Lead・Shinya Interview

To celebrate the second anniversary of the opening of the PONYCANYON SHOP, we have published an interview with an artist whose products are sold in our store! Lead, who will celebrate their 20th anniversary on July 31st, is featured in this issue! Shinya looks back on the unforgettable scene at "THAT PLACE"!
爲紀念PONYCANYON SHOP開幕2週年,向有在本網站刊登商品銷售的歌手們進行與海外相關的採訪!於7月31日迎來出道20週年的Lead登場!Shinya回顧了至今也無法忘記的"那個地方"上的光景!!
PONYCANYON SHOPのオープン2周年を記念して、当ショップで商品を取り扱うアーティストに海外にまつわるインタビューを刊行! 7月31日にデビュー20周年を迎えるLeadが登場です!今でも忘れられない“あの地”での光景をShinyaが振り返る!!

Q1. Tell us about your favorite memory from Asia so far.

In 2019, we performed at one of Taipei's biggest music festivals, Super Slippa 10. Seeing the audience dancing as they cheered as loud as they could for us made me so happy that the memory is still remains engrained in my mind. It had been over 10 years since we had performed in Taiwan yet seeing all of our fans come to see us made us truly realize that they had been waiting all that time for us and I was so happy.

我們在2019年時受邀參加台北重量級音樂祭「超犀利趴 10」,當時台下的觀眾們一邊用震天動地的歡呼聲及一邊又隨著音樂節奏起舞邊迎接我們,那場景真的是讓我感到非常開心也難以忘懷。雖已經有10年以上沒有站上台灣的舞台了,但大家還是非常熱烈得歡迎我們,甚至還有很多人特地前來,真的是讓我切身感受到他們一直在等待我們的到來,我真的非常開心。


Q2.What city in Asia do you most want to visit right now and why?

The capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. It has been the top country that Japanese people want to live in for the past 10 years, but why is that? I want to experience the diversity brought about by the coexistence of immigrants from all over the world myself.



Q3.Please tell us about your favorite souvenir that you bought in another country.

We went on a super short-term dance training trip to Los Angeles, and I bought a wooden art plate there. It fit in perfectly with the rest of the wooden interior design stuff I have around my house and I love it a lot!



Q4 What sort of events would you like to participate in while overseas?

We haven't been able to formally announce it because COVID-19 caused us to have to cancel anything related to this, but we have a collab song with GBOYSWAG from Taiwan and we'd really love to perform it in Taiwan!



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