Ivonne Romero

vonne has a degree in gastronomy with a specialty in restaurant marketing from the Haller University Center in Mexico Estate. Throughout her career and due to her great curiosity about the world, she came to show a lot of interest in Japanese culture after studying certification as Tea Sommelier at @escueladetemx She later specialized in wines through @enogastronomiaoficial in Mexico City and currently she specializes in Japanese drinks such as nihonshu, shochu, umeshu, whisky and gin.

Her experience has led her to seek to spread the culture of a country through its drinks, with her current brand @blossomm_tea through classes, training and tastings.

She has decided to join Sakura Cha Meet with the intention of collaborating in the dissemination of the philosophy that influences the tea ceremony and the wonders created by the Camelia Sinensis plant.