BAND-MAID:Miku Kobato Interview

BAND-MAID:Miku Kobato Interview


To celebrate the second anniversary of PONYCANYON SHOP, we have published interviews with artists whose products are sold at the store. Don't miss this special interview! The first interview is Miku Kobato from BAND-MAID, who will be touring North America for the first time in October!
PONYCANYON SHOPのオープン2周年を記念して、当ショップで商品を取り扱うアーティストに海外にまつわるインタビューを刊行!普段、なかなか聞くことのないパーソナルな内容は必見です。第一回目は、10月に初の北米ツアーを控えるBAND-MAIDから小鳩ミクが登場!!

Q1.Of all the different countries you've been to, please tell us which was the most memorable, and your favorite memory of it.

Mexico, where we had our very first overseas solo service (gig) po.
Even in Japan we'd never played a large-scale venue like that before, and seeing the sold-out crowd of masters and mistresses who had come to see us was a big surprise po. For over an hour before the start time, we could hear them chanting "BAND-MAID! BAND-MAID!!" outside, which was a big surprise and made us incredibly happy po.

Q2.Please tell us which overseas city you'd most like to go to and why.

Las Vegas po. I think the contrast between the atmosphere of downtown Vegas and BAND-MAID would be intriguing and could really let us shine, and also, since it's a place that's famous for all kinds of entertainment, I'd love for us to perform a service (concert) there po.

Q3. Please tell us about your favorite souvenir that you bought in another country.

I didn't get one, but three of the bandmembers bought Rimowa suitcases while we were in Germany, which they love and take everywhere now po. Since we tour internationally and spend a lot of time on the road, having luggage that's durable and has so many convenient features is awesome, or so they tell me po!

Q4. Please tell us something that BAND-MAID is hoping to do internationally.

We've only appeared solo on our international tours so far, so we'd love to do a battle of the bands with overseas artists po!

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