Promises for Security and Safety

We are introducing the “5 Promises” which we perform to protect security and safety of all guests.


Promise 1: All about your safety and security
To minimize the health risk to guests, each hotel attendant will measure their body temperature and check their health conditions thoroughly before work.
Additionally, we are instructing all attendants to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, and disinfect themselves.

Promise 2: “Are you going to clean that far?” – Of course we are!
We thoroughly disinfect all frequently touched places in the room (such as switches, room equipment, bath, toilet, etc.) whilst wearing plastic gloves.
We have also replaced glasses in rooms to disposable paper cups. Additionally, bottles of alcoholic disinfectants are supplied in all rooms. They can be used freely by guests to disinfect any locations that may cause concern.

Promise 3: Offering a faster check-in process with less contact
Before we asked guests to fill in paper-based hotel cards, but we are going to change them to tablets to make the check-in process faster.
We also used to explain the hotel information in person, but we now allow guests to access the information themselves using a QR code.
Also, we kindly ask all guests to answer the survey relating to their health conditions with the measurement of their body temperature. We are placing the thermal camera on the front desk to allow us to monitor and react any changes of guests’ conditions.



Promise 4: Making the space comfortable
We thoroughly disinfect any locations in the lobby, lounge, guest rooms, elevator, restaurants and other public places which may be frequently touched by guests. We will also guide standing positions using signage to avoid crowds.
Additionally, we are going to set up alcoholic disinfectants in several public spots for all guests to use freely. Also, we are going to enhance the ventilation to avoid creating an enclosed space.


(Photo: Court Hotel Shinyokohama)

Promise 5: Keeping absolute social distancing
When crowds are expected, we ask guests to enter the restaurant at a fixed time.
Also, we will ensure social distancing between guests by arranging the location and number of seats.
For meals, we have abolished the buffet style in some hotels. Instead, we are going to offer meals by set or by take-out menus.


(Photo: Re'cove Hakone)