Kana Hanazawa Interview

Kana Hanazawa Interview


To celebrate the second anniversary of PONYCANYON SHOP, we have published interviews with artists whose products are sold at the store. Don't miss this special interview!
PONYCANYON SHOPのオープン2周年を記念して、当ショップで商品を取り扱うアーティストに海外にまつわるインタビューを刊行!普段、なかなか聞くことのないパーソナルな内容は必見です。

Q1.Of all the different countries you've been to, please tell us which was the most memorable, and your favorite memory of it.

The breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountains in Switzerland are something I'll never forget. I was there for a shoot for photo collection, and it was pitch dark outside when we arrived, so when I woke up the next morning, the first thing I saw was that vista like something out of a painting, right outside my window; it was really amazing. I also had cheese fondue there made with white wine which was incredibly delicious! I'd love to eat it again!

Q2.What city in the United States would you most like to visit, and why?

Boston. My #1 favorite foreign TV series, Ally My Love [Japanese title of Ally McBeal], is set there, and I've always wanted to visit someday and go on a "pilgrimage" to all the real-life locations from the show!!!
ボストンです。『アリー my Love』という私が一番好きな海外ドラマの舞台になっているので、いつかは必ず行って聖地巡礼してみたいです!!!

Q3.Please tell us about your favorite souvenir that you bought in another country.

The clothes I bought at secondhand shops in Brooklyn. I was determined to go shopping for clothes while I was in New York, and I had a wonderful time going around all the stylish secondhand boutiques in Brooklyn. I got a sweatshirt there, with an illustration of a girl done in embroidery on the front, that I treasure to this day.

Q4 What sort of events would you like to participate in while in the U.S.?

I've only been to the United States for photo shoots, so I'd love to be able to meet some American anime fans! I'd really like to talk to them and hear about what anime they're interested in, their favorite characters, and things like that!

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