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大きな輪のどこかの誰かが隣の人のカードを引いています。ババは必ず誰かのところを回っていますが、今どこにあるか、いつ自分の手元に回ってくるかはわかりません。今は一人ずつカードを引いていますが、テーブルのあちこちで引き始めるようになったら、ババを引く確率は上がります。うっかりババを引いてしまわないようにマスクをしたり密集を避けたりしておく必要はあります。残念ながら、まだ気が抜けません 【10月30日人の鎖モデル】。


It's like sitting around a big, big table and playing jokers out with no way to get up.
Once your immunity is built up, you can go up, but not many people can go up yet.
Someone somewhere in the big circle is drawing the next person's card. The joker is always going around to someone else, but you don't know where it is now or when it will come around to you. Right now I'm drawing cards one at a time, but if we start drawing them all over the table, each chance of drawing a joker increases. You'll need to wear a mask and avoid densities so you don't accidentally draw a joker. Unfortunately, we are not yet caught off guard[Oct. 30, Chain of people model] .

This is the situation, I explain.

Many Thanks to you
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