R0304 Scripture

R0304 Scripture



The phrase "religious reasons" is the most effective excuse for pushing things through.
As long as freedom of religion is guaranteed, the phrase "religious reasons" works very well. Especially in Japan, for better or worse, it is so powerful, and it can be used against any kind of unreasonableness.
Because of this, "religious reasons," whatever their content, are of great value.
However, it is rare for Japanese people to use the term. This is because of the negative image of religion and the lack of understanding of it.
It would be a shame, therefore, not to use the most practical and immediate reason, "religious reasons".
So we thought it would be good if there was a religion for using "religious reasons", and if there was an equivalent scripture.
Here, I created the MtoP Order, a religion for the use of "religious reasons."
Our scriptures and doctrines do not contain definitions of God, rituals, or prohibitions. The following is a list of cases in which God has allowed the use of "religious reasons."

R0304 Scripture

Life is precious, so in the event of a natural or human disaster, put your safety first and take a firm stand against all those who stand in your way.

To eat the last piece of food before it gets cold.

Use all your paid holidays, as companies that do not allow you to exercise your rights are the root of all evil.

Make the most of maternity and paternity leave as common sense is the root of all evil.

Don't overwork yourself, so try to improve your physical and mental health.

There is no shame in being uncomfortable with insects, so be prepared to panic when they appear.

Refuse to be coerced into driving, as your job is not to be a taxi driver, even if you have a car.

Refuse unreasonable instructions or coercion, as caste is no indicator of anything in the community.

Refuse unreasonable pressure to take up space, as it is a bad thing to feel alone and lonely because everyone else is making noise.

Refuse to work unnecessary overtime, because it is evil to spend your time on things you do not want to do.

Refuse unwanted solicitations and loans, as persistent people are the root of all evil.

Refuse to be coerced into buying something you don't want, as this is an evil act.

Refuse to be a guarantor because you will be hurt.

Refuse to be forced to follow someone back on social media, as this will not benefit you in any way.

Refuse to add a friend online as it will only cause you stress.

Refuse to be forced to perform a one-liner or equivalent, because it's obvious you're going to slip up.

I know you want to ask me, but I don't want to tell you, so I don't want to ask you if you like someone. Refuse to answer the question "Do you like someone?

Refusing to do anything that may be dangerous to your health because you have to protect yourself.

Refuse to be forced to watch screamers, horror shows, or similar entertainment because it is scary.

Refuse to be coerced to change the taste of food, as everyone has their own taste.

Refuse to be forced to pay a congratulatory gift, as people's happiness is not always sincere.

Refuse to go to a party you don't want to go to, because it's a waste of money anyway.

Refuse to go to a party you don't want to go to, because it's no fun anyway.

Refuse to use more paper than necessary, such as PDF stamps, handwritten CVs, and paper receipts, because paper is a resource.

Refuse to be photographed or filmed in any medium as it is stressful to worry about how you look.

If someone claiming to be your son asks you for money over the phone, be very suspicious, hang up and call back.

Morals can sometimes be violent, so refuse any moral coercion that goes against your will.

When you want to hide your mental or physical wounds because they will only hurt you more anyway, refuse to be forced to disclose them.

Refuse to participate in any pagan events or festivals that you do not wish to participate in, because, although you do not deny it, you cannot bear to see the emptiness and sadness it would cause you, and I am sure they would not want you to do so.

If you are a follower of the MtoP Order, you can do all of the things mentioned above. Members of the MtoP Order may do all of the things mentioned above and may use "religious reasons" to do so if the use of the doctrine would improve his situation.

To join the MtoP Order, simply follow @free_lance_god on Twitter. Followers of the account are defined as followers.


The MtoP Order is a religion as media art. The tenets of our religion are promulgated in our scriptures and updated from time to time.
The priority of our religion is that believers practice the doctrines at their own risk, and we do not allow the use of the scriptures if they cannot take responsibility for themselves.
The Order will allow the use of the scriptures only when the believer chooses to use them.
Neither the Order nor any of its associates will be held responsible for the consequences of a believer's self-selection and use of the scriptures.