**Dharamsala Project is a project to make this world covered with forests. **

We will make permaculture eco village in Dharamsala (summer resort of India) and promote global afforestation.
With the motto of sustainability, diversity and harmony, we will build the world where everyone can live happily.


Toilets of Dharamsala Project

We will make toilets that can take methane gas and we also make 2 other compost type toilets. We will adopt recycling bio toilets in Dharamsala.

まず穴を2個掘り 交互に使います。水分は石積みの側面と下部から地下浸透し発酵浄化します。
First we dig two holes and use them alternatively. Liquid percolates underground from the stone-piling side and bottom of the hole and will ferment and be purified. It is also necessary to have enough space for the liquid to be purified in the soil so that it may not pollute the area.

In the case of Japan it is better to make a simple flush toilet.

石積みの円形地下浸透層 ウンチだけが残り 発酵すると1/100くらいになるので2年くらいは使えるようです。
Stone-piling circular layer for underground percolation
Only excrements are left behind. The volume will be reduced to about 1/100 when fermented. Thus, this hole can be used for about 2 years.

When the hole is 80% full, we will change the flow. 80% full layer will ferment and liquid will be removed by percolation.

It doesn't smell at all.
Broken into pieces, it can be best used as compost.

Making a system to take methane gas promotes recycling with no wastes of resources.

Although this is a small system ....

メタンガス発酵装置を作りそのオーバフローの水分を庭の畑の土壌に穴を開けたパイプで誘引 作物を作ります。
A methane gas fermentation device is made and overflow water is run through the pipe with small holes to water crops in the field.

メタンガスでモーターを回し発電も可能です。Methane gas can be used as gas. Liquid can be used as liquid manure.
Methane gas can also be used to generate electricity by running a motor.

I was able to talk to Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak, the director and he gave me a book with his autograph. Gandhi's granddaughter was there, too. She came to give a lecture and we took a commemorative photo together.

Gandhi's granddaughter

Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak (74), the founder of Sulabh International, New Delhi based NGO, has worked on waste disposal and the caste problems for many years. I received a book from him.



The vision of the toilet department of Dharamsala Project has become clear.
Like the cases in Southeast Asia, pour the water into the pond and fish in the pond will eat it and then it will flow through the paddy field and then reach the field. This kind of design is interesting.

Now all we have to do is just to make it.
It is likely that we can make it cheap if we use only on-site items.

It is a picture for commemoration taken at the toilet museum.
I took a photo with Mr. Bindeshwar Pathak (73), director who is called the Saint of toilets, and a granddaughter of Gandhi who came to give a lecture.
Gandhi took the initiative in cleaning toilets by himself because he thought it important to eliminate discriminative consciousness toward the lowest people whose job was cleaning toilets. He thought this would be the prerequisite condition for eliminating discrimination between British and Indians.
It is certain that Gandhi's idea on true independence is to make independent and equal society rather the mere political independence.

インドのニューデリーには非営利で365日休む事なくひっそりと運営されている「スラブ国際トイレ博物館(The Sulabh International Museum of toilets)」という奇妙な博物館があります。

I visited the place last year, too and I will make a bio-toilet as a part of the sustainable design of the Dharamsala Project this year.
I am hoping that the setup can be done this year.

トイレと水の確保 これからの課題です。
Toilet and water preservation is the challenging task for the future.


These are the compost toilets I ever made.


● Ela Gandhi (1940 -)
Born in South Africa. She is 69.
Peace activist, president of Durban University of Technology. Former member of the South African Parliament. Granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.
After graduating from South Africa University, she was active in the field of social welfare. Activities in the political field from the age of 50s. Having been suppressed by the government, she was under house arrest for eight years. Her son was assassinated. She overcame such hardships and worked as a parliamentarian in South Africa till 2003. Today, taking advantage of her experience, she organized various peace-keeping groups and activities to appeal for peace as a chairperson and officer of the group.


● Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)
A thinker who led India to independence. Through activities in South Africa, he established a battle with three pillars of "nonviolence", "self-purification" and "non-killing". After returning to India, he spread this idea to Indian ethnic movements rebelling against the British.

● Mr. Bindeshwar Patak (74), founder of New Delhi's NGO "Sulabh International" He has worked on waste treatment and caste problems for many years. He continued to spread the simplified flush toilet developed by himself in various places since 1973 and has the synonym of "saint of the bathroom".
At the same time, Mr. Bindeshwar Patak set up elementary and junior high schools and vocational training schools so that people in the lowest caste can take different jobs. About 500 people are learning at the school in New Delhi. Irina (17), who is studying the tailoring of clothes, lost his father and his mother works cleaning the toilet. "My mother works hard, she tells me to study hard so that I can choose other jobs."

Narendra Damodardas Modi、1950年9月17日 - )は、インドの政治家、第18代インド首相。前グジャラート州首相。とビンデシュワル・パタク氏

Narendra Damodardas Modi, September 17, 1950 - ) is an Indian politician, Prime Minister of the 18th Indian. Former Gujarat Prime Minister. and Mr. Vindeshwar Patak