WOVN + belly dancing ~ What do they have in common?

WOVN + belly dancing ~ What do they have in common?


This is Kagawa, and I am writing for day sixteen of the WOVN Advent Calendar. I joined the Marketing team without any previous experience after working in corporate sales, and next February marks my third year at WOVN.

I’ve been belly dancing for nine years now since I was in university, and I still perform to this day. Today, I’d like to share about some similarities that I noticed between WOVN and belly dancing since I started working here.

Belly dancing is considered the oldest form of dance

Belly dancing is said to have originated in the Middle East and is considered the oldest form of dance. Dancing styles vary, from an oriental genre that emphasizes femininity and flexibility through subtle movements of the hips and chest, to a more tribal genre that incorporates various folk dances from throughout history to emphasize women’s strength and allure.

Belly dancing can be done individually and in groups, with the actual forms taking shape based on what you want to express through each song.

When doing a solo dance, you can push your originality to its limits, fusing your own emotions into the music to dance joyfully and move your audience.

When dancing as a group, your main goal is to emphasize your unique strengths and skills while also becoming one with all the members and creating a single piece together. If one member is weaker in a certain area, you compensate by changing their position or the portion they’re in charge of to create an overall look that is balanced in terms of presentation.

Regardless of the format, when putting on a show, a variety of people with different roles are working behind the scenes besides just the dancers, including overall directors, sound, lighting, and wardrobe.

Shows put on by such a group of people are what remind me of working here at WOVN.

WOVN is a show put on as a group

WOVN is full of unique members from a variety of countries. Most members joined mid career, so they each have their own unique skill sets.

These members play a variety of roles throughout different departments like Corporate, Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Engineering to help maximize sales for WOVN.io and WOVN.app through their daily work.

Work also includes basic tasks like sorting detailed data and “behind-the-scenes” tasks that other teams aren’t aware of. Just like with sound, lighting, and wardrobe, some jobs don’t get to be in the limelight. They might seem dull, but removing any of them would make things fall apart.

With the jobs at WOVN, it’s not about making yourself stand out, but about respecting and supporting each other and fully using your skills while working together to move towards a single goal. This is exactly how group dances are supposed to be.

If I’m being honest, handling corporate sales - from phone calls, taking orders, and customer support to office work - by myself at my previous job was fun, since it let me emphasize my individuality and I didn’t have to worry about what others thought, so I could express myself freely.

But after joining WOVN, I was able to experience working on a team where we supported each other while working towards a common goal, which made me notice how wonderful “group dances” can be. If I hadn’t come to WOVN, I don’t think I would have made that discovery.

Due to COVID-19, most of my belly dancing activities now are solo acts, but I feel like I’m still able to experience group performances each day at WOVN.

I want to keep doing my best to fully apply my skills each day and stay thankful for all the members supporting the areas I’m weak in or don’t know about so that we can put on a wonderful show.

# Writer Profile
Name : Ayu Kagawa
Division: Marketing
Time at WOVN: 2 years and 10 months

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