What is the prospect of automotive motors

What is the outlook for automotive motors? China's automobile drive motor system has three technical development directions: permanent magnetization, digitalization and integration.

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Permanent magnetization. Permanent magnet motor has the advantages of high efficiency, high specific power, high power factor, high reliability and easy maintenance. The vector control frequency conversion speed regulation system can make the permanent magnet motor have a wider speed regulation range. Therefore, motor permanent magnets have become one of the important development directions of motor drive technology.

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Digitizing. Digitization includes not only the digitization of drive control and CNC system interfaces, but also the digitization of measurement units. Replacing the hardware with software to the maximum extent can not only complete the required control functions, but also have other functions such as protection, fault monitoring, and self-diagnosis.

Integrated. Mainly reflected in the following two aspects:

Motor-motor and engine assembly, motor and transmission assembly. The integrated development of motor drive technology is conducive to reducing the weight and volume of the entire system, and can effectively reduce the manufacturing cost of the system.

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Controllers-controller power electronic components, power supply units, drivers, controllers, sensors, power supplies, etc. This kind of integration method can better solve the problem of combination and high voltage isolation between different process circuits, has a higher degree of integration, and can effectively reduce the volume and weight.

Great progress has been made in the automotive motor technology for key components of electric vehicles in China, but there is still a big gap with the international advanced level in product integration, reliability and system application technology. The main performance is as follows: the reliability and service life of the assessment in China are not clear, and the assessment work is not in place; the volume and quality of the motor, controller and DC / DC are usually too large. There are also deficiencies in environmental adaptability evaluation research. The modular design is not perfect, the connector standards are not effectively unified, and the degree of engineering needs to be improved. The key power electronic components can only be imported, not produced by themselves.

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