いまは英語の練習に使っています。こころとからだの健康に興味があります。 心理カウンセ…


いまは英語の練習に使っています。こころとからだの健康に興味があります。 心理カウンセラー根本裕幸師匠のお弟子さん講座に参加したことをきっかけにnoteをはじめました。


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trip to

I went on a trip to Luang Phabang in Laos. I really liked the town including the name of it. On the way back home, I hoped I would visit there again soon. I never thought I would go Laos on my trip because I didn't know about Laos well,

    • left

      I was walking back to my home from doing a shopping. On the way, I realized that I came by bicycle. I guess I really wanted to walk then.

      • card game

        I spent time with my cousin's family. I really like playing with kids.  This time, I really enjoyed card game of trains and buses. I am not a railway geek, but it was so fun. Many kinds of railway or bus services were on cards. It made us

        • New Year's Eve

          How was this year? Umm, I didn't make much progress. I started studying English again, joined workshops about regenerating environment, and studied anatomy a little.  The progress is so slowly, but I am trying step by step. It's so nice fo


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          I didn't finish cleaning my home yet. I made a box to storage small goods today. It took long time. But I enjoyed it. I will clean as possible as I can tomorrow!

          searching and shopping

          I can’t believe it is already the end of the month. Time flies! I got sick this month,  so a week that I had been sick left so fast. What I do in my free time these days is searching and shopping. I also have to donate and choice the re

          searching and shopping

          sweet medicine

          I am drinking traditional Chinese medicine for my throat. I dissolve it in the hot water. It tastes sweet and nice even though it's Kampo. Many kinds of Kampos are bitter. It seems to work for me and I like the color of pale yellow of the

          sweet medicine


          My sore throat has gotten much better now. I really slept a lot for this two days. I had some kinds of dreams and they were interesting. Unfortunately I've forgotten about the stories soon.

          sore throat

          Because I've had a sore throat, I went to grocery and bought food a lot in case of being sick. It's hard to choice something eat when I feel sick. I think I have to prepare for being sick when I am good. I also got medicated candy drops


          I love ginger ale with real ginger. I mean I don't like it like just juice. My favorite is sold at grocery near my house. So I really hope that it will not stop being sold. I drunk all which I have left the other day. It was so nice and s


          I found that folding the laundry is good for being calm. That often makes me bother but sometimes makes me feel fulfilled.  Maybe seeing neat and clean things is nice for me.


          I bought a book. It is translated book. I felt it's hard to read. I don't know why clearly but maybe translating is so difficult.  I may have to read original book of this in English.


          December has come. I love the Christmas and the year‐end season. I always imagine a lot of things that I want to do during winter vacation. This year I want to study English and anatomy, and to prepare for trip on next year. I'm so exci


          I made pumpkin potage. I used an enamel cook pot and a blender mede of Oster. That sounds lovely, isn't it? The soup looked so good. However, the taste of it was not so good. It was a little disappointing. I have to retry it someday


          I got roots of Udo to plant. It may be a little bit weird, I want to grow Udo. I like eating it.  Honestly, I have had it only one or two times, so it is possible to not be tasty than I think. But my memory of Udo is so good.


          It was so windy in this lunch time. I was just like at the center of the storm. I felt the great nature a little. After then, when I came back home, the wind seemed get weak. I hoped the trash can in the road not flied away.