Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP: July 2020 (Stories)

Days.CAM | Instameet Community JP: July 2020 (Stories)

Instameet in July will be an online event at Zoom!

Participants will talk about episodes about the photos they have taken so far.
There was a part where the special host "Gaku-kun" (5 years old) chose a photo and the participants shared their memories.

He has participated since 5 months, he is 5 years old, and he grows up!
His mother thanked Jessica and Hai.

"Thank you for going out, taking me to many places, meeting so many people, and expanding my world!"

I could hear from each participant about the story of climbing Mt. Fuji, the opportunity to start the camera, and the luck of participating in Instameet.
It was a very fun online Instagram!
At the end, Gakkun drew himself a picture and played with it!

Gackun, Madokasan, Jessicasan, Haisan, participants.
Thank you!

みんな、ありがとう!Thank you🙂📷💖👍




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