Implementing New Hokkaido Style for Covid19

Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort will implement measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases based on the new Hokkaido style established by Hokkaido. 

Please refer to the below regarding to the New Hokkaido Style established by Hokkaido.

1. Our staff will wear masks and washing hands frequently. ‥
・Hand wash, mask, cough etiquette

2. We will thoroughly manage the health of our staff.
・Health check before work

3. Provide regular ventilation in the facility.
・Ventilation will be done by opening windows regularly

4. We regularly disinfect and clean equipment and instruments.
・Alcohol disinfectant is installed in various places in the facility, and scheduled cleaning will be implemented.

5. We will work to reduce the chances of contact between people.
・Installation of vinyl partitions at the front and counters
・Social distancing
・Restricting the number of people and securing distance

6. We also ask our customers to cough etiquette and wash their hands.
・Enlightenment through notices

7. We will proactively inform you of our efforts by utilizing our website.


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