Hello Baby! Ludo's Three-Month Paternity Leave

Hello Baby! Ludo's Three-Month Paternity Leave


The members at WOVN are from many different countries, so we share diverse views on parental leaves.
Today, we'll take a closer look at Ludo's three-month paternity leave.


Q1. How old is your baby now?

A. He is now eight months old.


Q2. How long did you take off for paternity leave?

A. I took three months.

Q3. How was your paternity leave?

It was great!

Q4. Tell me what your partner thought about it.

She said, “The best thing was that we were able to take care of our baby together during the most difficult time right after the baby’s birth. Ludo is now able to do everything except breastfeeding. He is really helpful!” 😄

Q5. What did your typical day look like during your paternity leave?


Q6. How did you share your tasks with your partner?


Q7. How was it when you went back to work? Did you experience any problems?

My team at work was just awesome. They updated me on the projects and work as soon as I came back. I’d say I was kind of excited to start working again. (It was a bit like when you were back to school after the summer holiday).

Q8. Do you have any advice for the members who will be taking parental leave in the future?

It would be best if you took at least a six-month parental leave. Three months was, of course, helpful, but it isn't enough because the most challenging time is when the baby is between three and twelve months. I feel that striking a balance between work and parenting is sometimes challenging.

Q9. Tell us your baby’s best feature?

His best features and cute stories!
My baby has a great smile and charming eyes (at least that’s what everyone told me).

So that was the story of Ludo's three-month paternity leave.
A new life as a family of three starts from the day the baby and mother come home from the hospital, but it seems that Ludo and his partner were able to get through it by sharing chores and baby care.

At WOVN, we respect many ways of thinking and diversity regarding gender and culture, skills and experience, working styles and lifestyles. Our goal is to ensure our members can work comfortably by creating a workplace where they can freely make their own choices in important moments in their lives.

We'll be sharing more stories about our members' parental leaves in the future, so stay tuned!

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