Our Favorite Books # 7 & 8

Our Favorite Books # 7 & 8


「WOVN Advent Calendar 2021🎄」
Over the weekend, we will be introducing books recommended by WOVN members⛄️✨How about spending a relaxing weekend while reading our recommended books🎅

7. 「Kitchen (by Banana Yoshimoto)」

🎁 Recommended by Quality Assurance・A
I was searching for a book online for a change of habit and the title of the book caught my attention . The writing style is really unique and it kind of drew me into it. The size of the book is just right , perfect for a change of recreation.

8. 「Big World, Small Planet: Abundance Within Planetary Boundaries(by Johan Rockström and Mattias Klum)」

🎁 Recommended by Inside Sales・U
A WOVN member recommended this book to me when I was looking for something to learn more about SDGs. This book explains the concept of Planetary Boundary, which is the basis of the SDGs, in an easy-to-understand manner. It has many pictures and was easy to read. The book helped me rethink how to live a more environmentally friendly life.

Thank you !!
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