Beniya Diary[English Blog]

Hello .This is hotel Beniya at SUWA city Na…

Beniya Diary[English Blog]

Hello .This is hotel Beniya at SUWA city Nagano Japan . We started English and Chinese blog .please enjoy! 您好.我们是处在日本长野諏訪的红屋湖边度假酒店。 欢迎观看。


It is a place worth to seeing

Special event at Matsumoto castle. Projection mapping . The castle reflected on the surface of the water was very beautiful . The show time : 6pm to 9 pm 16th 17th 18th last three time on this weekend . It is a place worth seeing

    • Do you like this view?

      hello everyone look at this beautiful view from hotel in the morning . Everywhere is snow . Come to see and feel this beautiful nature. 连着下了两天的大雪,城市和山顶披上了一层白雪,您喜欢这样的风景吗?欢迎您来到长野諏訪市欣赏美丽的自然美景。

      • Welcome .Thank you for coming

        These day we have many guests coming to hotel from overseas . for all the custmers from overseas . and severse better we started english and chinese study group. we want support custmers from different country. please feel free to talk to

        • Happy new year

          New Year New Start New Year’s greeting . Thank you so much for supporting hotel beniya in 2023. we are looking forward to see you in 2024. This year we will working harder and improve our servise for custmers from world . we would appreci

          Happy holiday

          At the holiday season, our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. It is in this spirit that we say…Thank you and best wishes for the holidays and Happy New Year. 在此圣诞之际,我们感谢所有我们酒店的贵宾对我们一年的支持,希望您渡过一个美好的圣诞假期和愉

          Do you like Japanese sake?

          If you like sake . id like to recommend thissake tour is suwa city. We have 5 sake brewery in suwa city . you can take a taxi from hotel beniya about 10 mitues to get there. every sake brand has their own taste . you can drinking sake at s

          Do you like Japanese sake?

          Beautiful autumn is here

          hi .so happy to say hello again. It’s almost November .after 2 month we will say goodbye to 2023.time is fly so fast. This time i want to recommend the place call  MISHAKAIKE. this place is very famous beasuse of beautiful autumn leaves.

          Beautiful autumn is here

          Hello from Japan

          こんにちは、good mornig. 您好。 we are kamisuwa onsen hotel beniya . we are location at suwa city nagano . we have beautiful lake and moutains . beaufuil fall is coming soon .please come to visit and you will love this beautiful nature here.we are