About the background of releasing FACEMOTION3D

We are pleased to announce the release of an app called FACEMOTION3D. Originally, I personally created an app called iFacialMocap, which was the predecessor. FACEMOTON3D is an app that is positioned like its higher version.

After releasing an app called iFacialMocap in January 2020, I received an invitation email from a modeler named Kenneth around February to March 2020, and started developing FACEMOTION3D. At first, he sent me an email like a light request, "You should add a function to output recorded data in FBX format." In fact, when I added the FBX data output function to iFacialMocap, I was actively invited to the project by him. At first I refused, but his invitation was so enthusiastic that I accepted his invitation.

My suggestion to him was as follows: "I hope it has a high affinity with iFacialMocap" and "Promise me not to limit updates to iFacialMocap."And he gave OK to those my suggestions.

His primary purpose was to make the app compatible with software called "DAZ Studio". Eventually, the app name was "FACEMOTION3D", but in the initial plan, it was planned to be an app called "FACEMOJO for DAZ". The plugin on the DAZ side was created by a programmer named Charles invited by Kenneth, and Charles is a 3dsMAX user, so support for 3dsMAX will be added soon ...

He promised not to put restrictions on iFacialMocap.However, it's not very good for iFacialMocap to have the same functionality that FACEMOTION had at his request, because of our relationship. So I don't think iFacialMocap will have all the features in FACEMOTION.

Also, iFacialMocap has been released as a complete purchase-out app for about $8 because I started making it from a state where I had little knowledge about how to implement in-app purchase of iOS at the time of release. I have no job other than making this app. Due to the billing format, iFacialMocap could make me financially difficult if I continued to develop it over the long term. In addition, there was a problem that it was difficult to increase the number of downloads because the specifications were such that pre-testing could not be performed before purchase. Including those issues, I thought I had to release a separate app with a free trial period.

Kenneth and I are on an equal footing, but I personally think this app is more motivated on the Kenneth side. I often found it difficult to continue developing apps by myself, checking for bugs and promoting them. But now he's helping me and I'm motivated by him ...He is a senior in life than I am and gives me a lot of advice.

I have many people use iFacialMocap, and many people are using it for cooperation between apps, and I also love iFacialMocap app. So, even after the release of FACEMOTION3D, iFacialMocap will continue to be updated at the same time to the extent that there are no problems with our relationship.

Thank you for using the iFacialMocap app. If you like, try Facemotion 3d as well.  I'm a little poor at English, but please forgive me.

The differences between iFacialMocap and Facemotion3d are shown on the following page.