful to me in my current job as a color business consultant.

Through this color business, I have analyzed the personalities of more than 10,000 people so far. Now, just by taking a glance at someone, I see through their colors what they really want to keep hidden.

If you use "Color mind reading," you will be able to develop very good communication skills.

“I want to know the person's mind!”
For that, here you go.

"I can't get along with that person...”
Your problems will disappear.

So, let's get started with the lesson.

Chapter 1: Color carries a message that is common to all people

No matter how hard you try to hide it, the color message gets through.

When we choose colors, what are the criteria and how do we choose them?

The colors we pick up somehow reflect our unconscious mind's movements and emotions. The colors you choose consciously reflect your desire to use the message well.

Let's say you're in a clothing store and you're walking slowly through the store.

At that moment, there are colors that make you feel like, "I don't like this color..." and there are colors that make you feel like "I feel excited when I wear this color!”

The reason why you feel this way is because your feeling is expressed in the color. Colors are the visible manifestation of our mind and we inevitably choose the colors that their state of mind desires.

Therefore, you can tell a person's state of mind by looking at the fashion they are wearing. In other words, you can consciously use the messages of colors to convey your feelings to others.

In fact, I am often surprised when people I meet for the first time ask me, "How can you know so much about my personality and behavior patterns?”

This is because the mind of the person in front of me is transmitted to me in the form of colors. Even if you try to hide it, the message of the color you are wearing is transmitted to the other person. This is what "Color mind reading" is all about.

The color of the leader of a "superhero series" is always the same

Here is a simple example of how we all share a common understanding of color. It is the warriors of the "superhero series" which you may be familiar with.

The superhero series is a special effect show in which warriors belonging to a superhero work together to fight a huge evil organization in order to protect the peace of the world. Didn't you also watch the TV shows like crazy when you were little?

As the series has gone on, the colors of the warriors have increased but in "Himitsu Sentai Goranger," which aired in 1975, the roles were color-coded and the characters were set in five colors: “red”, “blue”, “yellow”, “green” and “pink”. If you think of the colors of the superhero series, everyone will naturally know that the warriors of these colors are supposed to play these roles.

As you know, “Red” is the color of a leader. Though it is the most conspicuous or prudent color, it has the image of a man of action who leads others. The "blue" and "green" warriors who are calm and sensible play the role of suppressing the dynamic and unpredictable "red”.

On the other hand, the "yellow" warriors are the mood makers of the superhero. They often ignore their own situation and play the role of the unpredictable, but they are loved and liked by everyone. And "Pink", the redhead of the superhero, is portrayed as the heroine who becomes "Red's" girlfriend.

This way of matching colors and roles and acting them out is a major feature of the superhero series. The fact that subsequent superhero series have continued to follow the basic color-coded roles confirms that we all have a common image of each color. In other words, “red” has been adopted as the color of leaders because of the common image we have of “red”.

Why do politicians want to wear “red” ties?

As I mentioned earlier, ”red” is the type of leader who likes to stand out and is not very careful, but who has the ability to take action and lead others. In fact, the people around you who wear "red" in some way are that type of person, aren't they?

There was a person I met once who was like this.

She was a person who wore all her accessories in “red”. Her dress was a simple gray but everything from her necklace to her shoes was “red”. Even the cell phone, notebook and pen case that she took out of her bag were all bright “red”. It was a parade of “red” that was so pleasant to look at.

“Red” is a color that people who want to show off and stand out want to have. For example, people like Erika Sawajiri and Ryoko Yonekura.

The person who was dance instructors and loved to stand out. It seems that she naturally becomes self-centered in the position. Her actions and statements were clear and unpretentious.

Another person who often wears “red” is a politician who is required to have leadership and decisiveness. They often wear “red” ties in TV debates.

In recent years, “red” has become a common color for leadership and most politicians wear “red” ties regardless of TPO. It's a little disgusting to watch. In fact, it would be safer to use "red" only when you are on the verge of victory.

By the way, the reason why politicians started wearing “red” ties has its roots in the American presidential election.

The American presidential election is famous for the televised debates between the presidential candidates. It is said that President JFK wore a dark blue suit and a “red” tie to this debate to show his youthfulness, even though it was on a black and white TV.

Nixon, his opponent in the debate, was outdone by the strong presence of the “red” tie that Kennedy wore. Needless to say, Kennedy gained the upper hand after this televised debate.

People can't lie in front of a police officer's "blue" uniform

“Blue” is also the color of the sub-leaders in the squadron series I mentioned earlier. This color sends out messages of "calmness", "common sense" and "stoicism”.

The image of this color is that of Shizuka Arakawa, the professional figure skater who won the gold medal at the 2006 Torino Olympics. She captivated the world with her sophisticated and beautiful Ina Bauer performance and her beautiful bright blue and light blue costume, but she was "calm" and "serious" when she answered interviews. In front of Mr. Arakawa, goofing around is strictly forbidden. If I were to joke around in a careless manner, I would get angry.

In fact, “blue” not only has the psychological image of emphasizing social rules and common sense, but also has the image of forcing others to do so.

Well, what are some of the things that make us feel that way?

Yes, the color of the police uniform.

Japanese police uniforms are “navy blue”. Also, it is “dark blue” as close to “black” as possible. It's as if we are being told to "follow the rules", and in front of this uniform I feel that no excuse will work.

Of course, even if I wanted to lie, I would feel as if the other person was saying the right thing, so I would feel as if my lie would be seen through. Even if a police officer is lying, it seems to be quite difficult to detect it.

Then, what if the color of the policeman's uniform is "red"...?

It would be impossible to discuss the matter calmly. On the contrary, it would be impossible to have a calm discussion with the other party. “Yellow” is a bit too light and “pink” is likely to make the other party lick you. Police officers wear “blue” because it is their job to maintain order.

By the way, there are people around you who like to wear “blue”, don't you? Those people are probably stoic and thin in appearance. I have not seen many people who wear “blue” who are overweight. In fact, color can affect a person's system.

Being a doctor in a white coat, I can accept the declaration of life

What image comes to your mind when you see "white"?

Cleanliness", "innocence", "purity", "correctness", and "beauty" are just some of the phrases that come to mind. This is exactly the message that can be read from "white.

At first glance, “white” seems to be a color that accepts anything and everything. However, it appears to be accepting of opinions, but actually it has a policy of consistency in its own opinions, and it has an aspect of sticking to its beliefs. It also has such a strong power to paint all colors “pure white”.

Another image is “high ideals”.

“White" has the image of a fastidious pursuit of perfection. People who like to wear "white" fashion, which represents "strong will", may have the impression that they are "fastidious people who do not compromise".

By the way, speaking of "white" fashion, doctors wear lab coats. The image we get from doctors in lab coats is that they listen to our opinions but are not influenced by our emotions and that they are absolute beings that must not be violated.

Even if you were told by a doctor that you were going to die, you would feel compelled to obey because the doctor is wearing “white”. This opinion won’t change and you feel receive holy oracle.

This is also a result of the psychological effect of “white” which is that it is “not influenced by emotions”.

There is a hidden meaning behind the pure white wedding dress

When you hear the word "white", the fashion that comes to mind is a pure white wedding dress.

The wedding dress is said to represent purity and purity of heart, but don't be blinded by the purity of being dyed in the color of your partner. “White” is what hides the true meaning behind it.

“White" hides the true heart. That is what a pure white wedding dress is all about.

Therefore, the bride's true feelings cannot be seen through a pure white wedding dress. Rather, if you want to find out the bride's true feelings, you should pay attention to the color of the other dress.

If the color of the dress is “red”, the groom might as well give up on being a good husband.

This is because “red” is the color of "I am the hero”. The groom may want to give up the idea of being the husband. But that is one form of happiness....

If the color of the dress is “pink”, the groom should always treat the bride as a woman and celebrate the anniversary together. Also, be aware that a little sulking and cute sweetness can turn into jealousy to the point of annoying the groom.

The bride who chooses the “pink” dress will enjoy the process of choosing the wedding venue and making a list of the people to invite. Even after the wedding is over and she returns from her honeymoon, she will still enjoy the aftermath of the wedding. She will not forget to enlarge the photos of the two of you at the resort and hang them in the living room of her new home.

This is the kind of romantic person who wants to keep dreaming forever.

Thus, by looking at the color of the dress for the re-coloring, we can understand the bride's true feelings. Please check it out by referring to the characteristics of each color in Chapter 3.
It's all about the color.

Why Judges' Clothes must be Black

What kind of image does the color "black" give you?

That person near you who likes to wear only black clothes.... Do you have an image of someone who is very independent and somewhat unapproachable? Don't you have that image?

One celebrity who often wears the color black in his private life is Ichiro. He always demands perfection in his work and he demands perfection from those around him.

That's why he is truly a person of great ability, but he is also the type of person who would be exhausting to be around. He doesn't seem to be able to take part in silly jokes and doesn't seem to get along well.

Also, when he is concentrating, he gives off a tense atmosphere and is a little hard to get close to. “Black" has such an image.

Now, the people who work in this “black” fashion are judges. There are times when the inside of a courtroom is introduced on TV and as you can see, the “black” gives a sense of dignity.

This is not the only reason why judges wear “black".

They wear “black” to send a strong message that their judgments are not influenced by orders from others other than the law or by money. Furthermore, the psychological effect of being admonished by a judge wearing perfect and indisputable "black" clothes is also significant. The best way to make the defendant realize the magnitude of his crime is to wear “black”.

If the judge were to wear “yellow”, the trial would be too light. There would be no weight at all and the defendant would stop listening to the judge. The verdict would have no weight at all and the accused would not be able to fully realize the gravity of the crime.

Judges wear "black" clothes because their opinions are absolute.

Purple, an image of luxury cosmetics

What kind of image do you have of the color “purple”?

“Fascinating", "mysterious" and "unworldly".... In any case, I think there are many people who have an uncommon image of purple. There are also many people who feel that it is a mysterious, elusive and bewitching color. We have a common image of “purple” as a color that expresses the extraordinary rather than the ordinary.

Speaking of celebrities who often wear “purple”, Akihiro Miwa comes to mind. His unique hair style, fashion and atmosphere. All convey a thorough sense of beauty. His everything is like "living art”. What can be read from this is an obsession and commitment to beauty that no one can ever imitate.

Then, take a good look at the world. You will notice that there is not much exposure of "purple" in stores that deal with daily life items.

For example, “purple” is not used in the interior of the family restaurant. Mugs, plates and other items are often colored in “beige”, “white” or “brown”, which are far from “purple”.

“Purple” is a color that asserts too much "particularity" and "individuality" and is therefore not appropriate for daily use or in wholesome places. This is because “purple” is a color that represents values that are distinct from the mundane world, such as "spirituality" and "aesthetics”.

In this way, the color "purple" expresses the extraordinary. This is why manufacturers of everyday items such as cell phones and home appliances are unlikely to choose “purple” as their corporate color.

So, do you know what industries use “purple” a lot?

That's right. The cosmetics industry.

Purple is feminine and has long been associated with nobility and luxury. That's why “purple” is often used as a color for exclusive cosmetics. The beauty of the “purple” container makes me swoon.

When you use “purple”, the psychological image of “purple” comes into play, making you feel that the serum or whatever it is will be very effective. The cosmetics industry and "purple" go together very well.

And “purple” can express the image of out of my league. The mysterious "purple" is perfect for something that is "special" and "out-of-this-world" beautiful.

Classic rivals are always "red" and "blue"

Just like the aforementioned division of roles in superhero, there are also colors that represent rivalry.

For example, "red" and "blue". In Japan, it has been established since childhood that "red" is the color of girls and "blue" is the color of boys. So, the colors represent the relationship between the two.

When I introduced them in the superhero series, I told you that "red" is the active and ditzy type, and "blue" is the calm but uninteresting type.

These two colors can be the best partners if they cooperate with each other, but in fact, they also represent rivalry.

In other words, a company whose corporate colors are “red” and “blue” in a certain industry can be seen as a rivalry.

For example, the banking industry. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ's corporate color is “red”. On the other hand, Mizuho Bank's corporate color is “blue”.

The same goes for the airline industry. If Japan Airlines (JAL) chooses “red” as its corporate color, All Nippon Airways (ANA), a late entrant, chooses “blue”.

When one competitor chooses “red”, the other competitor always chooses “blue”. This kind of color pairing was the orthodox way to corporate colors until recently.

Facebook's "blue" and mixi's "orange”

If you look at corporate websites on the Internet, you will often see that they use a lot of “blue”.

Why do so many companies use "blue"?

The reason is that “blue” is a color that expresses “trust” which is more appropriate for business than colors such as “purple” and “yellow” which prioritize “individuality” and “fun” over common sense. In business, "trust" and "accuracy" are very important, especially in large companies.

For example, the electrical equipment manufacturers Panasonic and IBM use “blue” which represents "trust" and "accuracy" as the perfect color to send out their corporate messages.

Other companies such as financial institutions, professional firms and NPOs also use “blue” strategically because "trust" and "accuracy" are the most important messages. Because of this psychological effect, many companies have adopted “blue” as their corporate color.

Facebook, a social network service (SNS), also uses “blue” as its corporate color, even though it is a new business style of SNS. As mentioned above, “blue” is a color that represents “trust”, “accuracy” and “sincerity”. Since the registration screen is “blue”, it has the psychological effect of making it difficult to write lies. It is a perfect color for Facebook where people exchange information using their real names.

On the other hand, “orange” is used for mixi, a social networking service, which is different from Facebook in that it allows users to post messages using nicknames, giving it a friendly and fun. “Orange” which evokes a sense of “friendship” and “sociability” leads to the excitement of creating a community.

Also, the act of posting diaries and photos goes well with "orange". “Orange" has the keywords "cheerful", "sociable", "nosy" and "unpretentious". mixi is a tool to keep track of your daily life and introduce your interests and loved ones. “Orange” is a color that is easy to relate to and can be used to communicate with others.

This is a typical example of how a social networking company choose different colors depending on what they want to promote.

”Light blue" which is popular with everyone and "red" which makes enemies

Also, the act of posting diaries and photos goes well with "orange". “Orange" has the keywords "cheerful", "sociable", "nosy" and "unpretentious". mixi is a tool to keep track of your daily life and introduce your interests and loved ones. “Orange” is a color that is easy to relate to and can be used to communicate with others.

This is a typical example of how a social networking company choose different colors depending on what they want to promote.

Light blue, which is popular with everyone, and red, which makes enemies

We all have our own likes and dislikes when it comes to colors. The Color Type Instructors Association of Japan of which I am the president, conducted a survey of 1,000 people and asked them, "What is your least favorite color?” We found that very few people answered "light blue".

While other colors are chosen as either favorite or least favorite, “light blue” is rarely chosen as least favorite. In other words, we can say that "light blue" is a color that is universally accepted and has little negative impact.

One company that uses this color effectively is Yahoo! Yahoo Japan's logo is “red”, but the entire site is unified in “light blue”. Yahoo Japan's logo is “red”, but the entire site is unified in “light blue”.

“Light blue” is the color of the sky that we always look up to. It gives a sense of security and relief. For this reason, we don't get tired of looking at "light blue" every day. The reason is that it is not a stimulating color that stirs up a fighting spirit.

The portal is made up of more and more people using them. That's why they choose "light blue" as the color of the homepage which is not a color that liked or disliked by different people, but at least not disliked by everyone.

As you can see, “light blue” is a color that does not stir up fighting spirit, but on the contrary, there is a color that does stir up fighting spirit. That is “red”. In fact, “red” is the main color of Rakuten. “Red” is a color that literally makes one's blood boil and is quick and stimulating.

Depending on the color scheme, “red” can also create the image of "Cheap!” “Very cheap!”. “Red” is a standard color for sell short.

The concept of Rakuten is based on the words "forward" and "speed" and “red” is the color that embodies all of these words.

However, “red” is also a color that separates those who like it from those who dislike it. Unlike Yahoo's "light blue", it is not a color that is universally accepted. I think the use of red divides Rakuten into two groups: those who somewhat like it and use it often, and those who somewhat dislike it and don't use it much.

That's the big difference from “light blue”, but it's definitely a color that resonates with people who have a purpose and want to buy something or who are looking for a good deal.

Doutor coffee's pursuit of cheapness with “yellow” and “black”

Doutor coffee's pursuit of cheapness with “yellow” and “black”. Not only websites but colors can also select customers. Companies deliberately use them differently.

For example, there are two companies in the same coffee chain that target different customers: Doutor Coffee and Starbucks.

Doutor Coffee uses "yellow" and "black" for their store signs. “Yellow” and “black” is a very assertive color scheme. They are also used for warning signs because they are the most visible from a distance.

“Black” is associated with a sense of luxury, but when combined with “yellow”, the color scheme suddenly becomes toxic and irritating. This color scheme is highly eye-catching and can be spotted from a distance, making it easy to find even in front of a station with many colorful signs. No matter what station you land at, Doutor can be found instantly with a little bit of eye contact, so you can stop by right away.

However, many people may not be in the mood for a relaxing cup of coffee at a Doutor coffee shop. Rather than settling down, it's more appropriate to just walk in, have a quick drink and leave. This is also because of the psychological image that comes from the color.

Originally, the concept of Doutor Coffee was to be a coffee shop where you could drink coffee for 150 yen. It is a coffee chain store that pursues an affordable price so that businessmen who are concerned about their pocketbooks can enjoy coffee casually.

Doutor Coffee started out as a standing coffee shop, so the color scheme of "yellow" and "black" was a good fit.

Starbucks, with its “brown” and “green” colors creates a relaxing atmosphere

Then, what about Starbucks? Starbucks was originally started as a coffee roaster. At that time, the corporate color was all “brown”.

“Brown” conveys the message of "solidity" and also the message of "emphasis on quality”. The customers were not consumers but coffee bean wholesalers and coffee shops. At some point, they started selling coffee in stores and added "green" to the coffee chain as it grew into what it is today.

Starbucks is known for its interior design with comfortable sofas and soothing lighting that makes customers want to stay longer. Many customers also come to Starbucks looking for a place to relax, sit on a comfortable chair and spread out their computers to work. This concept is expressed in the interior design of "brown" for calmness and "green" for healing.

Chapter 2: The Colors you wear reveal your way of life

When you change your way of life, you change your fashion.

Fashion shows a person's personality, way of thinking, values, and behavioral patterns without them even knowing it.

Actress Miho Takagi's fashion changed drastically due to a major change in her lifestyle. She was in the glamorous spotlight of the entertainment industry, but suddenly left the city and started farming for food safety.

When she was living and working in the city, she was the type of person who looked good in sophisticated urban fashion such as “black” with her neat face. However, when she moved to the countryside, she shed the urban “black” and started wearing natural fashion.

As you can see, when your way of life changes, your fashion will also change. This is why you can tell by the change in fashion that a person's way of thinking has changed.

If a woman who has been all about work and has nothing to do with fashion, wearing a practical and solid "brown" jacket and business bag, suddenly starts wearing "pink" shirts and "pink" cell phones, you can be sure that she is either in love or awakening to love.

In particular, if a woman starts wearing “pink” which she has never done before, it is a sign that she is honestly acknowledging the feminine in her.

On the other hand, there are those who deliberately change the color.

Mr. Toru Hashimoto, a lawyer, uses different colors depending on his position. When he was active as a lawyer on TV, he wore hair dyed brown and "brown" sunglasses.

Hair dyed brown doesn’t have meaning “brown” only but also unfamiliar action that people who have a trust job. It was during this time that he was given the catchphrase "brown-haired windbag" by the mass media. It was a unique and unorthodox style that overturned the image of lawyers as serious and honest.

In 2008, however, he made a complete turnaround and ran for the governorship of Osaka Prefecture. At that time, he adopted the color "yellow”. As you know, “Yellow” is a color that expresses humor and friendliness. By putting “yellow” in the foreground, he was trying to send a message that he is not a hard-headed politician.

Then, in 2011, he ran for mayor of Osaka with the Osaka Metropolis plan. He used a fresh “yellow green” for his campaign poster. For his necktie, he chose “light blue”, “gray” and other cooperative colors.

By deliberately changing the colors, some people always put themselves in a superior position.

A person's way of life is hidden in fashion

As I mentioned earlier, if you want to understand a person's personality and behavioral patterns, the first thing to do is to check their fashion. It would not be an exaggeration to say that fashion represents a person's way of life itself.

Mr. Hidehiko Ishizuka, a gourmet reporter, shows his unique personality in his gourmet programs, saying things like "Maiuu (means delicious)". He looks great in his familiar overalls and "orange" T-shirt.

Probably, he wears this "orange" very consciously. “Orange” has a brightness and fun that draws people in. It sends out the message, "Let's have fun with me" and "This is delicious.

This is a bit of a leap, but have you ever felt that all newly independent pension owners are dressed the same? You'd be surprised how many of them have a bandana wrapped around their head and are wearing "beige" or "moss green" fashion.

This is a fashion reproduction of the natural colors found in the mountains. I don't think there is an owner of a pension in the mountains who would be wearing a suit.

On the other hand, what about people who live in the middle of the city? Many people who work in the Roppongi area wear black suits and work hard. On the other hand, there are very few people who wear natural fashions such as “beige” or “moss green”.

In other words, the fashion and accessories a person chooses reflect the kind of life the person themselves want to lead, whether the person is aware of it or not and can be said to contain all of the person’s particulars, values, personality and behavioral patterns.

Nobita's "yellow" sweatshit that you can't hate

You all know "Doraemon". Doraemon, as we all know, has a different cast.

Nobita-kun, with his trademark yellow sweatshirt, is the clown of the story. If he doesn't want to study, he goes to sleep. He's clumsy and slow-paced, but you can't hate him.

“Yellow” also has the meaning of "cuteness" that allows you to easily get into people's pockets. If you were to wear any other color, you might be offended, but if you are wearing a “yellow” sweatshirt, people will forgive you and say, "Well, it can't be helped.

Doraemon, who is supporting Nobita, is "light blue". This is the color of a supportive person who never steps forward. Although he is always complaining, Doraemon feels the joy of being needed.

“Pink" is Shizuka-chan. She is the type who is kind to everyone and nice to everyone. It's the perfect color for an idol.

Jaian is "orange". He sings self-centered songs with no regard for the troubles of others, but on the other hand, he is also a kind and compassionate person.

Suneo is the one who is attached to Jaian like a coward. He wears “light blue” most of the time, but he always seems to be supporting Jaian in his impossible tasks.

Why don't you check out what colors are used by the characters in your favorite dramas, movies and anime? You will be able to learn more about the meaning of colors.

The color of "the tie or clothing" indicates the role of the character

When you look at the cast of a movie, you will often see scenes where the colors worn by each character symbolically represent the character.

For example, if you look at “Bayside Shakedown”, you clearly see that the colors represent the characters' personalities.

The main character Shunsaku Aoshima, played by Yuji Oda. He is not very careful, but he is dynamic and has an image of leadership. His trademark is his "red" tie. In movies and TV dramas, his trademark is a “red” tie and a “moss green” mod coat.

“Red" has messages such as "speed," "dramatic" and "short temper". Detective Aoshima, played by Yuji Oda, is always running in the drama. He is a hot-blooded man and hates crooked things. He is straightforward and very simple, and the color of his tie "red" fits the character of a unique detective, even though it is dramatic and involves everyone around him.

Then there is Shinji Muroi, played by Toshiro Inaba, who helps Aoshima in any way he can. He is a career criminal working for the central government, and his tie is “dark blue”.

He is cautious, calm and has a sense of common sense. He has a strong sense of justice and the “black coat” he wears shows his strength to absolutely push through with it.

The "black" represents the pride of a career worker who is not just following orders from the top, and a little bit of rebellion that is hidden there, not just being incorporated into the organization.

On the other hand, Heihachiro Waku, played by the late Chosuke Ikariya, is the one who keeps asking questions at the crime scene and finds clues to find the culprit. The late Chosuke Ikariya plays the role of Heihachiro Waku, a character for whom the word "steady" fits perfectly, but he often wears a "brown" tie.

He is not flashy, but he is a humanitarian who understands the pain of others. His warm and trustworthy personality made him well-liked and loved by people around him. Her tasteful role, combined with the color effects of "Brown" gave him a unique presence in the drama.

The only woman in the group was Sumire Onda, played by Eri Fukatsu. She is characterized by wearing low-saturated clothes such as “gray” jackets and innerwear. Her interaction with Aoshima is a symbolic scene and the color expresses her "cooperativeness" as a member of a huge police organization.

There are also a lot of "black" pantsuits, which is the standard style of businesswomen's uniforms, and even in workplaces with many men, the color does not emphasize femininity, but rather represents "devotion to work without evil intentions”.

Lastly, the colors worn by the people who play the criminals are “white” and “purple”.

Kyoko Koizumi, who played the role of a bizarre murderer in "THE MOVIE Bayside Shakedown," wore “white”. It was a role that fit her image of "strong-willed" and "fastidious". “White” is a color that brings about a sense of tension and can also express "unusualness" and "charisma" at the same time.

In this way, we see that movies and TV dramas use colors effectively in clothing to create an impression of the character's image on the viewer.

No one will be offended if you apologize in "gray"

There are colors that can be changed depending on the character, and there are also colors that are appropriate for each scene.

One of the times when you need to consider a fashion that will not be disliked by the others is when you are apologizing. In such cases, please be conscious of the color “gray”.

There is something about “gray” that goes beyond "quiet" and "modesty" and makes the other person feel "weak". If you go to apologize wearing a “gray” suit and tie, the person who gets angry will feel sorry for you if you blame him anymore. This is the psychological effect that "gray" has.

If you want to express your apology, choose "light gray" rather than "dark gray". “Dark gray” is similar to “black” and may give the impression that “you will never apologize”.

However, as I look around the world, I see that people tend to make mistakes. There are so many cases where people choose "black" when they apologize.

For example, Sachiko Kobayashi, who held a press conference to apologize for her dismissal as president of her private office. She wore a “black” sweater. Since “black” is a dignified color, it not only "intimidates" the people around you, but it also has the meaning of "defense”. I think she wore “black” because she didn't want to be accused by reporters, but it gave the impression that she was hiding some secret, which was counterproductive.

The best way to apologize is to choose a “gray” color that will not anger the other person.

Choose a different color when you want to win or when you don't want to be disliked

Now I'd like to talk about how the color you choose depends on how you want to act in the
situation, rather than by scene.

For those of you who are a little reclusive. People around you may tell you that you need to be a little more assertive, but you may find it difficult to do so. If that's the case, it's time to change your fashion image.

Are the colors you tend to wear usually clear and unclouded? Or are they more nuanced and reassuring? Consciously change which colors you wear depending on your purpose.

If you really want to make someone you like head turn, or if you want to assert yourself at a critical moment, choose dullness and "clear" colors. It is a good idea to wear colors that are a little more vibrant than usual.

If "beige" or "gray" are not too tiring colors for you to wear on a daily basis, try wearing a "black" or "pure white" jacket and add a clear and dullness color to match it. Doesn't it make your spine tense? Doesn't it give you a good sense of tension?

And if you always wear a conservative “light blue”, try wearing a brighter “blue” than usual. This will make a big difference in the degree to which you can assert yourself. Don't you feel like you can say "I love you" more clearly?

Bright colors have the power to encourage us to assert and declare our minds. It's like when a politician wears a "red" tie when giving a policy speech. By wearing bright colors, we are able to inspire ourselves and assert ourselves.

On the other hand, if you are too assertive and you always get angry, you should not be afraid to speak up. If you feel that you don't want to be disliked by others, try to choose muddy colors that are one tone lower than the colors you usually wear.

Even if you always wear “red”, choosing a slightly duller “red” will make you look more elegant and less assertive. This idea of "looking elegant by suppressing colors" is quite useful. Give it a try.

When meeting someone who wears a "white" jacket, don't wear dull colors

Here is an example of deciding your fashion color in advance based on the other person's color preference.

A person who prefers to wear “white” as a fashion statement is a resolute and determined type. “White” is a color that seems to be tinted with other colors, but eventually returns to “white”.

People who wear “white” jackets or white down jackets in winter, are not interested in people who wear less assertive and modest colors such as “gray”, “light blue” and “beige”.
It would be more appropriate to say that they are not interested in them.

A person who wears “white” can only see people who match the “white”. Therefore, when it comes to discussion, we tend to take the stance that we are communicating with the person who wears “white”.

From this stance, there are only two options. In other words, we can either be completely equal or we can cooperate.

If you want to be equal with a person who wears “white”, one way is to wear all “black” or a bright “red” or “blue”.

On the other hand, if you want to work cooperatively without competing, you can wear "light blue" or "gray" ties and shirts to match your partner.

The worst thing you can do to someone who wears a "white" jacket is to wear dull and muddy colored clothes. Of course, dirty shoes are also a bad idea.

"White" is also the color of choice for charismatic teachers. "White" is a color that makes you look clean and "intelligent", but also gives off an aura that makes people "nervous". This is the effect of a color suitable for a "charismatic" person.

Is the woman who chooses magenta also a little complicated?

There is a color that women should pay attention to in their clothing and accessories. It is “magenta”, a color that is a mixture of “red” and “purple”. It is popular among young women for cell phone covers.

“Magenta” has the connotations of “red’s” desire to stand out, “purple 's” sense of beauty, and “pink's” obsession with appearance.
In other words, a sense of value that is a combination of each color is created.
Taken together, these meanings are a message of "Look at me, devilishly cute!” That's the message.

The key point is that it implicitly indicates that people who incorporate “magenta” into their fashion are not satisfied with simply being "the best". Rather, it is necessary to praise all aspects of the person, including the personality.

The slightly mysterious behavior, the way of thinking and the appearance... you have to pay attention to both beauty and personality. Men, please try to read that far.

“Beige” is a mixture of “white” and “brown”. “Yellow-green” is a mixture of “yellow” and “green”. It is also interesting to try to read what is created by multiplying the messages of each unique color.

"Clean" & "black & white" vs. "muddy" & "beige", which type are you?

There are two main trends in the colors we choose for fashion. Similarly, when reading a person's personality and thoughts, let me tell you that there are two main types of colors.

One is "Clear color". A color that is not muddy, sharp and clear. It is worn by people who want to live a life that is not only beautiful but also cool.

I think there are many people who wear “black” or “white” fashion with bright “red” or clear “blue”.

That is the image of a woman wearing brightly colored clothes. Whether at work or in their personal lives, their desire to live coolly is expressed in their fashion.

Many women work as hard as their male counterparts, and for men, it is this "Clear color" that lives a life devoted to work. For this type of person, it is best to type in a crisp and smart manner.

One celebrity who wears clear color is Koyuki. She has fair skin and lustrous black hair. Even though she is married, she does not look like she belongs to a family. She is the type of person who not only wants to be beautiful, but also wants to live a cool life.

The other is "muddy color". “Beige” is the key color in fashion. In this case, there is almost no "pure white" or "black" in the overall fashion. You could say that they are nature-oriented.

This is the kind of color that people who say, "I can't spend my life in a concrete jungle without nature!” This is an example of how lifestyle is directly related to color selection.

Among the “muddy colors”, those who choose bright “beige” instead of dark “moss green” are the gentle and soft type of women. In the case of men, they are herbivorous men. Men who are somewhat neutral choose “beige” fashion among the "muddy colors”.

For this kind of person, it is best to respond in a way that is friendly and easy to understand.

For example, the pedagogue Mr. Takashi Saito often wears a “beige” suit. His speech is very soft, so “beige” suits him well.

Nevertheless, when you look at his necktie, you can see that he chooses unique colors such as “purple” and “yellow”, or a coordinating “light blue” to express his individuality. It is because he is a careless person who does not forget to assert himself that he has been able to establish himself not only as a professor, but also as a person who has been in the media so much.

It is interesting to be able to look at a person as a whole and determine whether they are stylish or natural. You can even predict a person's business style and lifestyle from the color of their fashion.

People who wear bright colors are assertive

And one more thing.

The same color can be light or dark and vivid or dull.
Why would I choose that color? Why does that person choose that color?
What is the meaning of each?

So, let's focus on two of the three attributes of color: “brightness” and “saturation”.
In fact, you can read the strength of a person's heart from this.

The higher the “saturation”, the stronger the color's statement.
For example, "crimson" is the most vivid of the red colors.
The more vivid the color, the weaker the statement of the color.

In general, people who wear bright colors tend to be flamboyant and often have elaborate designs as well as colors.

People who prefer bright colors hate chintzy things. Accessories and bags are often large, and they tend to prefer large, easily recognizable items of everything.

Also, the case of "saturation" in particular differs depending on your country's character.
In countries such as neighboring China, people tend to choose bright “reds” with higher “saturation” than in Japan.

This is because of the difference in the strength of the psychological image of color, but it is also the difference between Japan, where modesty is a virtue, and China, where it is important to be assertive.

A person who wears pastel colors all year round is a romantic who sells youth

Come to think of it, is there anyone around you who wears pastel colors all year round?

It doesn't matter if it's spring or summer, when everyone else is wearing brighter clothes, but even in autumn, when duller colors are more appropriate, people are still wearing pastel colors such as soft pink, light blue and cream.
In winter, they choose bright colors such as white and ivory for their coats.

When I see people like this wearing bright colors all year round, I feel like calling them "pastel colors".

What is in the mind of a person who only wears pastel colors?

"I want to stay young forever.”
"I want people to talk to me cheerfully.”
"I don't want to hear anything dark and unpleasant.”
"I don't want to be given too much responsibility.”

These "pastel-colored people" want to pursue brightness to the fullest extent and avoid people and things that give them a dark and heavy impression.

Wearing black even in the hot summer? The mind that wants to be seen as important chooses dark colors

On the other hand, there are people who wear only dark colors all year round.

Some people say, "It's hot, it's hot." and wear all black even in the middle of summer.

"Bright colors? I don't have any bright colors at all." These are the "dark color people" who wear dark colors such as “black” and “dark gray” all over their body.

Their mindset is the exact opposite of the aforementioned pastel colorists.

"I want to look mature.”
"I want to be seen as a person with presence and importance.”
"I want to be entrusted with more challenging tasks.”
"I want to talk about something deep and meaningful, not just the light stuff of everyday life.”

People who prefer to wear dark colors like this are people who want to put armor on themselves.

They don't like the light image of bright colors and want to be considered important and respected by others. It is good to know that they do not like frivolous talk or emotional relationships.

Silver wants to pursue "ideals", while Gold wants to "succeed"

“Silver” and “gold” are also colors that are often used in fashion and accessories. You may have one or two “silver” and “gold” items in your personal belongings, such as a watch or a small accent.

What do you think of when you hear the word "silver"?
There are many things that come to mind when you hear the word "silver". “Silver” has the meaning of future orientation and idealism. It is also a color that inspires creativity.

Another message that can be read from "silver" is "sophistication". It is true that compared to “gold” which is also a shiny object, “silver” seems to be more sophisticated. It doesn't smell “worldly”, it looks “smart” and it gives the impression of someone who is “capable”.

However, "Silver" tends to be more idealistic and less grounded than "Gold".

“Gold”, on the other hand, is more “realistic” than “silver” and is associated with “success” and “wealth”. Which color you find more desirable will tell you a lot about a person's sense of values.

“Gold”, in particular, is a color that tends to relate directly to practical desires. People who want to achieve “success”, “wealth” and other practical things tend to pick up “gold” rather than spirituality.

Check whether your watches and accessories are mostly “silver” or mostly “gold”.
If you are going to have a long-term relationship with someone, it is recommended that you choose either a “silver” or “gold” group that shares the same values.

Chapter 3: This is the Color mind reading - A Thorough Explanation of the 13 Basic Colors


"Black": Never apologize or listen to others

Whenever you meet someone, no matter what time it is, they are always dressed in “black”, right? Around you, too.

People who sometimes wear gray clothes, but their bags, cell phones, business card cases, pens and other accessories are all “black”.

Don't you think such people have a unique style and strength that is not swayed by the opinions of others?
They are quiet but have a presence that overwhelms others.
It's cool, and you can't help but admire it.

For example, there is Ms. A, a culture school owner who is known for her ability to get things done.
Ms. A, a female manager in her 40s, always wears a “black” suit whenever we meet.
She is so thorough in wearing “black” that I've never seen her wearing any other color.
We can see from this that she is a perfectionist and thoroughly particular.

Mr. A's position as a manager is to be clearly distinguished from the second place. She is always trying to appeal to the people by using his charisma to make them feel unapproachable and dignified.

The unspoken message of "I don't want to be approached casually, who do you think I am?" can be seen in her expression of not smiling whenever we meet.

That's why I rarely have lunches with all the employees. The role of internal communication is solely that of the managing director.

She is also a career woman who has successfully raised two children, but even when she talks about raising her children, she tends to focus on the results of how well she raised them rather than her love for them.

Speaking of which, her employees made this mistake with Ms. A.
Mr. A seemed to be very busy, so all the employees got excited about planning an event to attract customers and started a new project.
Of course, they were going to report to Ms. A when they had decided on the content of the event.
A month later, when the details of the project had been finalized, they said to Mr. A
We're thinking of holding an event like this.
They told her.
She replied, "I have never heard of such an event being planned. Please put this event back on the agenda!”
They had been working together to attract customers and they thought it would be good for the company.

There was a big mistake in the way they were working.
Don't ignore the "black’s" need to grasp.
There would have been no problem if they had first asked, "How about this kind of project?" and provided progress reports as needed.

The fact that the project was carried out without her knowledge made her feel ignored, which was unacceptable to the "black" who considers her own value to be paramount.

Black don't communicate, but they get furious when they are ignored. This is the point of socializing.

Then, if the "black" declares, "I will never change my opinion," there is nothing you can do.
No matter how much they are disliked by others or how many obstacles they face, they will not give up what they will not give up.
With their strong presence and eyesight, they are always pushing their own opinions.
What they demand from their opponents is absolute obedience.

This Mr. A, however, has not stopped expanding her business.
This is due to her desire for growth and authority, to see how far his abilities can be evaluated.
After opening 30 schools in Japan, the next step is to expand overseas.
She is independent and powerful and she is not afraid to take on challenges, even in foreign lands.

"You're really good at your job, Ms. A, you're amazing!”

“But behind the scenes, there are whispers like this: "Why doesn’t her think about the people around her a little more? She only gets angry when she is angry, and doesn't praise us at all when we’re good. And the way she acts as if she could have achieved this result by herself. That's what makes people tired.

And as for whether the "black" who hear this whispering will be hurt...

"Let the people who want to say something say it. I don't have to be liked by everyone. All you have to do is do your job well."

And that's all that matters.

People who go well with “Black” are
“Turquoise” for persistence
“Red” for self-assertion
“White” who has a firm sense of self

People who don't go well with “Black” are
“Yellow” which is childish and mischievous
“Orange” who is always hanging out with their friends

Love characteristics of “Black
Don't change their life style.
Show a little weakness
Don't get too attached to others

Communication for "Black"
People who work with "Black": Attentive, no need to smile.
The boss is "Black": Absolute obedience. Do as you are told.
Your business partner is "Black": You may have to take a backseat or be partially equal.
School teacher is “Black": Don't rebel.
Fellow mom is "Black":  Ask her to be the boss.
If you have trouble dealing with "Black": Don't try to command them to move. If you respect “Black” ’s pride, “Black” will soften up.

When you are concerned about "Black
When you want to make yourself look a step higher
When you want to protect yourself

Famous people who have the image of "Black
Yu Darvish, Ichiro, Shintaro Ishihara, Kazuyo Katsuma, Namie Amuro, Ken Takakura, Mari Natsuki, Yoko Ono

"Red": "Who are you? "I am the queen!”


The person whose trademark is a “red” bag. For women, it's the person who has bright “red” lips, nails and pedicure. If you are a man, you may see a small amount of “red” in your business card case or cell phone.

Such people tend to have the misconception that “the earth revolves around them”.

Also, does that person always seem to be busy and always have a cell phone in their hand, whether at work or in private?
And every time the phone rings, they don't mind answering it even if they are with you, saying, "Hey, sorry.” It's kind of uncomfortable for us because the conversation is interrupted with a buzz.

However, the stories of "red" are often exciting and dramatic, and for someone who lives a modest and unchanging life, it can be quite enviable.

Take, for example, Ms. B, around thirty woman who works in public relations at a manufacturer.
She has the looks of a model, and there are always glamorous rumors about her.

She was rumored to be about to marry a company president who is ten years older than her, but now she has broken up with him and is in love with a man five years younger than her.

“It won't be for much longer," was the opinion of those around her. Ms. B is beautiful and has a great figure. Her cell phone is of course red, and so are her notebook and makeup bag.

Since her school days, Ms. B has been pampered with such good looks that she was chosen as Miss something and there are no words like "humble" or "unconfident" in her dictionary.

While she enjoys her position as a beautiful publicist, she is always looking for the next step in her career and is always looking for someone who can help her improve.

And her actions are high-handed. “I'm an expensive woman and I'll never compromise on who I marry" is a kind of attitude that men admire and think, "That's fine for a girlfriend, but not for a wife.”

But the "red" is completely unconcerned about such things.
“There are only a few men out there who are right for me," she says, interpreting everything to her own advantage.

Even so, "red" never neglect their efforts to improve themselves. If they declare, "they’re going to lose 3 kg in a month!” They will go to the gym every day and lose 3kg on time.

If they say, "They are going to study in New York for a short time!” They are saving and go to New York after 6 months.

Once they have a goal, they can spare no effort and investment to achieve it.

However, it's not as if they have a plan for setting these goals. So many times, people around they would say, "What? Why did you suddenly do that again?” So, the people around them often look at me in disgust. She has a personality that requires her to take action first, so she never slackens her momentum, saying that “failure is part of the experience”.

They are always aiming for the next glamorous stage. They have no interest in an ordinary life or a humble life.
However, that plodding can sometimes lead to trouble at work.

"Didn't I tell you about that time?”
"You didn't say no when I told you, did you?”

They don't give the other person time to think about it, they just assume that “keeping silent is acceptable and rush forward”.

The other day, she was frustrated when her cell phone was disconnected at a meeting.

"If you don't get through next, I'll ask you to change the person in charge!” This is also a common behavior of people with "red”.

There is a secret story about Mr. B.:
“Ms. B is always trying to put herself in the limelight, isn't she? When she talk, she pose like an actress, don't you? It seems that she and Ms. N, who works in public relations, are on bad terms. She said “I'm younger and more beautiful than you!” It's scary. The battle of the women.”

Hearing this, Ms. B said, "It's true. I'll never lose to Ms. N in the job evaluation. I'll wear my favorite suit for the next interview.”

She is a "red" who hates to lose. If you make an enemy of a "red", you should be aware of the fact that it may lead to a fierce conflict.

People who go well with “Red” are
The charismatic "Black".
"Yellow" who is fun to be around
"Blue" whose calmness is very respectable

People who don't go well with “Red” are
"Gray" who will always be in the gray zone
"Green" who will always be a good person

Love characteristics of "Red"
Big love story
It's a pleasure to aim at the impossible and drop it
Get bored easily

Communication for "Red"
People who work with "Red": Let them have flowers.
"Red" for your bosses: Act on what they are told immediately.
"Red" for your business partners: Assure them of work before they change their mind.
"Red" for school teachers: Proactively express your opinions.
"Red" for fellow moms: Try not to be pushed around.
If you are having trouble dealing with "Red": Let their anger and frustration out quickly to put an end to the problem.

When you are concerned about "Red"
When you want to be noticed by others
When you want to have power of action

Famous people who have the image of "Red"
Erika Sawajiri, Ryoko Yonekura, Ayumi Hamasaki, Norika Fujiwara, Ebizo Ichikawa, Kosuke Kitajima

"Orange" : rude, noisy and lonely


That person who is always happy to be with friends.
Isn't the notebook in his or her hand “orange”?

The pen someone take out at a meeting is “orange”.
The person who wears an “orange” hoodie or T-shirt in private.
The accent on your sneakers is “orange”.
A person whose necktie has “orange” in the pattern.

Such people who like to have "orange" are people who want to stand out and are quite lonely.

They also have a strong sense of humanity and are good stewards of others.
They love to have fun together.
They also has a friendly atmosphere and you can easily make friends with them.

For example, there is Ms. C, who runs a speaking class.
Ms. C is a professional speaker, having worked as an officiant at weddings and other events.

She uses her experience to train announcers and also offers courses to professionals who want to improve their presentation skills.

She has always loved to speak. She also loves to stand out. She loves to go to places where people gather. She also loves to make people enjoy themselves. She was able to fully demonstrate this spirit of service in her career as a presenter. She believes that this is her calling.

The characteristic of Ms. C's hosting and speaking style is "friendliness”. She doesn't know if it's a technique or a natural talent.

However, Ms. C doesn't realize that her friendliness is also regarded as unfriendly by some people. Ms. C's communication style is to immediately address newcomers with "chan" or a nickname, "Kumi-chan.

“After the class, she suggested that let’s have a get-together with everyone” and according to her, she disappears into the neon lights almost every day after work.
She is the ultimate lonely person and hates to eat alone.

“Orange" with their cheerful leadership can be a bit harsh on those who don't come to social gatherings after class.

To be honest, they are offended by people who refuse every time they are invited.
It's good to know that for “orange”, it's a unique rule that people who are willing to go out with them are good people and people who are not are not. 

And the invitations extend not only to weekdays but also to weekends.
"Let's get together for a barbecue this Sunday!”
"Let's all participate in the upcoming half marathon together!”

Naturally, the uniform for the half-marathon was a matching "orange" T-shirt. The word "Bouds" is on the back. Let's cherish our bond and work hard in unity! This is a message full of camaraderie and we will all do our best on the day.

People who like "orange" or wear "orange" love to work hard with others.
Their favorite words are of course "Guts!” and “Fight!”.

But not only do they work hard, they also have fun afterwards. After working up a sweat, they all go to the onsen for a chat. This is a very important time for them to spend with their friends and family.

People who go well with "Orange" are
“Yellow” who can share your joy
“Brown” who can always be counted on
“Light blue” which makes you smile softly

People who don’t go well with "Orange" are
“Purple” which is complicated and complicated
“Blue” which is serious and uninteresting
“White” which is not easygoing

Love characteristics of “Orange”
A cheerful relationship with no surprises
Have fun together
Outdoor dating

Communication for “Orange”
People who work with "Orange: Build a relationship with "Orange" like a good friend before working with them.
“Orange” for your bosses: Go out for drinks as much as you can.
“Orange” for your business partner: Make your business relationship include fun.
“Orange” for school teachers: Don't be nervous and act cheerful.
“Orange” for fellow moms: Have fun with them.
If you have trouble dealing with “Orange”: Keep your distance to avoid being nosy.

When you are concerned about "Orange”
When you want to invite good luck
When you want to seize an opportunity

Famous people who have the image of "Orange”
Monta Mino, Ayako Imoto, Teppei Arita (Kurimushichu), Hidehiko Ishizuka, Masatoshi Hamada, Naoko Takahashi

"Purple": A mysterious person who has nothing to do with social common sense


A person who wears “purple” has a special presence all by itself, doesn't it? Unless it's the trendy color of the moment, when someone presents you with a “purple” business card case or notebook, you may think that he or she is a unique person. Also, there are people who like to use “purple” for their bags and shoes.

The unspoken message from such people is, "Tell me that you are a unique person.

For “purple” who value being different from others above all else, "unique" is synonymous with "you have a different sensibility" or "you have a unique view of the world," and is a compliment of the highest order.

On the other hand, what words should you not say to someone who wears “purple” accessories or fashion?

It's "normal" or "common sense”. For people in “purple”, "unchanged" means "ordinary". In their minds, "ordinary" and "common sense" mean "boring and without any characteristics”.

“Purple" are very interested in artistic things such as painting and music, and enjoy unique fashion that others cannot imitate. Also, it is difficult to know what they are thinking, which gives them a mysterious charm.

For example, Ms. D is a jewelry designer.

"I only want to do what I like.”
"I only want to communicate with people I like.”
"I want to live surrounded by beautiful things.”

She wanted to be surrounded by beautiful things. She is so happy when she interacts with customers who say, "Your taste is good" and order new designs.

She gets to listen to her favorite music, be surrounded by my favorite furniture, hang my favorite pictures and work on her favorite jewelry. It's the best of both worlds!

However, the characteristic of "purple" is that they are so obsessed with design that they tend to ignore the cost. Because they want to make something unique and good" they say, with almost no sense of business. They are devoted to work that allows them to express their artistic side. They can't calculate money. This is why they are able to create works that are full of originality.

They also have a habit of escaping reality and being delusional. When they have to face reality, they go on trips abroad, to the movies and to other places that make them forget what is happening right in front of them, even for a moment.

When they feel thoroughly depressed, they either shut out the outside world and spend some time alone or they find someone who understands their painful feelings and go to see them and keep talking to them regardless of their schedule.

“Purple” are more interested in the spiritual world than in the present situation in front of them. Therefore, they do not get along with people who deny the existence of the spiritual world.

“Purple” tend to talk more about "We were friends in a past life" or "We probably met in the 16th century in France" in normal conversation. If you enjoy such conversations, you will get along well with them, but if you don't, you won't find anything in common with them at all.

They are not interested in people who are not particular about everything. Also, they are not interested in getting along with people who are not particular about anything, even on the surface.

Such is the whispering of Mr. D from his neighbor's wife in his apartment:
“She always wears unique fashion. The other day, she was wearing “purpl”e all over, which surprised me a little. It seems to be different from the common sense of the world.”

For "purple" who want to associate only with people they like, socializing with neighbors is a pain in the ass. They run away from tight relationships and look for places where they are able to maintain their own style.

If you understand their worldview, you get along with them, but if you don't, “purple” tend to be think as “just a strange neighbor”.

People who go well with “Purple" are
“Purple" with the same sensibility
“Turquoise” which is always sophisticated
“Gray” which is delicate and comfortable

People who don't go well with “Purple" are
“Orange” which is rude and noisy
“Brown” which is far from aesthetic

Love characteristics of "Purple“
A partner who can pursue a sense of beauty
Putting themselves before their partner
Transcends age
Not constrained by the boundaries of marriage

Communication for “Purple”
People who work with “Purple”: First find out what he or she is into and empathize with them.
“Purple” for your bosses: Stay close to him or her.
“Purple” for your business partners: Don't force things on them.
“Purple" for school teachers: Don't expect them to teach you specific study methods.
“Purple” for fellow moms: Don't force her to do things she doesn't want to do.
If you're having trouble dealing with "purple": Either keep your distance completely or press for a response by presenting the problem in concrete terms.

When you are concerned about "Purple”
When you want to look more mature
When you want to be different from others

Famous people who have the image of "Purple
YOU, GACKT, Akihiro Miwa, Hitoshi Matsumoto, Aya Sugimoto, Kaela Kimura, Yosui Inoue

"Turquoise": You think you're special? Don't be pretentious


People who have "turquoise" in their jewelry and cell phones. People who have turquoise pens or pencil cases that they take out.

People who have turquoise that not many people are definitely proud and particular people who value specialness. People with "turquoise" are the ones who want to do things differently and in a smart and chic way.

The "Turquoise" person's mind is always full of ideas that others can't come up with. The way these ideas come out one after another is truly genius. They break through the conventional wisdom and create new values.... Let's take a look at the behavior of such "turquoise" people.

For example, Mr. E, who is in charge of planning. Mr. E is always the one to bring in new projects in the company. His ideas and creativity are outstanding and he is praised as "as expected of Ms. E!” That praise also comes from his heart.

But in his heart, he thinks, "Of course, my ideas are different from others. Mr. E, who is aware of his own ability to plan, said, "Don't try to ask me for new ideas for everything. Why don't you come up with your own ideas?” He is very cool to others.

He seems to have no attachment to the idea at all and as soon as he says, "Please feel free to use this project in your department," he starts a new planning meeting. The people around him were amazed at how well he let go.

However, since Turquois people look for "sophistication" and "sense" in conversations, fashion and the way work are done, he doesn't listen to people who have slurred conversations.

They are not interested in people with tacky fashion in the first place. They are also very particular about wanting to do their work smartly, so they are not good at talking about their personal life or everyday casual stuff.

They are interested in improving their work, talking about creative and exciting things and discovering new things. People in Turquoise are always looking for people who can talk about such things. They are not interested in people who can't talk about such things. In that sense, Turquoise people are very selective about who they meet.

The other day, at a meeting about a planned event for a restaurant, he said, "It's not fashionable to stand in a store wearing a yellow happi, so let's not do it”.

One of the characteristics of people who like to wear "turquoise" is that they think it is acceptable to be treated as a special person and somehow, they create an atmosphere where people around them allow it.

This can also be seen in their daily work style. They are not very good at routine work. Mr. E is a genius at assigning tasks to others.

He is a genius at assigning tasks to those around him, saying, "Take care of this task. This job doesn't need to be done by me.”

The criteria for this often based on Mr. E's obsession and selfishness, but it is the "turquoise" person who smartly and coolly shows the division of roles.

There is a secret story about Mr. E.
“Mr. E is always so pretentious and dressed up, isn't he? It would be easier for us to get to know him if he revealed himself more honestly and talked to us. Besides, he should just do what boss tells him to do, but he never done it the right way. What is it that he’s so obsessed with? As soon as we tell him to do things the way he always does, he gets into a bad mood.”

The person in turquoise who heard this said, "I don't need a stickler like you to understand me. I'll only communicate people with better taste and smarts.”

“Turquoise" people are selective about who they date and are uncompromising in their choices. What they demand from their partner is taste, and it must be in line with their own standards. It is important to keep this in mind because they will never match their partner.

People who go well with “Turquoise” are
“Black" with which you can share a sense of coolness
“Turquoise” which can also compete with your creativity
“Yellow” which is full of intellectual curiosity

People who don't go well with “Turquoise” are
“Brown” which is stiff and unrefined
“Green” who is not particular about anything

Love characteristics of a “Turquoise”
No flattery
Smart relationship with no sense of life
Keep a good distance

Communication for “Turquoise”
People who work with “Turquoise”: They don't think in a sensible way
“Turquoise” for your bosses: Understand that he is always thinking about the next thing
“Turquoise” for your business partners: Understand that you are always being asked to evolve and innovate
“Turquoise" for school teachers: Ask about your child's aptitude as seen by the teacher
“Turquoise” for fellow moms: Don't be too close to them
If you have trouble dealing with "Turquoise": Give them special treatment

When you are concerned about “Turquoise”
When you want to come up with an idea
When you want to be called fashionable

Famous people who have the image of Turquoise
Hikaru Utada, Hiroshi Inaba (B'z), Yasuko Matsuyuki, Christel Takigawa, Tadashi Yanai

"Yellow": Childish in the way it speaks with its mouth wide open


Are there people around you who always seem to be having fun, but always play pranks and get into bad moods no matter how old they are? Do you see “yellow” in the pattern of their neckties or in their stationery?

There are people who wear something “yellow” in their private fashion, especially when they have a lot of freedom.

They have a childlike quality that is hard to hate and they are mood makers who lighten up the atmosphere. They don't care about the details, so they say, "It's fine, it's fine. I don't mind." They don't let others bother them.

But even when it comes to themselvs, they tried to get people to forgive them, saying, "Well, it's okay, isn't it? I don't mind. For those who are constantly stressed out, there are people who make you look at them with envy or even dismay, as if to say, "You're really a person who doesn't get stressed out.

For example, there is a new employee, Mr. F, who is rumored to joke so much every day that it seems as if he was born from his mouth, and according to one theory, he talks to the refrigerator even when he goes home.

While other newcomers are learning the common sense of society and becoming more mature, Mr.F is the only one who doesn't seem to be aware of being a member of society and his boss is having a hard time educating him.

Mr.F, however, is a very friendly person. He is very friendly with others and quickly makes friends with his female colleagues and even greets a guy at the security desk and the annoying bureaucrat without hesitation. She is like a friend to him.

At best, people in “yellow” are cute, non-judgmental and popular with people of all ages.

However, they are always looking for fun and interesting things to do, so it worries about their tendency to joke around and make people laugh even in solemn situations.

It was the last day of the company's new employee training. During the president's instruction, he poked the back of a classmate in the row in front of him or drew a mustache with a magic marker on the face of a classmate who stayed in the same room at the hotel where the training was held. The DNA that allows us to play almost "elementary school level" pranks is still alive and well in our adult lives.

He also loves to show off miscellaneous knowledge he has acquired from quiz shows. When asked, "What's the use of that?” he dodges with the unintelligible reply.

The senior female employee in charge of the newcomer said to Mr.F,
"You're always joking around. When I ask you to submit this report by the deadline, you just reply, "Yes, I understand! But then you would laugh and say, "Oh, I forgot and try to get forgiveness from me. I can't be in charge of such a lazy person anymore!”

Hearing this, Mr. F was completely undaunted.
“I'm sorry, Mr. O. I'll just rub your shoulder.”

However, Mr.F actually sees the true nature of people.

His favorite type of person is someone with a gap.

For example, someone who is always joking around but is really an intellectual or someone who is very beautiful but is very careless. On the other hand, a girl who looks very childish and innocent may suddenly show a sexy side.

Such gaps are attractive to "yellow" people. And they like people who are cute as human beings.

On the contrary, what they don't like is people who are literally "square”. They don't find people who are unconventional without a sense of fun attractive. They also don't like people who evaluate people in a stereotypical way. They don't like people who evaluate people stereotypically, because such people are not "cute" at all, and they feel like they might get offended.

People who go well with “Yellow” are
“Orange”, a cheerful leader
“Turquoise” which is admired for its planning ability

People who don't go well with “yellow” are
“Black” who can't handle humor.
“Blue” who frowns at jokes

Love characteristics of "yellow"
Want to be taken care of
Feel like a friend
Have common interests

Communication for “Yellow”
People who work with "yellow": Don't get annoyed by their slow pace
“Yellow” for your bosses: Don't talk too much
“Yellow” for your business partners: You get excited about the latest sports or entertainment topics
“Yellow" for school teachers: Show a cute attitude
“Yellow” for fellow mom's: Have fun with them
If you're having trouble dealing with "yellow": Give up trying to fit them into a mold, let them run free and wait for them to come up with some answers on their own.

When you are concerned about "Yellow”
When you want to make friends
When you want to feel cheerful

Famous people who have the image of “Yellow”
Samma Akashiya, Masami Hisamoto, Kanpei Hazama, Yusuke Uechi, Laura

"Gray": Timidness is mistaken for "Am I sensitive?"


A person who always wears a classy "gray" suit. Most of his belongings are also "gray" and his accessories are modest and small silver (think of it as a kind of "gray"). The design is simple and a little high quality.

The word "neat" fits him perfectly...

The word "gray" can be read as "soft" or "smart". They speak softly and calmly, never shouting or raising their voice. They are also very smart in their socializing, as they are always careful not to bother other people.

For example, Ms. G has been working as a clerk for ten years. Her work is neat and tidy. She never misses a chance to organize her paperwork and even cleans the office first thing in the morning. She also keeps the accounting books in order and has earned the trust of the president.

However, Mr. G doesn't talk much and doesn't actively try to get involved with other people and to be honest, it's hard to know what she's thinking inside which is a problem for those around her.

The other day, when her boss asked her for a place for a company get-together, she asked him, "Where should we go?

He said, "Anywhere is fine. It doesn't matter where, just find a place with food that Mr. G likes.”

However, she said, "Just tell me what you want. If it doesn't suit your taste, it's not good.”

“It's not like we're inviting any important guests, it's just a company get-together, so please decide somewhere quickly!”

Despite her boss's frustration at her inability to decide, Ms. G's inner thoughts were,
"I don't want to choose a strange place and not have people be happy, so I want my boss to decide.”

She is risk-averse. This is a "gray" person whose first priority is to be cautious.

This cautiousness is a strong defensive instinct that comes into play both at work and in daily life. For example, if you pass by the head of the department next door and greet him and he is a little blunt, you may wonder, "Did I do something wrong to him? Did I do something wrong at work?” This makes them anxious and they can't help but worry about it even after they get home.

They are sensitive to the casual attitudes of others. And from the next day on, when they get involved with the neighboring section, they look at the manager first.

The strength of this defensive reaction also manifests itself in the form of careful preparation. When it comes to preparation, Mr. G does everything right. Others always impressed with her checking of the weather forecast. Every day, she checks the chance of precipitation and always has a folding umbrella ready.

On vacations, she likes to stay at home all day and she never get bored even if she’s cooped up inside. To tell the truth, she’s not good at socializing with many people. She doesn’t like to talk or stand up in front of people.

One of my co-workers whispered to Mr. G.,
"I don't know what's so fun about you every day. She doesn't get along well with us even when we invite her out and we don't hear much about her going out anywhere. I don't think she's particularly interested in food or fashion either. But in terms of being prepared, I admire her in many ways. She followed me at work the other day. Oh yeah, I heard that she buy and prepare emergency supplies for emergencies.”

Cautiously prepared for any unexpected situation that may arise.

The sensitivity of their sensitive and delicate antennae is high and their instinct is to sense and avoid people who would come into their house or hurt them. They are like herbivores who are always on the lookout to avoid being attacked by predators.

However, don't disregard “gray” people as docile. They are usually reserved and unassertive, but they have a scary side that explodes once they lose their temper.

Even though they are very angry, it is difficult for others to see that they are angry. In addition, they may remember their anger for a long time. Please be careful when dealing with sensitive “gray” people!

People who go well with “Gray” are
“Light blue” which provides casual support
“Green” which is calm and gentle

People who don’t go well with “Gray” are
“Orange” which is always talking to you
“Gray” who is just as cautious

Love characteristics of “Gray”
It takes time
Only one person to protect them

Communication for "Gray"
Workers who are "gray": Keep a certain distance from each other
“Gray” for your bosses: Keeps reporting after the fact
“Gray” for your business partners: Do what you have to do without hesitation
“Gray” for school teachers: Don't make complaints out of the blue
“Gray” for fellow mom's: Invite her casually
If you are having trouble dealing with a “Gray”: Understand that they are acting that way because they are cautious and start by eliminating the problem.

When you are concerned about “Gray”
When you want to look classy and fashionable
When you want to be left alone

Famous people who have an image of "gray"
Tae Kimura, Keigo Higashino, Takashi Okamura, Izumi Inamori

An attentive person "Light blue": Are you afraid of being hated?


The color of the handkerchief you casually pulled out was "light blue”. The person who often uses "light blue" for shirts and accessories.

The person who has that refreshing and humble "light blue" will often wear modest colors in their overall fashion.

Look at the expression on the face of such a person. Don't you think they look very kind and don't seem to get angry? Basically, people with "light blue” are not good at saying "no" or at best, they are attentive people.

For example, Ms.H, the assistant who smiles beside the main presenter you see on TV. Her soft and gentle smile that she smiles at is a harmonious one that is truly soothing. She is always attentive to make sure that the main MC runs smoothly.

Naturally, this care begins before the show. The first thing she does is to greet all the performers. First, she greets each performer, saying, "I look forward to working with you today”.

Sometimes, she brings them cookies that she baked on her day off. If not, she brings a souvenir from her weekend trip.

As a newlywed, Ms. H never misses her breakfast of rice and miso soup with her husband, no matter how irregular and busy her work schedule is. When he says, "This is so good," it makes her life worth living.

She also cares about her elderly parents who live in the next station. She has to visit them as much as possible on her days off with her husband to make sure they are doing well. Her husband always takes care of her parents and she is very grateful for that.

However, even Mrs. H has her own worries. She is so attentive that her body sends out an SOS. She is often asked to do many thing, and sometimes her physical strength cannot keep up with the amount of work she has to do.

But she can't say no to the work she’s asked to do. It's hard to say no when she thinks about the other person, so she chooses to take the job rather than refuse it. And as a result, she end up hurting herself.

If you ask her if she is a self-sacrificing person, she would say that she is, but she is a "light blue" person who lives to say "thank you”. She always want to be of service to others and never want to be a burden to others.

Ms.H is very popular among superiors because she is polite, sincere and courteous.

She is also a person who never makes any enemies because of her cooperative nature.

The other day, when she was in the middle of two performers who had completely different opinions. When she respected each of their opinions, they said to me, "Whose side are you on? Apparently, they thought she was indecisive and complicit. The most annoying thing about "light blue" people is that they take a stance that agrees with the other person on the spot. In the end, the person with the "light blue" takes an ambiguous stance, being carried away by the moment.

They will never be able to come up with a single answer, because they will just say "I like that" or "I agree" to the person in front of them. If they keep doing that, the people around them will become irritated.

It is fine if the attitude does not become particularly important, but if they have to decide one way or the other in a work situation, it becomes opportunistic behavior. And as a result, they will cause trouble for others.

However, the real problem is that they don't realize that they are causing trouble for others.

“She is very attentive and nice!”, however, behind her back, the senior female announcer whispered, "I wonder if she has any opinions or arguments of her own. And she's always trying to impress people, so we have to be careful too, and it's tiring!”

Hearing this behind her back, Ms. H was deeply hurt that she took a day off from work. Please be gentle in your criticism of “light blue” people.

People who go well with “Light blue” are
“Orange” which is cheerful and takes leadership
“Light blue” is a safe color to be with.

People who don’t go well with “Light blue” are
“Red” which is aggressive
“Pink” which shows that you are calculating

Love characteristics of “Light blue”
Want to be relied on
Want to be protected
Want to be devoted

Communication for “Light blue”
People who work with "Light blue": Communicate politely, don't ostracize others.
"Light blue" for your boss: Be grateful.
“Light blue" for your business partners: Send casual, caring emails.
“Light blue" for school teachers: Always ask for help if you have any problems.
"Light blue" for fellow mom's: Ask her to join you in various activities.
If you're having trouble dealing with "Light blue": Don't make them feel anxious or press them for answers; they'll open up to you if you listen to their feelings first, not what's happening.

When you are concerned about "Light blue”
When you are looking for a sense of elegance and cleanliness

Famous people who have an image of "Light blue"
Kiyoshi Hikawa, Aya Takashima, Kotaro Koizumi, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Yoshihiko Inohara

"Pink": No matter how old you are, the mind is always full of beauty and love


The bag is pink, the cell phone case is pink, the makeup bag is pink and the blush is slightly pink. Loves frilly, mini and cute fashion. Isn't there anyone like that?

This sweet item is not only for women.

There is a man who wears pink shirts and neckties in a casual way that attracts women's attention. Such a man is a romantic and a sweetheart who will take you to the world of your dreams. However, many of them instinctively have a sense of profit and loss, so beware.

For example, Ms. I, who works as a clerk and is currently looking for a boyfriend. On her way home from work today, she met up with a friend from her junior college days to talk about her dreams for the future.

“My dream is to be married only to a nice prince and to live in a house that looks like a white castle. And I want to be loved for the rest of my life and stay beautiful.”

And then.
"I want my child to be a pretty girl, like a doll. I want my child to be a doll-like girl, and when she is old enough to go shopping for clothes with me, the shopkeeper will ask me, "Are you two sisters? My daughter will be my rival in fashion, beauty, and sometimes even love. Don't you think that's wonderful?”

The conversation continued.

“I really feel sorry for women who are not beautiful. I don't envy women who don't take care of their skin or don't have a boyfriend, no matter how smart they are or how good they are at their jobs. A woman needs to be loved. People who only work hard are also unattractive. You need to pack your face before going to bed and get a good night's sleep. I recently bought a serum that was really good. The effect in the morning is totally different!”

Her knowledge of the cosmetics found in makeup magazines was amazing. She also has a lot of friends who are beauty geeks, so she never misses a chance to exchange information with them.

She has a friend's wedding coming up next weekend, so this is her main concern right now.

"Hmmm, what kind of dress should I wear?”
“Pure and innocent? A little sexy and devilish? Or should I go for a bold dress that's really cool?”

After work, she goes to the dress store and have a fashion show with her friends. The "pink" person is preoccupied with love and beauty, but when it comes to work, they are able to do their best for the people who love her.

“Thank you for the delicious coffee.”

She has a heart mark for the senior male employee in her department who says this to her every morning as he makes her coffee.

“He might be a good candidate for marriage. Do you think he will be kind to me after we get married?”

She never knows where she might find the opportunity to meet someone, even if it's just a cup of coffee.

Naturally, Ms. I never forgets to give out chocolates on Valentine's Day to people she likes or people who have been good to her.

The message is always accompanied by a heart mark saying, "Please keep in touch with me♡. This message has actually made many men in the past think, "Is she interested in me?”

However, she says, "Oh, no... I was just sending him a message”. It's the "pink" people who can do such specious things so naturally.

They always blame others for the outcome, saying, "He just got serious on him own”. The truth is that people who wear "pink" really want to be in the mood for romance and excitement all the time.

Ms.I was told a whispered story by a senior woman.
“I get annoyed when she answers the phone with a sweet voice. I wish she would do her work more crisply. She may think she’s cute, but this is a work place. She'll have to find a husband outside!”

The "pink" person heard this, "she must be jealous of me because I'm cute. I feel sorry for her."

The “pink” person's standards were all about beauty and love.

People who go well with “Pink" are
“Red” which will take you to gorgeous places
“Yellow” which is fun to be with
“Pink” which also seeks beauty and romance

People who don't go well with "pink" are
“Gray” which is sober and quiet
“Brown” who are boorish and preachy

Love characteristics of pink
Feels like a lover no matter how long it takes
Never misses anniversaries or presents
They are always goofy.

Communication for “Pink"
People who work with "Pink": Need to be attentive and smile.
“Pink" for your bosses: They praise their appearance.
“Pink" for your business partners: Always send chocolates for Valentine's Day.
“Pink" for school teachers: If you look and act cute, they will like you.
“Pink" for fellow mom's: Talk about fashion and makeup.
If you have trouble dealing with "pink": You should reflect on your lack of affection.

When you are concerned about "Pink”
When you are in love
When you are awakened to motherhood

Famous people who have the image of “Pink"
Junichi Ishida, Seiko Matsuda, Miki Ando, Nobuhiro Takeda, Tatsuya Kawagoe, Naomi Kawashima

The long sermon on "Brown" continues again today


There are people you meet who always wear “brown” accessories. There are people who wear leather belts, shoes and bags that are “brown” in color, and who exude an atmosphere of trust and calmness just like the leather that becomes more and more tasty the more they use it.

On the other hand, there are those who have a “brown” leather that is so worn out that you wonder how long they've been wearing it. The person who has a brown bag that is so well used that you want to say, "Isn't it time to buy a new one?” Someone who shows you a worn out brown leather pen case, saying, "I've been using this for more than 10 years.”

Such people are stubborn and steady. They don't like change, they get attached to old things, and they don't want to part with them after using them for a long time.

In today's age where people try to make everything easy, he may be a rare and valuable person who reminds us of the good old days of Japan. The concept of "brown" = "long-lasting" applies not only to things, but also to human relationships.

For example, Mr. J has been a tax accountant for 20 years. Today, he is the director of a tax accountant office with five employees. His work is honest and straightforward. He has earned the trust of his clients and is managing the business with a sense of stability. His trustworthy personality and the depth of his expertise are highly respected by the female staff.

However, in spite of her depth of knowledge and respect, the new female employees sometimes find her absolutism in talking about her knowledge a bit annoying.

She loves history and even in her daily morning meeting, she talks about how the samurai during the Meiji Restoration were..., but to be honest, it is not uncommon for female staff members who are not interested in history at all to feel a bit silly.

Mr. J loves to talk about past history and examples, but he is very realistic about the future.

“How not to lose money" and "How to cross a stone bridge". There's nothing wrong with that way of thinking, but it's just not very dreamy. The stories are not very exciting and do not develop into big dreams.

A new female staff member was worried about her future, so she consulted with Mr. J. He told her, "If you work diligently, you will find a way”. To be honest, she felt like she was pulled back to reality again after having consulted with him.

This hyper-realistic way of thinking is solid at best, and at worst, it doesn't allow for much discussion and development.

To be honest, Mr. J, the tax accountant, does not have a good sense of fashion, probably because of his thorough emphasis on substance. To be honest, he always wears the same "brown" tie, which is not very flattering.

His financial sense is also based on the motto of saving and thrift, and he doesn't waste money at all. When he goes shopping with his family at the supermarket, he always checks beforehand to make sure that the tissues are cheaper at this supermarket.

Also, people who wear “brown” tend to look for the "calmness" and "trustworthiness" of “brown” not only in fashion, but also in food, drink and space. For example, oolong tea instead of green tea, brown rice instead of white rice. The color “brown” conveys the message that it is good for you and that it is good for you.

As for interior design, they don't like pure white or pure black because it makes them feel uncomfortable. They tend to choose “beige” or “dark brown”.

However, not all people who wear “brown” are like Mr. J. There are also advanced fashionistas who can wear Italian brands with ease. If you use “brown” well, it can be tasteful, cool and classy. Unfortunately, we don't see this in Japan.

However, what both of them have in common is that they are both focused on what's inside. “Brown” is a color that suits people with substance, regardless of the degree of fashion.

Oh yeah, that Mr. J. A female staff member said to him,
"Why don't you pay more attention to fashion instead of lecturing me? Your fashion is always so lame!”

"Shut up! You should read more books and study more when you have time to dress up like that!”

He was always focused on the content.

People who go well with “Brown” are
“Blue” which is trustworthy
“Green” which is relaxing and not overwhelming

People who don’t go well with “Brown” are
“Purple” who doesn't know what you're thinking.
“Turquoise” who too smart to feel humanity
“White” who too fastidious and tiring

Love characteristics of “Brown”
Slow start
Once they start a relationship, it lasts a long time
More suitable for marriage than love

Communication for “Brown”
People who work with “Brown”: Take their time to build a trusting relationship.
“Brown” for your bosses: Don't be deceitful.
“Brown” for your business partners: Don't change your mind too often.
“Brown" for school teachers: Rely on him/her as a teacher and as a senior in life.
“Brown” for fellow mom's: Trust her and ask her for advice.
If you are having trouble dealing with "Brown": Listen to them first.

When you are concerned about “Brown”
When you want to feel trusted
When you want to be grounded

Famous people with the image of “Brown”
Tetsuya Takeda, Katsuya Nomura, Shinya Ueda (Kurimushichu), Hisako Hashida, Yukio Kikuchi, Tomoko Nagano

“Blue": When you want to teach them values other than "smart" and "right"


People who wear "blue" (navy blue) instead of black or brown for coats and bags. Pens should be “blue” and sweaters and cardigans should also be “blue”. A person who doesn't follow fashion trends and doesn't choose accessories, but rather wears fashion that everyone can feel comfortable with.

There are people near you, aren't there? Such people tend to have conservative values and value calmness, common sense and discretion. They probably have a basic hair style.

For example, Ms. K, a housewife with a second-grade boy and a first-grade girl. When she was an office worker, she worked at a bank and got married after an in-house romance. Her work was steady, she made few mistakes and her bosses trusted her a lot.

In other words, she is a "smart person”. She was also a legitimate beauty. Ever since she was a child, she has always been a person of interest wherever she goes.

Ms. K has literally lived her life as a "smart" person. She has been an honor student since elementary school and has been chosen as the class president and her hard work has helped her get into her first-choice university.

Ms. K believes that if she put in the right amount of effort, the results will always follow and she believes that her life has been a success.

However, there was one thing that happened. When she was working part-time as a tutor in college, there was a tutor who made me laugh and was very popular among the students. At that time, she thought inwardly,
"Why is that over-performing teacher getting the credit when I'm the one who's teaching the knowledge necessary for studying?”

To be honest, this did not make sense to Ms. K, who was doing her best as a teacher.

She has a lot of pride in herself, but when she is around someone who she thinks is better than her, she compares herself to that person. She gives herself an objective evaluation that says, "It's hard to beat this person.

The ability to evaluate oneself objectively is one of the clever things about being a "blue" person.

And now, she is focusing on being a housewife to fulfill my responsibilities as a parent until her children grow up. Of course, she is also passionate about her children's education and has been going to the nearby city library every week since they were in kindergarten.

She says, "The first step to educating children is to provide them with a good environment.”

In order to achieve this, she reads and researches books on education. As for meals, she pays attention to her health and prepares a well-balanced diet of vegetables.

Such "blue" people are also very selective about who they date. She is very careful not to associate with children who have bad behavior, which she thinks is not good for her child's education. She uses the following words to discipline her children.

"You can't do that because people are watching you.”
"Your attitude is embarrassing to the teacher. “
"Lying is the beginning of stealing, so don't do it.”

She wants them to grow up to be a decent person and this is also something that Ms. K is thinking about for her child's future.

In response, her daughter, a first-year junior high school student, finally exploded and shouted,
“Mom! Don't interfere in every single thing I do. I want to choose my own friends and I really want to stop practicing the piano, which I don't like very much. But you wouldn't let me stop even if I told you. Don't keep telling me to do this and that!”

Ms. K heard this. She said to her daughter, a first-year junior high school student, "I'm thinking about your future.

“I am thinking about your future and telling you what to do.”
Actually, her daughter, who was so rebellious, respected Mr. K in her heart.

She is a "blue" person whose value standard is "My theory of education is not wrong”. You are right about that, but if you could be a little more flexible, we would feel less constrained.

People who go well with “Blue” are
“Black” whose perfectionism can be respected
“White” who will not shy away from what is right

People who don’t go well with “Blue” are
“Orange” which is strangely condescending
“Yellow” which lacks a sense of maturity

Love characteristics of "Blue"
Sincerity first
Never betray
The process of marriage must go through a proper order

Communication for “Blue”
People who work with "Blue": Trust and entrust them.
“Blue” for your bosses: I report my work accurately.
“Blue” for your business partners: Be polite.
“Blue” for school teachers: Keep your promises.
“Blue” for fellow mom's: Discussing her child's education.
If you have trouble dealing with "Blue": Be as polite as possible.

When you are concerned about “Blue”
When you want to look intelligent
When you want to live a sensible life

Famous people who have the image of “Blue”
Kiichi Nakai, Shinichi Tsutsumi, Takako Matsu, Shizuka Arakawa, Tomokazu Miura

"Green": People who are very nice, but not really important


“Green” is a color that is harder to wear as a fashion than black or gray, but the “Green” in the checkered pattern, the highlighters and sticky notes in the pen case are “Green”.

The person who chooses "Green" even though there are other color options for things that are not special but for daily use. People who choose "Dark green" for their private bags. A person whose handkerchief is “Green”.

Although it's not a fashion statement, there are those who tend to keep their environment "Green" by placing ornamental plants around them. The key words for such people are pacifism, realistic thinking and natural preference.

For example, Mr. L, a civil servant. He bought a house more than an hour away from his office and lives with his wife and two boys, one in the second grade and the other in the fifth grade. Although the house is small, it has a garden where his wife grows vegetables. It is a small happiness to eat fresh cucumbers with miso paste, even if the shape is a little unique.

For Mr. L, the most important thing is to spend time with his family. On his days off, he usually goes shopping with his family at a nearby shopping mall and has lunch there.

Both of his children play soccer, so when there is a game, he really looks forward to going to cheer them on. His wife makes a lot of rice balls for the kids early in the morning.

He is grateful every day that he is able to live a normal life as a matter of course. When he is with them, he also feels peaceful.

Mr. L is very fond of his children. People around him call him a "doting parent”. His motto at work is "No remorse," "Relax," and "Be appropriate”. Mr. L is not interested in career advancement and it is important for him to come home at dinner time and have dinner with his family. He is very satisfied with his current job which allows him to maintain this lifestyle.

However, he sometimes wants a little stimulation in this peaceful life. At times like this, memories of the past come back to him.

When he was in high school, he was in the selection committee for the class president. Because of his good grades, Mr. L was chosen as one of the candidates. However, a classmate who was a good speaker and had outstanding performance skills was also selected as a candidate. As a result, that classmate was chosen as the class president.

This is the kind of life where he always gets to the end of the line, but in the end, the leading role is taken by someone else. He doesn’t think about it much in his daily life, but sometimes he feels dilemma about his inability to take the leading role.

When he thinks about it, he remembers that the "Green" character in the Secret Squadron Goranger that he used to watch as a child was less impressive than the red and blue characters..." The person who picks up the "Green" character is the one who remembers it as if it were him.

But at heart, he is still stability-oriented. Trouble and stressful pressures are not good for him. When there is trouble, he often takes the role of coordinator. When he does, he feels a little reliant on others, which makes him happy.

However, he usually doesn't dress well and he’s far from looking dashing. He doesn't know if he'll end up being buried in his daily life like this... he feels like he’s happy, but he also feels like he’s not happy enough. That's what Mr. L is thinking about.

He overheard this story about him.
“What kind of person was the Mr. L I met before? I remember the man who wore a red tie.”

Mr. L overheard this.
“People don't particularly dislike me, but I always don't seem to leave any particular impression on them. But my family needs me, so that's fine.”

As long as he doesn't have any ambition, he is able to live a very peaceful life," says Mr. L, who is attracted to “Green”.

People who go well with “Green” are
“Orange” who is very sociable
“Green” who is comfortable with the same values

People who don’t go well with “Green” are
“Purple” which is uncomfortable with an unusual feeling
“Turquoise” which disregards ordinary happiness

Love characteristics of “Green”
Friendships develop into romance
A sense of security rather than excitement
Choose people who are similar to themselves

Communication for “Green”
People who work with "Green": Don't embellish, just be yourself
“Green” for your bosses: Try to maintain stability in your relationships.
“Green” for business partners: Don't just talk about work.
“Green" for school teachers: Ask for help when you have a problem.
“Green” for fellow mom's: Secretly talking bad about them is very hurtful.
If you have trouble dealing with a "Green": They are pacifists and are vulnerable to confusion and crisis. Try not to say or do anything that makes them feel uneasy.

When you are concerned about “Green”
When you want to relax and unwind
When you want to cherish your daily life

Famous people who have the image of “Green”
Hideyuki Nakayama, Takashi Saito, Kiyoshi Nishikawa, Ken Noguchi, Cherie

White: I can't keep up with your righteousness as an ordinary person


A person who wears a "White" jacket and stands tall and proud.
A person who carries a simple ”White” bag and expresses his or her opinions without hesitation.
A person who wears a "White" shirt or dress and looks refreshed.
A person who wears a "White" notebook, business card case and other business attire.

These people may look tolerant, but in reality, they are very strong-willed people who will not budge.

People around them may think "Why are you so obsessed with your own way of life?”

However, people who are "White" are envious of their unshakable way of life. The way they talk about their idealism and chase after it without a doubt makes those around them wonder, "Really? Are you really thinking like that?”. It's the kind of stubbornness that makes you want to ask like that.

By the way, “White” is a color that can be dyed any color, but don't forget that it also has a powerful cleansing power to return to own “White” no matter what color it is dyed.

For example, Ms. M feels that her life is worth living through volunteer activities. Ever since she was a child, she has often been in roles of responsibility, such as class president and when she walks by a scene of bullying of the weak, she says, "What are you doing? She was called the "sense of justice girl" by her peers because of the way she would confront even boys. “White” people hate crookedness and will not accept anything unless it makes sense.

For example, there was a time when three women went on a trip to Hong Kong. At a store selling fake watches and bags, one of her friends said to her.

"This is cheap, so I'll buy it as a souvenir.”
"That's not legal.
"Isn't that a bad thing, against the law? No, you can't do that. I'm not buying that.”

It is the "White" person who is so determined to do the right thing that her friends put off.

They take a firm stand against injustice and dishonesty.

The "White" person will not tolerate the exchange of "Oh, well, don't be so formal. You can't ask for something easily.

The other day, she was asked to "tell your friends about this event”.
She said that “I can't introduce an event that I don't know much about. I'm sorry.”

She was polite, but said that she couldn't introduce it to anyone without a good reason.

Behind her back, there was a whispered conversation.

"Ms. M always insists on being right. She never gives up. It's exhausting. The right thing is not always the best thing. She's really inflexible. I heard that she refused her parents' offer to help her with money. She doesn't think about profit and loss, does she?

When Ms. M heard this, she said, "You shouldn't take the easy way out and get help from your parents. If you want to get something, you have to do it in a way that fits your size. You have to do what you can first.”

It's probably best to give up trying to persuade or cajole a "White" person who is striving for his or her own righteous ideals with integrity. “White” people have both the generosity of human love and the strength of will that will not budge.

The people who go well with "White" are
The intellectual and orthodox "Blue".
White" who can discuss the same ideals

People who don’t go well with “White” are
“Orange” which is too hedonistic
“Yellow” whose behavior is too childish

Love characteristics of “White”
Respect turns into love
They don't like people who make things up
Weakness in sincerity

Communication for “White”
People who work with "White": Be reasonable in their work.
“White” for your bosses: You should never cheat.
“White" for business partners: Share the same philosophy.
“White” for school teachers: Talk about ideals.
“White” for fellow mom's: See if you can relate to her way of life.
If you have trouble dealing with “White”: Don't try to fix it, but deal with it with sincerity.

When you are concerned about “White”
When you are confident that you can defeat anything
When you want to reset your mind

Famous people who have the image of “White”
Mao Asada, Tamiyo Kusakari, Kurara Chibana, Sayuri Yoshinaga, Yukio Mishima, John Lennon

Chapter 4: Reading the other person's mind from the color of the things you have (Business)

”Color Mind Reading” is the Basis for All Communication

Now that you understand the relationship between each of the 13 colors and psychology, Chapter 4 will show you how to read the other person's mind through their belongings.

The key to successful communication, whether in business or personal life, is to understand what the other person really wants and desires.

"What words will make them happy?" "How can I respond to them so that future communication will be smoother?”

Even if you don't know the person at all, you are able to read their deepest thoughts from the color of their belongings.

For example, the color of the tie the person in front of you is wearing, the business card case they are carrying or the color of their business bag. Each color of various items has its own meaning. It is also important to understand the different desires that each item has to fulfill.

The color of a person's belongings reflects the underlying desires of that person. The more items that are not usually seen by the other person, the more they often express the deeper psychology of the person.

For example,
which items show the image you want to be seen in the first meeting?
Which items express your desire for success?

What are their policies, how do they communicate, what do they want in a partner and even what are their true feelings? You can find out all kinds of things about your partner through "Color mind reading”. So, let's get started!

If you want to know how you want to be seen in business, look at business card holders

Let's start with a business situation.

If you want to know how the person sitting in front of you wants to be seen in business, the key is to look at their business card case. Since a business card is a tool used for greeting people, it represents the "image you want people to think of you as a first impression" when they first meet you.

For example, I once saw a business card case of a salesperson at a life insurance company that was "Light blue”.

What can be read from this is our business stance is to “provide good advice tailored to the needs of each individual customer and to help make everyone we meet happy”.

If you look at it from this perspective, you will notice that there are more colorful and different business card holders than you thought. Please refer to Chapter 3 to check out the business card cases of various people.

Another thing you will sometimes see on men is a business card case made of aluminum. In many cases, they are purchased at convenience stores.

This means that many people who have "silver" (aluminum) business card cases do not care much about the first impression of the person they are meeting for the first time. These people often have other items, such as pens, notebooks and cell phones, all in “black”. The feeling of not wanting to think too much about this or that when matching items makes them choose “black” which is easy to buy.

When checking out a business card case, you should also look at whether the person is particular about the business card case itself or not. If you are exchanging business cards with someone you have never met before and they are using a rather expensive looking business card case, complimenting them on the color of the case as a conversation starter will get the conversation going.

If people don't have a business card case, look at their notebook or computer

If people don't have a “business card case”, look at their “schedule planner” or “laptop”.

Even in business situations, you may not be in a situation where you always have your business cards with you. So, instead of a business card case, you should look at a schedule planner or laptop.

There are people whose schedule planner are red and there are people whose laptops are “red”. In this way, people who dare to choose "red" for their self-assertion even in business scenes can be said to be people who are very particular about their self-direction. This is true for both men and women.

These people send out the message that “they are enjoying love, work and fashion”. You should also think of them as people who value the business scene very much and want to be particular about the meetings they have.

Anyway, if you are going to work together, respect the "red" person's "I'm the star" aspect and ask, “Is this the right way to proceed?" and "Is the next appointment on this day okay?” The key to success in future business is to respect the other person's point of view. The key to success in future business is to proceed in a way that is supportive of the other party.

For example, if the other persons have a refillable schedule planner (only the contents are changed, but the outside remains the same), the color of the schedule planner will tell you how they want to be perceived in the business world.

The color of the schedule planner that the other persons change every year will show their "wishes for the year" and you can read the enthusiasm of the other persons for the year ahead.

You can tell the message you want to convey today by the color of your tie

The more you know about the stance that person is taking today, the easier it will be for you to communicate with them.

So, how do you know what the other person is thinking?

All you have to do is look at the person's tie.

For example, if you are meeting someone for the first time today and he or she is wearing a red tie. The person you are meeting today is wearing a “red” tie, and he or she is going to ask you straight out what you really mean. It is a good idea to start with a conclusion and explain the flow of the conversation first.

If the person you are meeting for the first time today is wearing a “blue” tie. It is a good idea to start the conversation in a polite and calm manner and stand calmly.

If you are meeting someone for the first time today and he or she is wearing a “pink” tie, it is most important to make him or her feel at ease during the first contact. You have to remember to smile and be friendly.

So, what should you do if he or she is wearing a “yellow” tie? “Yellow” represents the psychology of wanting to put one's personality forward in a bright and cheerful way. When dealing with such people, first of all, respect their individuality and try to have a cheerful and humorous conversation with them.

A person who wears a “light blue” tie will be easy to get along with and will listen to what you have to say while maintaining a refreshing atmosphere.

On the other hand, if a person is wearing a “purple” tie, it is best to give up on trying to get them to listen to you. People with “purple” ties are not interested in anyone but themselves. They want to know how to get people to praise them. They are only interested in themselves.

Let's take a look at some of the simple messages that the color of the tie can send.

Black: "I'm not going to listen to you.”

Red: "I'm not going to lose today. I'm not going to let this turn into a fight.”

“Orange”: "I want to meet a lot of people and exchange a lot of information.”

Purple: "I want to be thought of as a stylish and unique person.”

Turquoise: "I want to be smart and sophisticated in my work.”

Yellow: “I want to have fun negotiating without being too formal.”

Gray: "I want to be as inconspicuous as possible and get away with it.”

Light blue: "I'm not going to speak up today, I'm going to be a good listener.”

Pink: "I'm concerned about what women will think.”

Brown: "Please trust me. Please trust me and appreciate me.”

Blue: "Let's just talk business today.”

Green: "I won't make you feel uneasy. Don't worry.”

White: "I won't waste my time and I won't meet people I don't like.”

What do you think? To put it another way, if you understand the message of the colors and choose a tie to wear, you can imply the message you want to convey to your partner.

If you want to play the game from the beginning, even if your relationship with the other person is a little bad, you can wear a “red” tie and if you simply want to be businesslike and leave as soon as your business is done, you can wear a “blue” tie. If you want to communicate with the other person a little more, wear an “orange” or “yellow” tie.

In this way, you can convey a silent message to the other person by deciding your own stance and changing the color of your tie according to the time, place, and occasion.

If you want to know how someone wants to succeed, look at the color of their wallet.

If you want to know how a person wants to be successful, look at the color of his or her wallet. The desire for success is the desire to be socially successful by gaining money and honor. The color of wallet has a great impact on this, as it is related to money.

If someone has a “red” or “gold” purse, the person is the type of person who wants to stand out from the crowd and become rich and successful so that others will take notice. Some of them are adventurous and want to make a fortune. This type is mainly found in entrepreneurs, sole proprietors and executives.

On the other hand, people with a “brown” wallet are the type who want to establish a steady foundation for their lives. They do not dream of getting rich. They want to save their money steadily. Ask anyone with a “brown” wallet how to save wisely or what's important when buying a house. They will be able to tell you the best and most reliable way.

Also, although it is not a color, a person who receives a wallet as a gift from someone else and continues to use it is also a person who is not very attached to money. Because they are not attached to their money, they tend to be rough with it.

The shape of the wallet should also be carefully examined. If someone has a bi-fold wallet, the person tends to be a person who is not very attached to money.

If you want to know what they want you to praise, check the color of their cell phone

I think everyone wants to know what their partner really wants behind their back. I think everyone would like to know. To find out, the quickest way is to find out what part of the person you are talking to wants you to compliment. If you can do this, you will be able to get closer to your partner in no time.

An easy way to find out what people want to be complimented on is actually the color of your cell phone.

A cell phone is not just a communication tool, but an item that is deeply related to a person's inner life and psychological state. There is a lot of personal information in a cell phone. In other words, a cell phone is a part of a person.

In other words, the psychology revealed by a cell phone is the person himself. It is a natural way to understand a person's values and beliefs.

That is why so many people are happy when you compliment them on their mobile phones, whether it is the model, the color or even the sense of choosing the right cover for their smartphone. It is also a good idea to analyze their favorite colors while talking about various topics related to cell phones.

For example, here is a person. She is a woman in her twenties who wears all “black”. From the top of her head to her shoes and her entire body is “black”. The way she walks around in her pants suit, she looks like the type of person with a strong independent spirit who never takes advantage of others.

However, the color of her cell phone was “pink”. She is black on the outside, but “pink” on the inside. What type of person is she?

She is the type of person who wants to be cool, but really wants to be pampered by others. A person who wants to be independent, but has a hint of a requesting heart that would be troubled if left completely alone. This is the deep psychology of the person who can be identified by the color of the cell phone, "pink”. It is a back desire.

If you want to get along with this person, the first thing you need to do is to understand their mind that wavers between "independence" and "requesting mind.

However, the problem is that this person is wearing “black”. “Black” also has the role of "defense”. In other words, she is not the type to actively show her “pink” side, which is her secret desire, to others, but only to those she knows well. It's a little difficult to tell, but one look at your cell phone and you'll know.

By the way, it has been my experience that women are the most likely to put their cell phones on their desks at work. The cell phone can be thought of as your alter ego. Men tend to be less self-conscious than women, so they tend to keep their cell phones in their suit pockets.

This is why men tend to keep their cell phones in their suit pockets. Men live in such a preconstructed society and are very cautious about showing their true selves.

If you want to know about a person's self-presentation, look at the color of their glasses.

Many people check out blogs and websites when they do preliminary research on someone, they are meeting for the first time, and you can get a lot of information from their photos.

By looking at the colors used on the top page and the color scheme of the fashion worn by the person, you can deepen your understanding of the person.

If the person wears glasses, you are in luck. This is because the color of the glasses reveals the degree of self-expression of the person.

We often see so-called "silver" eyeglasses, but this is a color that doesn't give a sense of self-expression.

Although the color is "silver," it has the same meaning as "gray," which is "modest. In other words, people who wear "silver" eyeglasses are "modest" and "quiet" when it comes to self-expression.

Speaking of "yellow" eyeglasses, the celebrity Shofukutei Shohei is one of them. His trademark “yellow” eyeglasses are a perfect expression of his "friendly" and "humorous" character.

“Black" glasses are also often seen, but they give off an unapproachable image. It gives an image of being unapproachable. In TV dramas and anime, female teachers are often seen wearing “black” glasses, which is a trademark of their strong will.

People who wear “red” glasses are those who have a strong desire for self-expression. They are the type of people who want to take the lead and make everything about themselves.

The main color of the website of the president of a management consulting company was “yellow green”. Yellow green combines the "sense of balance" and "pacifism" of green with the "friendliness" of “yellow”. The website was very friendly, but surprisingly, the president's glasses were “red”. This gave the website a friendly atmosphere, but also conveyed the message that "I will do things my way”.

As you can see, a website contains a lot of useful information that you should know beforehand at the time of first contact.

If you want to know how to communicate, look at the color of the pen.

In order to communicate well with others, you need to understand what they consider to be important.

So, what should you look for? It's the pen.
If you look at the color of the pen, you can see how the person is communicating.

For example, let's say a person has an “orange” pen.

“Orange" has the meaning of "sociability" and "camaraderie". You can assume that the person who has an “orange” pen is someone who wants to have a pleasant communication with you.

“Orange" also means "cheerfulness" and "casualness," so the stance of the person you are talking to should be frank. In other words, if you are too formal or use overly polite language, it will have a negative impact. The key words are "together" and "get along”. It is important to be aware of equality.

So, how should we treat people who have a “blue” pen? “Blue" has the message of "caring about the world”, "being bound by rules" and "focusing on common sense”.

When communicating with this type of person, the key to increasing your sensitivity is to follow the rules and proceed with the conversation. If you suddenly start with a conclusion, the other person will not understand and some people will feel as if you are intruding into their territory and will be offended.

Start with a greeting, talk about the weather, ask about the other person's situation and then finally get to the point. This is a good way to communicate.

When checking pens, it is important to look at the color, but it is also important to look at the price range of the pen the person is choosing.

For example, a person who chooses fountain pens that cost tens of thousands of yen each and a person who chooses ballpoint pens that cost a few hundred yen are completely different in terms of how particular they are about their pens.

Basically, I feel that the higher the price, the more people are willing to communicate in a steady manner.

It is very important to analyze the pen to see if the person is paying attention not only to the color, but also to the price and functionality.

Look at ”the color of the bag” to see ”what you wish for in a business partner”

From the business bags people use on a daily basis, you can read “your desires for your business partner”.

If someone has a “black” business bag, the person is the type of person who looks for practicality in a partner and he or she wants to have a relationship with someone who can do a job that they can respect.

On the other hand, many of these types are not concerned with superficial things such as etiquette and appearance. The point is whether or not they are capable of dealing with the other person. This is the only point they care about.

However, if it is a “black” business bag with a “red” color scheme, what they are looking for is more than just practicality.

There is an implicit self-assertion, "You know my value, don't you?” It is not advisable to treat such people lightly or disrespect them.

On the other hand, the opposite of this way of thinking is the person who carries an orthodox "brown" business bag. People with this kind of business bag tend to choose serious and sensible people as their business partners. Many people care about politeness and common sense style, so it's best to avoid flashy outfits.

If you want to know "how fashionable" they are, look at their "umbrella" and "makeup bag".

If you want to know how fashionable you are, look at your umbrella and makeup bag. Umbrellas are a great way to find out how someone thinks about their appearance. There are many men who buy plastic umbrellas because they lose them too easily and then lose them again. These men often do not pay much attention to their appearance.

The people who choose their own umbrellas are the ones who are particular about their appearance, so let's check what kind of umbrellas they choose on rainy days based on the list of 13 colors in Chapter 3.

On the other hand, the color of a woman's umbrella expresses “her desire to be seen as a woman”.

A woman who chooses a “pink” umbrella expresses her desire to be seen as feminine, while a woman who chooses a “black” umbrella wants to be seen as someone who can work rather than as a woman.

Another meaning similar to that of umbrellas is that of a woman's makeup bag. The color of the makeup bag reveals the degree of obsession with beauty.

If the makeup bag is stylish to look at, it means that the person is obsessed with beauty. On the other hand, there are some people who choose a plain makeup bag.

One time, there was a person in charge of planning a culture school who used a “moss green” bead case as her makeup bag.

We can conclude that such people are not very attached to beauty. In fact, she said, "It's too much trouble to put on lipstick.” However, when I asked her more about it, she told me that she was currently looking for a boyfriend.

I advised her to change her makeup bag to “something more beauty-inspired”, such as "pink" or "purple”.

Needless to say, I gave her my advice. The color of your makeup bag is usually hidden in your bag, but by consciously changing its color, you can change your sense of feminine grooming.

Personality tests based on umbrellas and makeup bags can also be used at matchmaking parties.

If you want to know their "hidden self", check their "shoes".

If you want to know where a person's true feelings lie, look at the color of their shoes.

Our feet are often seen by others, but not often by us. Therefore, it is an area where we easily show our hidden true colors.

If the other person is a man, the shoes will be “black” or “brown” and it is difficult to analyze the other person's true intentions. In such cases, one way is to look at the shape of the shoes. Do they have formal laces or not? Just by looking at the shape of the shoe, you can tell if they are the type to be caught up in the pattern or not.

For women, on the other hand, the shoes they wear tend to reveal the true side of the person they are hiding, so it is a point to check.

If a person wears a “beige” dress with simple makeup, but instead of wearing “black” pumps for work, she wears “gold” mules with glittering beads. This is the type of person who would actually get very tired of being all about work. She gets tired of talking about work all the time.

The "golden" mules indicate that she not only wants to be treated as a woman, but also wants to use her femininity in her work and shine.

When dating or working with such a person, you need to treat them as a woman with plenty of playful elements, or your impression of them will be bad. Please be careful.

People who have "uniform colors" and people who have "different colors"

If you look carefully at a person's fashion and accessories, you will see that some people have uniform colors, while others have different colors depending on the items they have. What is the difference?

The more uniform the colors, the more solid the person's ideas and values are within themselves.

In other words, there is little blurring between the inner thoughts and outer actions. There are no two sides of the same coin, so at best they can say that they are consistent, and at worst you can say that they have a simple personality.

In addition, the fact that you are consistent in the color information you send out means that others can easily understand your way of thinking and values.

For example, the economic critic Kazuyo Katsuma. She seems to be the type of person who can do her job well, but when I looked at the items she carries, I found that they are all in “black”. Her cell phone is “black”, her schedule planner is “black”, her ballpoint pen is “black” and even her mouse and audio player are “black”.

From this analysis, we can see that Ms. Katsuma is a workaholic with a strong independent spirit and is a perfectionist in everything she does.

She can do her work by herself without any particular need for help from others, and as she does not rely on others, she may not place importance on communication. That is why you will need to talk to these people from the conclusion.

On the other hand, there are people who have different colors for different items. Such people have a desire to show a different side of themselves in each business situation. In addition to this, it can also be said that they are easily influenced by the opinions of others, that they are easily influenced by their environment and that their behavior on the surface differs from their true feelings.

If you don't want people to be able to see who you are so easily, you can dare to have a different color for each item and smoke them out.

This way, if someone has different colors for each item, it will take a little time to understand each other. This can have a negative effect when they want to be straightforward about who they are.

Be aware that having a different color for each item can confuse the other person.

Chapter 5: Reading the other person's mind from the colors of their belongings (Love and Marriage)

Read the true feelings of the person you are interested in from their belongings

It's not always easy to know the feelings of the person you love. However, it can be embarrassing to ask directly... So, let's think of a way to find out what's on the mind of the person you care about by using "Color mind reading”.

Remember the method of reading a person's personality from their belongings introduced in Chapter 4. I mentioned that the color of your cell phone indicates their values and beliefs, and the color of their bag indicates the message they are looking for in a partner. How exactly can you read someone's mind?

Let me give you a simple example. It's a story about a man in his late twenties. He wants to approach a woman he met at a party, but he doesn't know how to go about it. The man is not good at asking her out and he always makes mistakes.

So, I asked the man to list the colors of the items that the woman he was interested in was wearing. He said that his cell phone and shoes were "burgundy" and that her daily bag was a high-end brand in "brown".

The color of the cell phone represents a person's values and the color of the shoes represents a person's true self. “burgundy" is a darker version of red that looks like reddish purple. It contains the message of "red", "purple" and "black". It is not a bright “red”, but it is a type of person who wants to be recognized.

Not only that, but she also has a little bit of the unique "purple" in her, which makes her a little difficult for others to understand. And then there is “black”. And yet, she also has a desire to be cool and make her presence felt.

The woman he is interested in gives off an image of elegance and grace to new acquaintances, but in reality, she is a very particular woman who needs to be treated with care and special attention.

So, I suggested that when inviting this woman out to dinner, instead of just going into a restaurant haphazardly, it would be better to approach her by making a reservation at a fancy restaurant in advance.

The bag also reveals the image of the ideal partner. From the fact that she uses a luxury brand bag, her ideal partner is a "rich type”.

Furthermore, the color is "brown," which means that she prefers a man who has a decent job and is stable.

So, if you want to win her over, he needs to make an effort to become such a man. She is attracted to men who can handle their personal life as well, so it is important to make their date feel a little richer.

Sure enough, the man who was able to satisfy her needs is still in a relationship with her today. As you can see, "Color mind reading" can reveal the inner thoughts of a person you like through their belongings.

What colors are most likely to get you approached at a matchmaking party?

If you're going to a matchmaking party where you're going to have a great time meeting people, but no one wants to talk to you, you're in trouble. Here are some colors that will make you popular at a matchmaking party.

If you are a woman, it would be a good idea to have clothes and accessories in light colors such as “pink” or “orange”. “Pink” has a calming and soothing effect on the mind.

Also, “pink” stimulates men's desire to protect you, so it is easy to get approached at matchmaking parties and blind dates. At a matchmaking party, femininity and cuteness are necessary.

However, "pink" is pink, but "magenta" is not. It adds to the assertiveness of "red" and gives the people around you a strong image of you. It will make it difficult for people to talk to you, so be careful.

The light color of “orange” is also suitable for such parties. “Orange” is a color that represents sociability and popularity. It gives a cheerful feeling to the people around you and attracts attention.

However, if the color is too bright, it may give the impression that you are a pushy and selfish type, so be careful how you choose “the color saturation”.

So, what is the worst color for a woman to wear to a matchmaking party or a blind date? The answer is "brown”. “Brown” is the color of stubbornness and inflexibility. It's good for pragmatism after marriage, but it's also a color that doesn't bring out the excitement of love. Also, if the lighting at the party is dark, the darkness of the “brown” color will be emphasized, and it will give a dull impression around your face.

The “brown” leather business bag that you usually use is also not allowed at this time and you will be thought of as someone who does not know the time, place and occasion, and is not sexy.

It also gives the impression that you are a bother with no sense of fashion. “Brown” is a color that gives off too much of a sense of calmness and makes it difficult to feel cute, so don't wear it.

Men should try to put "pink" in their fashion

What kind of fashion should men wear at a party? If you want to give off a friendly image that will make it easier to be approached, you should wear a classy “gray” suit with a “light blue” shirt and a “cream-colored” tie with a lighter “yellow” color to make it easier to be approached at matchmaking parties and blind dates.

On the other hand, if you wear a “black” suit and a “bright red” tie, you'll be too assertive and will look out of place at a matchmaking party.

So, what color is the secret to becoming even more popular at a matchmaking party?

The clue lies in the color “pink”.

One celebrity who has made good use of the color "pink" is Junichi Ishida. He used to be more aggressive when he was younger, but recently he has lost all his angularity and has become softer. His smile is also soft and gentle, and he has a very kind image.

His devotion to his wife, Riko Higashio, is also attracting attention. His lifelong devotion to romance is quite admirable. He is one of the most popular celebrities among women.

According to a survey by online research firm iShare, "What do you think about men wearing 'pink' clothes?” 89.8% of women answered that they thought it was a good idea.

When men wear it, they are seen as "fashionable" and "kind". In other online surveys, some respondents said that it tickles their maternal instincts.

However, some people may not know how to incorporate "pink" into their own fashion. This does not mean that you have to wear a “pink” suit. The first thing to do is to change your tie, shirt or any other item with “pink”.

If you can wear “pink” well, you will surely get more attention at the party.

How do I find the right person to marry?

What kind of color do you think the perfect partner wears? What colors should you choose if you want to find a sincere man you can feel comfortable with?

If you want to choose a man who is suitable for marriage, you should choose a man who wears a lot of “blue”, such as “navy blue” on a regular basis. “Blue” is a man who cares about the appearances. They are sensible and have the integrity to follow the rules.

Another good choice is a man who wears “beige” fashion. You will feel comfortable with him. People who wear “blue” and “brown” fashions have a sense of “trust” and “reliability”. They may be a little uninteresting or playful, so dating and approaching them may be common sense.

If your goal is to maintain your marriage rather than have a great love affair or excitement, “blue” or “brown” men are recommended.

“Moss green” is also a good choice for a marriage partner. Even if you are not a thrilling partner, you will be able to build a family with “a sense of security and stability”.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a suitable woman to marry, you should choose someone who likes to wear “beige” or “light blue” on a regular basis.

“Beige” and “light blue” are not colors that make you assertive, but colors that allow you to take a step back. People who prefer “beige” tend to want to be peaceful and family-oriented, making it a good choice for a marriage partner.

However, women who wear “beige” or “light blue” have the weakness of not being able to attack aggressively on their own. We hope that men will take a little lead in their relationships.

If you want to know what message to look for in a marriage partner,  check the color of the bag

What kind of stance are you looking for in a partner? If you want to know, pay attention to your partner's bag.

Just as in the business world, by looking at the bag, you can get an idea of how the other person tends to choose their partner. By the way, in their private life, look at the color of the bag they utilize in their private life. The color of the bag will reveal the type of future partner you are looking for.

“Purple”, “yellow” and “turquoise” indicate that they want a partner who is unique and who will stimulate their ideas and thinking. “Beige”, “blue” and “brown”, on the other hand, want to choose a partner who is serious and sensible.

“Red”, “black” and “orange” are more likely to choose a partner who is good at his or her job and who can guarantee a glamorous liferather than someone with common sense and politeness.

If someone has a “gray” or “light blue” bag, they are more likely to choose a partner who is kind and has a gentle personality. Many people have a strong sense of dependence on their partner, so if you choose them as your partner, you will need to take the lead.

And those who choose "pink" for their private bag. This person may have a strong desire to marry into the purple. They may be dreaming of a prince who will love only them and keep looking for him. You may miss your chance to marry because you are chasing your dream too much.

What is the color that you always worry about after marriage?

Now, let's look at what happens after marriage. There are people who try to keep their popularity the same as when they were single. The first such person is the one who likes to wear “red” a lot. These people love anything that makes them nervous. This desire is also demonstrated in love.

They are the type of person who is interested in romance not only with a certain person but also with various people. This will continue even after marriage, so be prepared.

Celebrities who like to wear the color “red” and whose free-spiritedness can be felt are Ayumi Hamasaki and Erika Sawajiri. Both of them seem to be in love with someone who is always looking for something exciting to do.

Maybe they don't want to, but if they're looking for something exciting in a relationship, it's hard to narrow it down to just one person.

“Pink” is the color that attracts their affection and desire to be loved by everyone. “Pink” is a color that emphasizes femininity and beauty in appearance, and many people want to stay in love even after marriage. They have a strong desire to stay in love.

Also, people who choose "pink" are beautiful in all directions and cannot easily say no to an invitation. This can lead to a lingering relationship. It's good to know that this is a characteristic of people who choose the color “pink”.

The "Color" of those who cannot get married easily

On the other hand, there are many people who fall in love, but are unable to get married. What colors do such people tend to wear?

Recently, there is a color that is often seen in the personal belongings and fashion of young women. That color is “magenta” which I have mentioned before.

Many people who wear “magenta” are full of feminine charm, but they also have a desire to pursue the excitement of “red”, the unique sense of individuality of “purple” and the beauty and femininity of “pink”. It is the complete opposite of the color that is homier and more suitable for marriage.

The characteristic of people who choose this color is that they want to be free to pursue what they like. Many of these people have boyfriends, but never get married.

Incidentally, those who frequently wear “magenta” even after marriage do not want to be tied down in marriage. This is the type of person who is very reluctant to be bound even after marriage.

Another color that does not go well with marriage is “black”. People who wear this color in fashion do not have marriage as their main goal in life. Many people don't feel like a relaxed family person even after marriage.

“Black" is a person who has own perfect style, and if he or she can respect that style, they can get married, but if not, it is difficult. Moreover, many of them have a very high standard of living and they do not depend on their partner after marriage.

For this reason, their marriages do not last long and many of them divorce. Ichiro is one of the celebrities who symbolize "black," but it seems that it is difficult to maintain a marriage unless someone can continue to support their partner behind the scenes, like Mrs. Yumiko Fukushima.

On the other hand, it is those who wear "brown" fashion who are less fortunate in meeting people and therefore find it difficult to get married.

Nevertheless, I would recommend that people who prefer "brown" are the type of people who will act in a steady manner to maintain their marriage for a long time.

It's just that they don't appeal well to the opposite sex. These people believe that people are all about what's inside, not what's on the outside, so whether they're a woman or a man, they're likely to be a simple person. They don't want to actively go out to meet people. Therefore, they just don't have the luck to meet people.

If you wear a lot of these colors and are thinking of getting married, I recommend that you add a little softness by introducing other colors.

If you are thinking about how to ask someone out on a date or where to go, check the color of your cell phone.

Next, let's take a look at how you can find out what kind of date you should ask the person you want to go on. In particular, let's analyze the psychology of the other person by paying attention to the cell phone (or its cover if it's a smart phone).

“Black" is the type of person who values their own style. They have their own rules about where they want to go, so it's safer to let them decide where to go on a date.

“Red" is the type that hates to be treated the same as others. The key is to ask them out to a place where they can feel special, such as a fancy restaurant. It is important to contact them as soon as you ask them out. They don't like to be kept waiting.

“Orange" is like "Jaian" in Doraemon. He is very emotional and loves festivals. Orange like lively places and will be happy if you invite them to a live concert or event.

“Purple" is an unworldly and mysterious. It's a good idea to go see the art or art that they are looking for. Don't forget to praise the color “purple”.

“Turquoise” is a proud and particular person. It is a person who risks his or her life to do something different from others. Compliment them on their differences and invite them on a date to their favorite place.

“Yellow" is a unique and energetic person. The best compliment you can give them is, "You make me feel better when I'm with you”. The best thing to do is to invite them to a place where they would enjoy.

“Gray" hates pushy people. Don't ask them out too forcefully. When asking someone out on a date at a matchmaking parties or a blind date, it's best to ask the person out with a few other people.

“Light blue” is decent and attentive. It's a good idea to have a relaxing dinner at a quiet and stylish restaurant. It is best not to take them to too many places.

It is important for "Pink" to lead gently, so it is safer for you to decide where to invite the person. They want to enjoy their love life, so it's best to suggest places where they can take their time to talk or places where they can enjoy themselves.

“Brown" is a skeptical and steady person. It is important to give out a lot of information about yourself because trust comes first. If you want to take someone out on a date, a place with a sense of history, such as Kyoto, may be a good choice.

“Blue” is an intelligent and legitimate person. Ask them out to a classical concert, an old French or Italian movie or a popular exhibition.

“Green" is the type that develops from friendship to love. Group relationships are recommended. They are nature lovers, so a date with them while enjoying a walk in the park is a good idea.

“White" is a philanthropist. This type can be kind to everyone. It is important to tell them that you like them. When you ask them out on a date, show them your territory by saying, "I wanted to bring you here," so that they feels closer to you.

Chapter 6: Using color to achieve happiness and success

Incorporating the colors of the person you want to be into your daily life

When you think about yourself in order to make full use of the knowhow of "Color mind reading", you may notice that there are colors that you always choose and colors that you used to choose but have stopped choosing since you became an adult.

For example, you may have a certain color for your business bag or shoes that you always choose. On the other hand, when it comes to the color of the clothes and accessories you wear every day, sometimes you choose "light blue" and sometimes you choose "brown”. On the other hand, the color of the clothes and accessories you wear every day may vary from day to day, sometimes choosing “light blue”, sometimes choosing “brown”, sometimes choosing “yellow” or “pink”, and so on.

It's not that people's tastes have changed, but rather that the colors they choose change depending on their position and situation. The mood of the moment has a great influence.

That's why "Color mind reading" can tell you what a person's current mood is.

Conversely, you can change your mind if you use colors effectively and with a good understanding of what you are doing.

Change the colors you use in your private and business life

There are many people who are so busy with their work that they bring their work into their personal life as well. There may be some people who love their work so much that they don't have a boundary between work and private life, but it's easier to improve your work efficiency if you live a life with a clear distinction between on and off.

However, if you find it difficult to separate on and off work, I recommend changing the color of the items you use on and off work. Even just changing the color of the items you use on and off will refresh your mood.

If you can't think of any off-color items, your mind may be a little tired. You need a good rest.

“Black" is an image of urban sophistication and serves as a protective armor. However, if you wear “black” from top to bottom, not only in business situations but also in your private life, you will feel tired and unable to switch between on and off.

There are many of my clients who wear “black” all over. This is especially true for women who are basically good at their jobs. They don't want to be taken lightly by men and want to be appreciated for their work, so they wear “black” clothes and items to gain self-confidence.

When I recommend to them, "Why don't you wear other colors?" they say that they don't wear “black” because it makes them feel comfortable. What I would like to advise people who are armed with “black” armor is that it is fine to wear “black” armor and be a perfectionist at work, but if you don't take a break in your personal life, you will be exhausted.

If you don't feel like taking a day off, or if you don't feel like enjoying your vacation, why don't you take off your “black” armor and wear bright colors that are completely different from what you normally wear and enjoy your vacation? I'm sure that your stress will slowly dissipate.

If you have a clear goal to achieve, limit the colors of your accessories to one or two colors.

Like Kazuyo Katsuma mentioned above, there are people who keep the colors of their items consistent. Such people are characterized by the fact that they have a well-defined direction in which they should go and do not blur.

The more uniform the color of the items, the less the gap between your conscious and unconscious selves, and the more likely you are to move in the direction you want. In other words, you will be more likely to succeed.

However, it is also true that if everything is the same color, people will think that you have no personality. Therefore, you can try adding one more color to your accessories to give them more personality. This will give you a good sense of balance.

On the other hand, there are people who have a variety of colors in their items. People who have a lot of different colors are people who are impatient and have a lot of desires to fulfill.

For such people, if they decide on the color to use for each small item from the beginning, for example, "brown" for a wallet, the image of that color will work as a psychological effect and they will be closer to achieving their goals.

It works! ”Yellow" Supplement

People who have never worn yellow before and people who are not comfortable with it. “Yellow” is a color that has been around for a long time.

“Yellow” is a color that represents "happiness" and "hope" as seen in the movie "The Yellow Handkerchief" starring Ken Takakura.

On the other hand, “yellow” has the image of a goofy warrior in the Superhero series. It is the image of the so-called "jokers" and "childish". Many people who do not want to wear “yellow” are concerned about the negative image it has.

However, if you are so preoccupied with it that you do not reach out to it, you will not be able to receive the positive messages of “yellow” such as "brightness" and "happiness".

When you pick up "yellow", the message of "friendliness" will make you less prejudiced towards others and you will be able to take things in stride.

Anyway, “yellow” has a more immediate effect than any other color. The expression, "It works fast!” is the perfect expression. It is a very reassuring color that can immediately make you feel cheerful and give you a way out of your troubles, even if you feel like you are in an impasse. It's a color that can easily be incorporated into pens, pendants and neckties for men. “Yellow" supplements are quite effective.

You can tell a person's mood by the colors they are interested in and the colors they want to keep away from

In the end, I would like to tell you that the colors that you are interested in lately and the colors that you want to keep away from contain messages that you need.

“The colors that you are interested in lately” represent what you are currently lacking and the messages you need. By proactively taking in the messages of the colors, you can find the direction you need to go and the solution to your next step.

If you are interested in “pink”, it's a sign that you need to be more honest with yourself and sometimes you need to ask for help or rely on others. This is a message to you to be “honest and ask for help”.

If you're interested in “turquoise”, it means you're looking for original ideas. You are being told to “think from a new perspective”.

If there is a color that “catches your attention”, I recommend that you take it in stride. Think of it as a color that your subconscious mind wants that is different from the color you are consciously holding in your hand.

On the other hand, if there is a color that you used to like but have “recently decided to stay away from”, it means that there is someone or an environment that you want to get away from.

If you used to like “black”, but have recently started to choose “green” and stay away from “black”, it means that you want to be free from the tension of everyday life and are seeking healing. You may be looking for peace and quiet in your daily life.

The word "black" means solitude. This is because they are actively choosing “green” which represents peaceful psychology to keep away from such psychological states.

On the other hand, if you have moved away from the "green" that you used to like and are now choosing "black," it is a sign that you want to show a more outspoken presence rather than stability and security. You may no longer be satisfied with being just a "nice person.

Let's say you choose “brown” as the color you want to keep away from. “Brown” means "solid," "quality oriented," "trustworthy" and "maintain the status quo”. You want to let go of these meanings of the color now. Perhaps you have a desire to change your job.

In this way, you can also understand the state of your mental health. Noticing your own mind with colors and using colors for therapy is another great way to enrich your life.


Colors are so strangely and honestly connected to our mind and body.

The colors that we naturally pick up "without reason" have some kind of message. “Colors say more than the mouth.”

Just as we all know that a smile indicates favor and a furrowed brow indicates displeasure without having to learn it, people all over the world innately know that colors have their own messages.

This is where "Color mind reading" comes in handy.

The psychological effects of colors are almost universal, despite differences in religions, climates, and historical views, so it can be said that we can understand others beyond countries and languages just by looking at colors. How fun it is to be able to communicate across borders through colors.

Let's use this to our advantage and build better human relationships.

I hope that the wonderful communication tool of color will play an increasingly important role in the future, literally becoming the common language of the world.

In the end, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. Suzuki, Editor-in-Chief of Kou- Shobo, Mr. Akihito Matsuo of Next Service Co., Ltd. for giving me the opportunity to publish this book, Mr. Yukihiro Amada of Concept Works Co., Ltd. for patiently working with me from the planning stage, Ms. Mayu Inagaki of Ichirindo who continued to encourage and support my writing throughout the New Year's holidays and weekends, Yutaka Ujigawa who helped me tremendously with the writing of this book, all the color type instructors who I always turn to when I have a problem, our staff who are looking forward to the publication of this book, and my very important friends, colleagues and family.

This book was born with the cooperation of many people. Thank you very much.

I would be very happy if “Color mind reading” could be used as a fun and useful tool for anyone who picks up this book.

December, 2012

Representative Director of Shikisaishya Co., Ltd.
Developer of Color Type® Theory

Mariko Kono