Photo album of "Straw" production for electrical work

画像1 Straws for electrical work.
画像2 Get some clothespins ready.
画像3 Something like this.
画像4 The tip should be flat.
画像5 Take the spring and break it apart.
画像6 Buy a 5 mm diameter tube that contracts when heated, used for electrical work.
画像7 Buy instant glue. Choose a plastic-only adhesive with a "primer" to dissolve the plastic and rubber. Do not buy cheap instant adhesives.
画像8 Cut the contraction tube into 4 cm pieces.
画像9 Apply primer to one side of the shrink tube and wait for 10 minutes.
画像10 Apply the primer in this way.
画像11 After 10 minutes, apply instant glue.
画像12 Apply superglue to the area, press down with clothespins, and wait for 8 hours.
画像13 Next, apply "primer" to the two ends of the clothespins.
画像14 After 10 minutes, apply instant glue to the ends of the clothespins in two places.
画像15 This is where three of them are being made at the same time. As soon as you apply the instant glue, insert the other end of the shrink tube as shown in the picture.
画像16 Wait for 8 hours for the clothespins and shrink tubing to bond well. Place a suitable weight on top.
画像17 Completion
画像18 The ends of the shrink tubing are glued together to keep the wires from poking through, so no worries!