規制緩和されたら・・・ If deregulation ...

規制緩和されたら・・・ If deregulation ...



基本は黙食ならぬ、黙飲となるのでしょうが いちいち飲むためにマスクを外して、再びマスクをするという流れを保とうとするから、ついついお酒も入ってマスクをすることを忘れてしまうのでしょう。



飲食店で外したりつけたりは大変な負担になりますから 当店のホルダーを活用していただけましたら、とても幸いです。


Our shop will also be in trial business under the guidance of Governor Yoshimura.
Of course, as a gold sticker certified store, we are operating while performing the largest infection control and sterilization.

Basically, it is not a silent meal, it will be a silent drink, but since I try to keep the flow of removing the mask and putting on the mask again to drink each time, I will forget to put on the mask with alcohol. ..

At our shop, we will give you a mask holder that you can take home. Everyone, attach your mask to the holder and drink it basically silently, but when you talk, please attach the mask holder to your mouth to prevent saliva from splashing.

If you like it, we would appreciate it if you could take it home and use it for everyday use.

It will be a heavy burden to remove and attach at the restaurant, so we would be very happy if you could utilize our holder.

Of course, loud voices are strictly prohibited ...


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