I'm looking for Good Filipinas


Why am I staying in the Philippines?

I'm staying in the Philippines looking for good Filipinas. I want to support good Filipinas. I'll stay in the Philippines until I find good Filipinas, .

What kind of Filipinas are good?

Needless to say, I like Filipinas who have good proportion and appearance. In addition, I DON'T like Filipinas who just ask guy 'Give me money' without any efforts. I want to support good Filipinas and stay with them. I'll stay in the Philippines until I find good Filipinas.

Filipins's Salary


I know that Filipina's salary is quite low. Due to poor balance of supply and demand of human resources in the Philippines, minimum wage remains low. Even though a Filipinas work hard, Filipinas can't earn enough money for a living.



To be YouTuber is the best way to get out of poverty in the Philippines. You Filipina already have skill to speak in English. You might have skill to sing a song and dance well. You're already ready to make videos and share it to all over the world. 

In addition, western guys are interested in watching videos which Filipinas appear on. There is demand for Filipinas YouTuber for western guys specially.

How to make videos?


I'll help Filipina YouTuber to earn money. I've already created YouTube channels. One is for Japanese people and another one is for western guys. These're channel names of YouTube I created.

For Japanese people: Momi Meets Girls

For western guys: Filipina TV feat. Momi

How to earn money from YouTube videos?

We can earn money from advertisements on YouTube. However, to earn from YouTube, we have to clear the condition below;

1. Subscribers of the YouTube channel should be over 1,000.

2. Play time of videos should be over 4,000 hours.

Otherwise, even one peso can't be earned.

At first, Subscribe YouTube channels for helping Filipinas below; Subscribe YouTube channels for helping Filipinas below;

For Japanese people: Momi Meets Girls

For western guys: Filipina TV feat. Momi


So, I'm looking for good Filipinas who want to appear on YouTube and earn with me.  Until we can earn money from YouTube, I'll support you Filipina by spending my saving money. You have chance to travel around the world if you want to. You have opportunity to live in Japan if you want to.

If you're interested in my idea, please send me message on this contact form.