Physiotherapist clinic

Physiotherapist clinic

Irina Antonenko

Thanks to physiotherapy, the effectiveness of treatment increases, the healing process proceeds more quickly.
Physiotherapists clinic "Momentum" have modern hardware that allows you to carry out the necessary and most popular physiotherapy procedures.
Physiotherapy Edmonton is one of the safest treatments available today. Physiotherapy procedures are used as independent therapy and in conjunction with other treatment methods. The specialists of the rehabilitation clinic prescribe physiotherapy treatment taking into account the type of disease, the stage of the course and severity of the pathological process, the patient's life and illness history, his age and sex, physical and mental state.

The benefits of physiotherapy are:
reduction of the recovery time in case of complex treatment (with medications);
strengthening the action of certain medicinal substances;
lengthening the period of remission (absence of clinical symptoms) in chronic diseases;
the rarity of side effects on other organs and tissues;
lack of dependence, in contrast to taking some medicines.

The procedures are painless, do not cause gross violations and side reactions from the body, but act by activating the body's own resources in response to the mild impact of environmental factors.

Medicine is progressing every day, and new ways of treating various diseases appear. Physiotherapy has become widespread, because it helps to improve well-being even in healthy people.

Irina Antonenko