Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort measures against Covid-19.

Request to customers against Covid-19

① Please wear a mask and disinfect with alcohol in the hall.
② Please wear goggles, gloves, face mask (mask), etc. while riding the lift.
③ In order to secure a social distance at the ticket office, around the platform, and in the waiting line, please line up at a certain distance (about 2m/7ft).
④ Moiwa 1st and 2nd pair lifts are prohibited from riding outside the group, and for Moiwa quad lifts, if you are riding outside the group, leave at least one seat and face forward. Please.
⑤ Please secure space on the slopes before skiing.

<Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort Initiatives>

1. 1. Cableway facility
(1) Ticket gate staff and passenger staff are wearing masks.
(2) The lift is disinfected after the operation is completed, such as a fall prevention bar. (Because it is dangerous during operation)
(3) Moiwa 1st and 2nd pair lifts are prohibited from riding outside the group, and for Moiwa Quad lifts, if you are riding outside the group, leave at least one seat and face forward. I am asking you.
(4) In order to secure a social distance around the platform and in the waiting line, we ask that you line up at a certain distance (about 2m).

2. Ticket office
(1) Please line up the waiting line at a certain distance (about 2m) to ensure social distance.
(2) A splash prevention sheet (acrylic plate, etc.) is installed between the ticket purchaser and the ticket purchaser.
(3) When selling tickets, we deliver tickets, banknotes, change, etc. in a saucer to prevent them from coming into direct contact with the purchaser.

3. Indoor facilities (restaurants, shops, rentals, etc.)
(1) Disinfectants are always available at the entrance of the facility and major locations.
(2) We limit the usage rate of seats and secure a social distance between seats.
(3) Splash prevention sheets are installed at the food ticket and menu delivery corner.
(4) We are trying to prevent the spread of infection as much as possible regarding the dishes and methods of provision.
(5) We regularly clean and disinfect the tables and chairs used by our customers, as well as ticket vending machines, toilets, and handrails. The toilet hand dryer has been suspended.
(6) We thoroughly disinfect rental equipment such as rental wear with alcohol.

4. Ski patrol corps
(1) Rescue boats used to transport injured people are disinfected after use.

Measures for employees

1. Ensuring health
(1) Employees are checked daily before going to work for symptoms of suspected infection with the new coronavirus (physical condition management sheet) and reported. In particular, ticket office staff, ticket gate staff, and commander staff, who often come into contact with customers, are thoroughly checked at the time of roll call before the start of work.
(2) It is important for employees to always treat customers with a healthy body, and based on (1), we instruct employees who are not feeling well to take a rest.
In addition, employees who become ill during work will be sent home immediately if necessary.
(3) Employees who will be treated at home will be asked to check their health condition and report on it every day. If your symptoms do not improve, ask your doctor or health center for advice.

2. Basic measures during Work
(1) For employees engaged in cableway work, we thoroughly wash hands and disinfect hands regularly regardless of the work content.
(2) All employees are required to wear masks, etc. during work.
(3) We strive to ventilate the inside of the building (including individual rooms).
(4) Items shared with others and operation switches in the driver's cab that are touched by hands are disinfected according to the frequency of use.
(5) We will give maximum consideration to the work space and staffing so that employees can secure a certain distance with a guideline of about 2 m.
(6) Make sure that a certain number of people do not gather at once, such as morning meetings and roll calls in small groups.

3. Rest facilities, equipment
(1) When using the rest room or dining room, wash your hands and disinfect your hands before entering the room.
(2) The break room is ventilated regularly, and efforts are made to prevent 3 denseness (sealed, dense, close) by securing a distance of about 2 m.
(3) When eating and drinking in the dining room, try to secure a distance of about 2m, such as shifting the time, thinning out chairs, and not sitting face-to-face.
(4) Do not use a hand dryer in the bathroom, install paper towels, or bring your own towels.
(5) Regularly disinfect shared items (tables, chairs, etc.).

4. Enlightenment of infection prevention measures for employees
(1) Employees will be encouraged to change their behavior, including their daily lives, after understanding the importance of infection prevention measures.
(2) Consider the human rights of infected persons, medical personnel, returnees from overseas, and their families.
(3) We will educate employees and their related parties who have recovered from the new coronavirus infection so that they will not be discriminated against in the workplace, and give due consideration to a smooth return to the workplace.

5. What to do if an infected person is confirmed
(1) Follow the instructions of the health center / medical institution.
(2) Promptly report to the Railway Department of the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau that the employee has been infected.
(3) Based on the range of activities of the infected person, we will consider measures such as disinfecting the infected person's work place and waiting for the worker at the same work place at home.
(4) Consider the human rights of infected people and be careful not to identify their personal names.
(5) We will establish a communication system between the person in charge of hygiene management and the health center, and cooperate with the hearing of the health center.

Niseko Moiwa Ski Resort will work to prevent Covid-19 in accordance with the new Hokkaido style guidelines.