Shaina Bjork

Shaina Bjork

Alex and Callum headed back up the elevator of their four-story apartment building, both incredibly drunk and giggling at various dumb jokes they batted back and forth. It was that kind of mood.

They'd spent the night puddle-jumping around neighborhood dives that were all doing big celebrations and green beer festivities for St. Patrick's Day.

For two guys in college, St. Patrick's Day was the kind of day you lived for. They'd both had a couple of near misses as far as bringing ladies back to the apartment went, but that was okay. The more they drank, the more the night became a giant adventure of barhopping, bonding, pool, shuffleboard, shots, green beer, and great times between long-time best friends gay male porn movies.

When they stumbled back into the apartment the booze energy was still flowing through both of them. They grabbed a six pack from the fridge and headed to their living room couch where many a video game and fantasy league had been agonized over.

Callum reached into the ottoman drawer and grabbed a can where they kept their pre-rolls. The boys cracked open a lager, lit up a joint, and quickly melted into the relaxation of a long weekend where they could turn their school stresses off and just get fucked up.

"Happy fucking St. Paddy's day, dude." Alex declared as they clinked their bottles together. The strong-jawed brunette nodded his hair which was coifed in a sort of military college, goody-two-shoes, but it worked for him. Callum was a bit more on the shaggy surfer side, with more of a left-to-its-own-devices blond mess of a thing. They were Abercrombie and Pac Sun in comparison. Both guys were good looking and it was actually a rare occasion where at least one of them didn't bring some sexy girl home for some consensual all-nighters.

As the weed slowly seeped in and settled with the mix of their sixth and then sevenths drinks, they were firmly cross-faded in a way that neither of them could even begin to admit.

"Dude I feel my body vibrating." Callum, fell further back into the couch. They were sitting together and their bodies had just sort of naturally gotten closer as they sunk into the stereotypically old couch passed down from such-and-such family member gay webcam.

"Seriously, this weed is fucking STRONG. Is this a new strain or something?" Alex asked, also feeling like his body was melting into the couch at this point. Their point of gravity was relaxed, giggly, and Dead Sea low.

"Yeah, I bought it last week. This one is supposed to be really good for sex they said and I figured we'd have some girls back here tonight. . .Oh well!" They both cracked up laughing. They were so stoned that the room was heavy. Their bodies could definitely feel the physical comfort of this strain. Nothing hurt. Everything felt easy. They were definitely finding a new sort of energy.

"Hey, dude," Alex said suddenly, "this weed is fucking incredible. I am really fucking horny right now. Your dealer was definitely correct on the description. Can you imagine fucking a sexy girl on this? Her ass just bouncing back onto your cock?" Alex reached his hands out and made the shape of a beautiful ass even as he took another swig of his beer.

Callum looked over at his friend. He was really relaxed and happy in that moment. "Dude, that sounds incredible. I'm definitely stoned like. . .me too. . .me too!" Callum's words came out clumsily. "It's really fucking good." He gulped a little nervously now. "I know this is gonna sound crazy but, do you maybe wanna watch some porn with me?"

Alex looked at his friend with surprise. That was definitely a little bit more intimate than anything they'd ever done before. They'd walk around the apartment naked but that was mostly to troll each other as a joke, and both of them had walked into the apartment while the other was having sex on the couch. So it wasn't so weird to think they might be totally fine watching porn together.

But they were both sooo horny, who the fuck cared if another guy got to watch them jack off, anyway?

"Actually, yes, that sounds like a really good idea."

Callum grabbed the remote and Alex went over to turn up the thermostat in the room.

They rejoined each other on the couch with their legs barely touching. There was a nervousness in the room as Callum pulled up his favorite porn website and quickly started scrolling through categories.

"Threesome?" Callum asked.

"Fuck yes." Alex chimed immediately. He was excited. They were both excited.

Callum quickly set to finding a video and when he'd finally selected one they both got ready.

The film started slowly with two college girls in a classroom. The storyline was for shit but it's exactly the level of kinky that both boys were feeling. This was that, need-to-jack-off-horny that comes around at peek bodily substance levels.

"Welp, here goes nothing," Callum said as he unzipped his jeans and pulled then off. Alex followed suit.

Both guys had toned and muscular legs. Both were able to appreciate their friend's physique. They'd always done well in all the various dating departments so it wasn't any surprise that they'd recognize this about each other.

By the time the girls on the video were sixty-nining each other while their lingerie was still half-on and pulled to the side, Callum and Alex had truly raging hard-ons poking through the tight cotton of their boxer briefs.

It was a game of chicken. Alex clucked first. He pulled his cock out of his boxer briefs and made a challenging face at Callum when he did it. Callum was shocked at the size of Alex's cock. He was thick, and veiny. It was a man's cock.

Callum had to match his friend. He pulled his boxers off too and now they were both jacking off next to each other. They continued to watch the video even as they stole glances of each other's technique. The room was getting warm. Alex also noticed how big Callum was, maybe barely an inch shorter than his own seven inch beast but equally as thick which Alex always appreciated. A thick cock seemed better than a super long cock.

At some point, the closeness got closer. Callum bravely swung his right leg over Alex's left. It was nice to feel someone else's skin against them as they jacked off. Both of them got harder from the contact which they both were mentally battling the meaning of. They avoided eye contact as their bodies began to rub against each other.

"That weed was POWERFUL SHIT!" Alex said again and they both laughed. They were horny and goofy and all the marvelous feelings wrapped up in this moment. No one was going to see them. No one was going to walk in that door and see what they were doing. It was private and sexy.

By the time the professor arrived in the video the girls were gladly sharing his huge cock between them.

"Dude that is a beautiful cock." Callum said and Alex laughed, but his friend was right. It was an objectively perfect cock.

"Yeah, I'm straight, but I gotta admit, that is a really nice cock." They both smiled at each other with a sort of dumb grin.

They stroked their cocks silently for a while, enjoying the sensual blowjob on the screen and the way both girls lovingly licked the cock with total devotion. Alex was watching Callum's cock more and more as they played. It was just strangely fascinating to be this close to another hard cock.

"New video?" Alex decided for them before he got the answer.

He'd picked another threesome video in the suggested video tabs. Only this one was a little different. This one had two guys and one girl.

Alex hadn't realized he'd picked a bisexual video until it was a few minutes in. Callum laughed at and whacked Alex's leg with his hand, when the boys started stroking each other's cocks with the girl's encouragement. Alex went to change the video and Callum pushed his hand away from the remote as they both slumped back down.

"No, fuck it. Let's watch this. The girl is super hot." Callum said back and Alex felt his breathing getting quicker. What the fuck was happening between them? They were going to watch bi porn together. Neither of them had stopped jacking off though. They stroked themselves gently as they watched, getting more and more nervous of the moment.

Callum was grinding his leg a little bit more over Alex's leg as they continued to jack their cocks. Neither boy had lost their boner. In fact, they had both gotten even harder if that was even possible, even as the girls simply pushed the two boys together and encouraged them to start making out while they jacked each other.

"Have you ever wanted to touch a cock?" Alex asked honestly. He couldn't believe he was able to say it out loud.

"I haven't actually really thought of it much, but I think maybe I would. Would you?" Callum asked, looking more at his friend now as they jacked off. The video was background as they played an intense game of mental seesaw. This was all brand new. They were off script as far as what the fuck they thought was going on.

"Yeah. . .do. . .do you wanna try?" Alex suggested.

Both boys could feel their breathing getting super shallow. Neither of them wanted to admit how nervous they both were in that moment. Callum looked down as Alex took his hand off of his throbbing cock. It was intimidating to take it all in without Alex's hand covering it.

Callum didn't say anything. His right hand slipped off his own cock, and slowly moved back to where Alex's cock poked out. He grabbed it and wrapped his fingers around another cock for the first time in his life as Alex allowed his best friend to take over. Alex couldn't believe how nervous he was. Callum's heart was beating out of his chest. He was holding an actual cock in his hand. His fingers were wrapped around his best friend's very hard dick.

They were both extremely horny gay handjob movies .Callum loved the way Alex's dick felt like a steel pole of a muscle. It was so invigorating to feel something so familiar and yet so terrifying all at once. This was another guy's dick, not his own. It was attached to Alex's pleasure. He slowly started to rub his fingers up and down, beginning a deliberately slow handjob, feeling every vein and bulge and discovering the strange feeling of a slightly different cock than his own.

Alex finally worked up his own bravery. He reach over with his left hand and began stroking Callum. Both guys jacked off another cock for the first time ever. It was incredible to feel another hard cock pulsing in your hand. They both marveled at how simultaneously soft and hard a cock could be. It was mesmerizing. Their mutual masturbation caused them both to grind their bodies together as they stared at each other's cocks the whole time.

Callum felt harder than he could ever remember being. He pushed his leg down hard onto Alex's leg. He was feeling very sexy all of a sudden with his friend as they played like this. It was an unexpected passion.

They laid back and sunk further down on the couch, enjoying the intense feeling of being stoned and horny and nervous as fuck all at once. On the video, the two sexy boys were now jacking each other off in a sixty-nine position with their cocks incredibly close to each other's mouths. The girl was kissing all up and down their midsections and chests, making them both feel secure and sexy, encouraging their kinkiness.

"Dude, this feels really fucking good." Callum said, and Alex looked over at his friend dreamily. They were both incredibly horny and very much enjoying each other's hands on each other's cocks.

"Do you wanna lay down like that?" He pointed to the video. Alex nodded again. Callum knew what he wanted and Alex thought he probably also did, but at least they could pretend they were still just helping each other out.

Callum, laid down on the outside of the couch on his side and Alex laid against the back of the couch. There was just enough room for both of them but their cocks were immediately made very close to each other's faces.

They continued to jack each other off like this. Callum grabbed Alex's upper thigh. Alex did the same.

Then Callum did something very daring. Alex felt as his friend kissed the top of his thigh where his leg matched up with his pubic bone. Both of them had big smears of precum oozing out over each other's hands as they jacked each other.

Then Alex mirrored the action. He kissed Callum's thigh, dragging his tongue through a bunch of hair that stretched up from his leg.

The boys began a very unexpected mutual make-out session with each other's upper leg, thigh, and lower stomach. It was one giant cock tease.

They jacked each other silently the whole time, occasionally letting out nervous little moans as the tension built and they enjoyed the stimulation of being slowly jacked off.

Callum was feeling braver. He dragged his lips further down Alex's body and kissed the skin just above his balls, and to the side of his balls, against his inner leg. His nose pressed into Alex's balls and both boys were just about ready to explode. Callum could feel as Alex copied the move again, this time though, he went further, and his tongue reached out and licked the very base of Callum's balls.

Callum shuddered and as he turned his mouth and continued jacking Alex, he simply couldn't wait any fucking more.

Alex moaned out loud as he felt his best friend place his cock against his lips. Callum opened his mouth just wide enough to slide Alex in. He was so turned on and he couldn't believe he had another guy's raging boner inside his mouth. Alex was also shocked at how good it felt to have Callum sucking on him.

Callum felt like his heart was gonna explode out of his chest. He had a real live cock in his mouth for the first time ever. He had spent a lifetime sucking as much pussy as he could, and now here he was, experiencing an actual hard cock for the first time in his life, and it was strangely addicting right from the beginning.

He loved the musk and the taut muscles of the cock in front of him, and the strangely spongy head that was connected to this firm toy. He loved the salty-sweet precum that he slurped up over and over again as his tongue snaked around the head of his friend's cock like his last girlfriend had often done to him. He was improvising off of everything he had ever known he liked with girls and of all the porn he had watched. He pulled his teeth as far back as he could and breathed through his nose as he desperately tried to suck as much Alex's seven inches into his mouth as he could.

Alex was so turned on that he immediately brought his own mouth over to Callum's protruding joystick and took his tongue to the base of his shaft, where he slowly licked his way up a big cock for the first in his life.

One boy deepthroated. The other lollipopped.

They sucked like this for a while, until eventually they were both just making out with each other's cocks. Alex and Callum loudly slurped as they sucked each other passionately, pulling each other's crotches to their faces by gripping each other's asses for leverage. Alex spanked Callum's ass even as he bobbed hungrily on his cock.

This was sixtynining for the horniest boys.

Both of them were marveling at all of these first time experiences going on in their head. But they were so stoned and drunk and horny that all the typical social barriers were completely gone. After the nervous first few moments subsided, the cocksucking gloves were off, and they were clearly competitive.

What happened next was the most furious five minutes of cock-sucking devotion that that had ever taken place in the history of that apartment complex—a thousand unit complex mind you. And this included all the girls that had gladly bounced their mouths on these two beautiful cocks previously. It was cock sucking devotion.

Callum and Alex sucked their first cocks with a reckless and joyful abandon. Neither of them came. They were too stoned and nervous at the same time to get there yet. But that was probably for the best.

When they finally came up for air it was Callum to make the next move.

He sat up and pulled Alex up next to him and the boys immediately began to make out. They could taste each other's cocks and smells all over their mouths and it was strangely hot. Kissing a guy was different. It was powerful and needy and desperate. It was a mirror image of the type of physical greed that sometimes takes place in the mind of a guy. Neither of them had to slow down. They could rev each other up and keep going. And they did. This was nature unleashed. This was the hot coals of instinctual need.

"Holy fuck." Alex said, as he and Callum met each other on their knees now on the couch. Their hands ran through each other's hair as they rubbed their very hard cocks together and sucked on each other's lips and tongues. It was a very naughty make-out session. It was the type of make-out you had with someone that you knew you were about to fuck all night.

Alex pushed Callum back on the couch and continued their needy kissing. He grinded his dick against his friend as their tongues battled and at some point, that natural changing of position had his cock pressed into the bottom of Callum's balls.

Callum didn't mind that Alex was taking charge. He unexpectedly liked it. He had unexpectedly liked a lot of things on this night, and his hard-on continued to throb with want more of whatever they were doing.

Alex stopped all of a sudden and grabbed the preroll from the table. They both took another giant hit without asking any questions (it had clearly helped them get this far) and then went back to making out.

Both of them immediately felt the dizzying power that the weed had in knocking down any remaining semblance of a doubt.

Callum even lifted his legs so that they were around Alex's waist now. Alex grabbed his cock with his hand and positioned it at the opening of Callum's very virgin ass. Callum was as excited and nervous as he could ever remember being. He couldn't believe he had an actual hard cock poking into his asshole.

He didn't know if he wanted this. But also, he very much wanted this.

Alex began to rub his cock against Callum's tight buns as they continued making out. His cockhead dragged slowly through the whisps of tiny hairs and skin that dotted the crevice of Callum's crack, sending shivers up his spine.

Their tongues were more desperate with every second. It was a really good fucking kissing session—the kind where you take your time and don't take for granted a single part of your partner's lips, chin, nose, neck, tongue, teeth, eyes.

As their sweat built up over the course of them kissing, Alex's dick began to slip further into the wedge of Callum's buns. Callum purposefully spread his legs further to try to get Alex's cock appropriately lined up. They were both building towards a similar goal.

He could feel the tip of Alex's rock hard penis starting to enter him as they grinded and he was loving every second of it. He had an actual cock slightly pushed into his body and that was a mental mind fuck that his brain had never experienced, even through all the weed and booze and naturally horny nature of such things.

Alex stopped kissing Callum for a second and put some fingers surprisingly into his friend's mouth. Callum understood what he wanted and immediately sucked on his friend's fingers like he had been sucking on his cock earlier. He made them as wet as he could. He spit and lathered all over them with as much juice as his marijuana dry mouth could muster. When Alex finally took them out Callum reached over for his beer and took another giant swig.

He felt his body pulse with excitement as Alex reached down and covered his dick and his slippery asshole with more lubrication.

They continued kissing as Alex lined up his cock better.

Callum arched his hips to make the connection happen.

"Alex. . ." Callum moaned in a voice he hardly recognized.