Wowoo’s business model and WWB token


Today I’d like to describe about the history of Wowoo project and how WWB token will come about on our journey ahead.


In late 2017, Wowoo project was founded by I, along with huge luck to be able to kick off with pioneers and professionals of different industries.
I’m sure most of you remember that ICO was the hot topic back then as the way to not only raise funds but also to issue tokens and create new token economy.
My vision was to produce unique ICOs and design a new economy that increases the behavior of a man to inspire others by utilizing WWB token with Smart Contracts that suits people with different needs.


To be honest, since our vision was widely accepted in Asia, US and in Europe during my tour, I had thought that if I were able to take down 3 major walls along the way, this project would have a bright future. 1) The technical challenges, 2) Compliance and regulatory challenges, and 3) Marketing senses to operate a healthy and sustainable business.


However, just in few years the whole industry had changed, and now the word “ICO” is not even heard no more. Just when the whole world was excited of the new impact that Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies would bring to us (I’m sure there was a backup of the spread in anti-centralization ideology), the market had crashed and most of the people could only then judge the industry with counter-fiat-value.
Just recently, it feels like after a long winter in the space, there seems to be the spring breeze coming in, but I personally think that at least for the Altcoins, the spread of them will be judged very logically from here on, so that we can’t really be happy about it like it’s another bull run to come.


Enough of the introduction, so from here, I will talk about, “So, what is your plan from here?”


First of all, let me add a little to the release we made today with regards to our partnership with Okwave Inc.
I get this feeling that majority of you that are reading my post here has the bias to think that Wowoo and Okwave are more of a same guy, rather than a brother.
To answer this, as you may read from this investment related facts, we are a totally separate entity, and by all means are on the same level from the point of view as a business partner (not out of disrespect but as a fact).


As the Council members of our project, I do from time to time seek for business and Blockchain-related matter advices from Kanemoto-san and Matsuda-san from Okwave, but every decision of our project has been and will always be made by me and Wowoo staffs. Apart from this and in communication as being trading partners, there are no further note to be mentioned of our relationship.
I deeply appreciate to have been able to work and collaborate with Okwave, but coincidentally having known Matsuda-san (the current CEO of Okwave), and at the same time feel ashamed to have caused all the trouble relating in this Investment from our side of problem caused in Singapore.
Our mutual agreement was that we will take down the investment agreement for the meantime to cause less trouble in our businesses, and continuously seek for the appropriate time and method to make it happen.


Until then, we may walk along a different path and develop in different field, but we certainly look forward to show everyone one day that we make the best collaboration in the most appreciated way and will be making more effort ourselves to reach to that stage.


So, without having investment from Okwave, do we stand a chance or have other one-of-a-kind specialties as a project?
As announced in June, 2019 , we will sweep away the brand image of Wowoo being an ICO platform, and rather aim to establish a token economy where tokens are used in similar ways of that of an advertisement by companies, and community members will have the environment to make use of the accumulated tokens.
Although it’s a whole new business model compared to what was described in our Whitepaper back then, all the tools and functionalities including the use of WWB token that we had planned did not change, and even made stronger prospected cash points as a business operator. As a result this conceptual update could target wider range of market needs.


Since the details are already explained in above blog, I will only mention the key factors below that constructs a Win-win relationship between companies and users:

1) Companies may use WWN or issue their original token, and reward users across SNS that contributes to making the corporate value increase. (It can reduce the traditional advertising fees, and the size of SNS space is enlarging every year)
2) Users will have the chance to be rewarded by posting about their favourite companies or brands. In another words, daily use of SNS will not only be to record or keep up with social trends, but also become a source of funds.
3) The accumulated tokens can be exchanged in the Ecommerce platform with the company goods or be traded with different asset via exchange. Utility tokens can be used within the exclusive services.



The designed uniqueness of WWB token is that it would enable users to utilize the token in different scenes by activating SAC (Smart Active Control = Smart Contract generator).
(*It doesn’t mean the whole supply of WWB would have the same feature. Whatever portion of WWB could turn ON/OFF of the necessary functions needed by the user)

If you have tested out our released Beta version of Wowoo Platform last month, you may have realized that some function of SAC has been disclosed in there already. For example we will offer functions like being able to set WWB as peg currency (monetary reserve). We plan our strategy to make WWB suitable in various vases in above Wowoo token economy and in other use cases.
We are undergoing to prepare for test marketing in Asian region of our service so please look forward to the updates.



Another question that I get a lot recently is regarding the token swap of WWB (NEP5 to ERC20).
As been mentioned in our news releases, we will be releasing a mobile application called “Wowoo Portal”, and users will have to at their own responsibility participate in the swapping activity. The app is currently on the final adjustment and await to be approved to release, so it should be out very soon.
(If you have any experience in releasing apps I’m sure you would know but Androids are cool. It’s Apple that’s always the trouble. We’ve announced about the schedule of launching the app with enough time in advance because we knew it would take long, but the account verification and inspection of the app took way longer than expected.. We’re sorry for the delay.)

こちらはニュースにてお伝えしております通りWowoo Portalというモバイルアプリケーションを通じてWWBホルダーの皆様各自にご自身の責任においてご参加いただく必要がございます。現在アプリの最終バージョン調整に伴う審査待ちの状況で、承認まで秒読みの状況でございます。

Next week we will be announcing about the New WWB (ERC20) token details, and all token holders has to download our app once it’s up, and convert your NEO version of WWB to the new version. (Token swap manual to be followed as well)
Please note that the GAS needed to make transaction for NEO tokens prior to using Wowoo Portal to participate in the token swap shall be prepared by each users.
(There’s potentially 3 ways to get GAS. 1. Own NEO and claim as interest, 2. Buy GAS from listed exchanges, and 3. Ask your friends to give you some, but please note that we cannot assist you in any of above approaches.)

WWB(NEP5)を各自保管しているウォレットからWowoo Portal利用以前に送金する際にはNEOプラットフォームのGASが必要となりますのでこちらは各自ご準備いただけますようよろしくお願い致します。(NEOを保有することで配当としてGASを得る方法、GASが上場している取引所で購入する方法、知人から分けていただく方法と概ね3つの入手経路がございますが弊社では詳しいご案内については致しかねますのでご了承ください)

The application will serve as DEX, wallet and the counter to join various campaigns, so you can store your swapped WWB (ERC20), trade (WWB/BTC pair only, but will need a deposit of ETH as the gas to create transaction) and participate in the Lock up campaigns so please enjoy!


Although we do plan to list WWB on some exchanges to secure its liquidity, please note that Wowoo Portal would be the only market place for the meantime.
The token swap is only a beginning, not the goal of our token.
We as the business operator will be free from many disadvantages and restrictions we had until now, so we are easier to construct and operate our strategies, but just because the swap is done, it will not change the market condition at once.

今後のWWBの流動性を高めるためにいくつかの取引所での上場を検討しておりますが、初期段階に置きましてはWowoo Portal上での取引が主体となりますのでご留意ください。

I am often vigorously reprimanded to conduct market making on WWB. But I wish you all consider about this more carefully.
Market making usually refers to the act of creating decent order book to sustaining (fake but) certain amount of trade volume by the operator or traders, and to manipulate the token price.


When “investing” in ICO was wild, there were many projects with principle to do a good market making to attract more investors, rather than focusing on the project concept or business written on their Whitepapers. Most of them now has either been gone or did a pretty good performance so that their believers are hard core.


But come to think about the idea of ICO, let’s think of an example like this:
There is a project who raised around 10 million USD worth of BTC in their ICO. Soon after that the market went down and the market value became 5 million USD so they decided to trade them all to USD and started their business with that fund. First of all the Fiat price of invested BTC shouldn’t even be brought up by the investors, but most of them has the mindset that they invested how much worth of crypto, and since the ICO days are over, they want to withdraw whatever funds they can get (even if already damaged) from that market.
From the Project’s point of view, the total number of raised BTC is the exact amount of maximum expected dump force, but since they are running the business from that fund, even if they tried to intentionally make volume and eat up some sell orders to perform a bull run, would it logically be effective in this kind of circumstances?
We can expect that the result would only be that the project will refund partial fund to selected few users (that are good at trading on exchange) that won in a lottery.
On top of that there is a risk of being warned or delisted by the exchange for suspicious trading activity which will screw the whole plan. Moreover, if one had a common sense in leading a business to success, participating in the market making too obviously is way too risky thing to do as the project owner.


If the holders expect the project owners to eat all their orders, the project must have a scheme to constantly double their business or investing profits, and that’s obviously almost impossible thing to achieve.
Sure, the project could buy back like listed companies do with their stocks and burn them to increase the value per token, but let’s face it. Altcoins without practical use case can only make very few people happy even played any tricks like that. Of course it may sound worse but the ideal ICO’s objective should be to allow as many supporters to gain returns either in form of profit or by a great service, so here at Wowoo, we have absolutely no intention to conduct a cheap market making strategy only to reduce our business fund to aim for the better.


I’m sorry but that’s just how we are. Wowoo will only tackle this in the golden way.
Simply spoken, to run a business that has the structure and attractiveness to let people constantly want to buy WWB. To do something that BTC cannot. To not run away from our responsibility. That is how we face all of our investors.
I am not the perfect guy the investors want here to be, but I promise you that I will run until the very end of my faith as my mission, and contribute to this project to make all of our contributors proud to be part of Wowoo as a movement.



Founder and CEO of Wowoo. Note that opinions here are not company official and is not a solicitation for investment in any terms.
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