Find out the structure of CCTV - what does the camera function do?

Security camera concept
English security camera called CCTV is a closed circuit television system, which is the use of video cameras to transmit signals to a specific location, on a limited set of screens. CCTV or electronic eyes have the ability to see images where we need to monitor. At the positions observed by the electronic eye. All images and videos are saved and played on monitor screen. The monitor screen can be a computer, a phone lắp đặt camera kbvision or a television. The camera's job is to record and capture images and transmit signals back to where they receive data.Therefore, security camera is also called video surveillance system.


Camera sensor chip technology is divided into several main categories?
CCD is a set of charged cells that can sense light and then convert the light signal into digital signal to feed into the processor, using CCD technique to recognize the image. The CCD is an image sensor chip that has been in use for a long time. Has been used by lắp đặt camera kbvision many companies for their cameras. CCD is widely used in dome cameras, ceiling cameras. CCD for stable image quality. Works on the principle of acquiring images, through the lens system of the camera. A CCD has thousands of pixels that convert light into charged particles and digitize it.
The CMOS sensor (CMOS chipset) is surrounded by transistors to amplify the image signal from the image sensor.
CMOS sensor cells will receive image signals through surface sensing elements capable of receiving photons of light at different wavelengths.
CMOS sensor stands for Complementary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor. This is the technology for making integrated circuits, consisting of transistors with metal gate electrodes. CMOS is a widely used action sensor chip. It has faster image processing speed. The image is clear and stable. Works on the principle of catching light. When the shutter kbone is open, convert them to electromagnetism. It then converts electromagnetism into voltage. And finally the voltage is converted to electricity.
CMOS technology came out later but it absorbs the disadvantages of the CCD Sensor. The difference between a CCD and a CMOS sensor is in the way a signal is converted from light to digital. The CCD sensor for analog output signal, CMOS sensor for digital output signal (digital).
CMOS and CCD sensors are both image sensor technologies used to convert signals from images to digital images, that is, converting light into electrostatic signals, thereby processing them into digital signals. Each technology has its own strengths and weaknesses based on which users apply in specific cases.

Infrared camera light is divided into common types?
Infrared emitting LEDs (IR LEDs) work just like conventional LEDs, but can use different materials to produce infrared light.
IR LEDs are used on many mid-priced cameras. With the characteristics of many balls should be burned often. Lamp life typically falls to around 12,000 hours. The ability to generate large heat should affect the adjacent accessories. Night illumination distance is not far. But the price is relatively cheap, is the option for cheap cameras.
EXIR LED infrared technology: EXIR LED uses Nano layer technology. Enhances the power of glow in the night. 10% improved photoelectric conversion efficiency and high uniformity. In particular, the image has almost no shadows.
Infrared ARRAY LED technology: The capacity of infrared ARRAY LED is much larger than IR LED. 20 LEDs can usually only be as bright as 1 led array bulb. Just source 12v 1A for the camera with 1 led array infrared light.


What does the camera system include?
CCTV are electronic eyes that can see images where we need to monitor. The task of capturing (capturing) images, trọn gói camera kbvision performing preprocessing includes compressing, encoding to match the corresponding transmission technology, and then transmitting to the central processor through the transmission environment.
Camera head: receives the device and transmits the video camera signal to the viewer.
Camera power supply: Currently most of the cameras on the market use 12V power, so we need a camera adapter trọn bộ camera kbvision to switch the power from 220V to 12V. However, you can use Total Power for the camera and combine it with the camera power connector, not necessarily using a single source.

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